28 Days Haunted: Is The Netflix’s Reality Show Scripted or Unscripted?

28 Days Haunted: Is The Netflix’s Reality Show Scripted or Unscripted?

The horror reality series ’28 Days Haunted’ on Netflix is a show that pushes the boundaries of all that people around the world have learned about investigating the paranormal. The show sends three distinct teams of detectives to three different haunted locales, all of which are based on a notion that was advanced by Ed and Lorraine Warren. The participants are not given any information regarding the location in which they will be required to spend the next 28 days. During their stay, the investigators are unable to communicate with anyone on the outside, and they are tasked with uncovering the mysteries that surround the locations where they are staying temporarily.

The series is set in real-world sites that have, for a long time, been connected with the occurrence of supernatural events. As the experts work to figure out what’s going on, the audience is kept captivated by accurate depictions and explanations of common approaches to investigating supernatural phenomena. Naturally, the otherworldly character of the show, when combined with occurrences that defy explanation, has caused a lot of fans to wonder how much of it is real.

28 Days Haunted
28 Days Haunted

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Is 28 Days Haunted a Pre-Recorded Show?

When it comes to television dramas or movies that rely on supernatural occurrences, the truth is heavily dependent on the point of view taken. People are sceptical about the real-life occurrences depicted in the documentary “28 Days Haunted” for a variety of reasons, but this is one of the primary reasons why. If one is someone who believes in the world of the supernatural and the existence of spirits, then the show serves more as an example of someone checking out a theory in a manner that is relatively scientific in order to obtain proof. Skeptics, on the other hand, will have a difficult time justifying the show as an accurate representation of the real world.

The works of Ed and Lorraine Warren are expanded upon in the show, which will appeal to viewers who are fascinated by the ideas of ghosts and otherworldly presence. The couple has become well-known all over the world for their work as ghost hunters, and several of their investigations have been portrayed in successful films. The Warrens’ true-life experiences served as the basis for the plot of the movies in ‘The Conjuring’ franchise, therefore fans should thank them. The two individuals came up with the concept of a 28-day cycle as a result of their years of experience working as paranormal investigators.

Who Is Tony Spera

It would take investigators, according to the Warrens, a total of 28 days to properly uncover all of the supernatural secrets that lie within a haunted area. The next few hours would not be simple, but the longer the squad remained in one location, the more transparent the boundary between life and death would become. Because the married couple were unable to provide conclusive evidence in support of their hypothesis before passing away, their son-in-law Tony Spera and a specialist in the paranormal named Aaron Sagers made the decision to investigate the theory’s viability in the real world.

The investigation of the paranormal notion takes a very scientific method, which is to be expected. It is carried out much in the same way as a sociological experiment, with ongoing monitoring of the teams through the use of cameras.

The candidates have all worked in the field of paranormal investigation at some point in their lives; for many of them, this is not their first time appearing on television. Therefore, those who believe in the supernatural may consider the cast, crew, and actions to be realistically founded.

On the other side, if you are a sceptic, there is a very small possibility that the show will supply you with concrete evidence of the supernatural. If this is the case, you should not watch the show. It contains its share of terrifying sequences, and the history depicted at the various locales is based on real events.

Location Of Haunted

The criminal history of each of the three haunted locations is explored in further detail at appropriate points during the performance. However, the fact that a place has a terrible past is by no means conclusive proof that it is inhabited by ghosts or other supernatural beings. In the past, Netflix has also been accused of fabricating its horror stories, which is another criticism levelled against the company.

The veracity of the anthology series “Haunted,” in particular, has been called into question by a number of viewers, who suspect that the platform may have been used to invent the accounts provided by its participants for the purpose of the show.

When it comes to “28 Days Haunted” in particular, there appear to be a number of factors that are both working in its favour and working against it. Because of the specificity of the elements that were discovered by investigators, it is possible that believers will be more receptive to the genuineness of the show. Skeptics, on the other hand, are more likely to be unconvinced by the same thing because they have a lower probability of believing that the information is accurate.

For instance, in the case of Madison Dry Goods, a medium named Brandi Miller is under the impression that the building’s oldest daughter, who is said to haunt it, was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her father, Charlie. When he subsequently found out that his daughter was pregnant by him, he took his own life and the lives of his entire family.

At actuality, Charlie Lawson murdered his entire family in this house in 1929, with the exception of his eldest son, and the setting served as the inspiration for this story. Among his victims was his eldest daughter, Marie. It came as a surprise when the allegations of an unknown source were made public. The source said that Charlie was, in fact, sexually abusing his daughter and that she had become pregnant as a result of their relationship.

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Family of The Lawson

The entire situation, as we have established, contributes to the validity of arguments on all sides of the debate. The opposing side is likely to consider the entire scenario to be fabricated, especially given that the pregnancy allegation was unearthed more than 60 years after the real crime that was committed. However, for many others, it is proof of something that was disclosed years afterwards. Because of this, they could be led to assume that Netflix has taken the dramatic aspects of the story and run with them.

Even though he had a brain injury months before the incident in question, it is possible that the shift in Charlie Lawson’s behaviour during the latter days of his life was caused by the apparent demonic possession of Charlie Lawson, as depicted in the show. The participants’ perceptions of what is likely inform their beliefs about what constitutes accurate information.

However, one must also take into account that they are confined to a single area for a period of 28 days with very little opportunity for social interaction, which is likely to have an adverse effect on their mental health.

To put it another way, what the participants observe might be absolutely accurate for them, but that does not imply that it is accurate for the overall circumstance. Therefore, the belief system of the viewer has a significant impact on the validity of the events that are depicted in the documentary “28 Days Haunted.” As of the time of this writing, there have been no allegations made that Netflix has fabricated anything in connection with the series. A kind of experiment that takes the first step toward proving a well-established theory is being conducted on the show, and those who believe in the supernatural view it as significant because of this. Even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, the show’s entertaining nature will most likely keep you captivated, especially if you are a fan of scary movies or television shows.


28 Days Haunted
28 Days Haunted

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Episodes of 

Season Episodes Originally aired
1 6 October 19, 2018
2 6 October 11, 2019
3 6 May 14, 2021

Season 1 (2018)

No. in
Title Length (minutes) Original release date
1 1 “The Woman in White” 24:00 October 19, 2018
A boy moves to a new apartment with his family, where he begins being haunted by visions of a ghost woman hanging from his closet.
2 2 “The Slaughterhouse” 31:00 October 19, 2018
Two sisters grow up terrified in a house of horrors, where their sadistic father does unimaginable things.
3 3 “Demon in the Dark” 24:00 October 19, 2018
A young girl is sure dark evil lives in the basement of her grandmother, where a family member once practiced the occult.
4 4 “Children of the Well” 23:00 October 19, 2018
An old well in a young boy’s basement connects him to three dead children’s spirits, who want him to go down and play.
5 5 “Alien Infection” 20:00 October 19, 2018
A woman was haunted all her life by vivid flashbacks of dark medical procedures.
6 6 “Stolen Gravestone” 22:00 October 19, 2018
A young girl inherits a tombstone of a protective turned possessive spirit, when she meets and marries her partner.

Season 2 (2019)

No. in
Title Length (minutes) Original release date
7 1 “The Mimic” 27:00 October 11, 2019
A young woman living in an old house with a dark history, hears her roommate’s voices when they’re not there
8 2 “Ward of Evil” 26:00 October 11, 2019
In an assisted living facility a nurse working with dementia patients experiences disturbing energy emitted from a resident.
9 3 “Cult of Torture” 29:00 October 11, 2019
The experiences of horrible abuse from New Bethany Home for Boys gay conversion program are detailed by a scarred man.
10 4 “Spirits from Below” 25:00 October 11, 2019
With their loved ones, siblings recount the traumatising events experienced when they lived in their family home years ago.
11 5 “Demon of War” 26:00 October 11, 2019
In Afghanistan a glowing eyed demon confronts a U.S. Marine, who is unusually shaken.
12 6 “Born Cursed” 19:00 October 11, 2019
A boy entered the world in special circumstances and is sure an evil figure, ‘The Hangman’, follows him and his family.

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