Hit-and-run that killed 3 outside gay bar was ‘intentional’, cops hint at possibility of hate crime

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: On Sunday, August 14, an incident occurred in which three men were killed after being hit by a fast vehicle and sent flying up into the air. The guys were a member of a group that was arguing when the incident occurred. On Monday, August 15, the Chicago police department issued a statement saying that they believed the hit-and-run accident that took place immediately outside of a gay bar was a deliberate attack. They went on to say that it was still too soon to establish whether or not the incident was motivated by bias.

Donald Huey, age 25, Jaylen Ausley, age 23, and Devonta Vivetter, age 27, were the three black men who were recognized as having been involved in the incident. They were standing in a crowd in front of Jeffrey Pub on the South Side on Sunday at 5:00 am when a vehicle smashed into them at a quick velocity, throwing them up in the air, and knocking them to the ground. The large group was reportedly arguing when the accident happened, which caused the group to collide with one another. A fourth person, who was also a member of the group, suffered injuries as a result of the incident.

A car driven while drunk collides with a guard rail during a high-speed chase with police, causing the deaths of three young people.

Although it is too soon to be certain, Detective Chief Brendan Deenihan suggested that the victims’ sexual orientation or race may have been taken into consideration during the attack. According to the Chief, “It looks like it was done on purpose.” “We do not have any evidence to substantiate the claim that anybody was aiming to inflict harm to these people on the basis of their race, religion, or any other factor. When we have more witnesses and a suspect in custody, that might potentially alter.”

According to Deenihan, even though the vehicle was discovered four blocks distant from the location of the accident, the person responsible for the incident is still at large. The chief stated that it was evident that a vehicle could not be charged with a crime and then asked for the assistance of the general public. “Whoever was behind the wheel needs to be identified. A large number of individuals could be seen outside, as well as a large number of individuals who were present inside the pub just prior to the occurrence of this event. In addition, we have a strong belief that there are persons who are willing to provide us with the information we need to identify a suspect.”

A number of the men’s loved ones have expressed their condolences and paid their respects following their tragic deaths in the car accident. After receiving his degree from the University of Michigan, Ausley had recently moved back to the South Side to work at the Gary Comer Youth Center with the aim of assisting disadvantaged children and teenagers. Tutoring, career planning, and job training are some of the services that can be found at this institution. An initiative aimed at providing job training skills and other programs to members of the black community in Chicago called Project Love Chicago issued the following statement: “The willingness of Jaylen to be a positive mentor in the lives of these children has been recognized and appreciated by a significant number of the young people with whom he has collaborated, as evidenced by their reaching out to express their gratitude. We are grateful to each and every one of you for the wonderful words that served as a reminder of the significant impact he had in such a brief period of time. Jaylen’s vivacious spirit was contagious, and his presence brightened every space he entered.” In addition to this, they stated, “He was a remarkable young guy who possessed a great deal of ambition, character, humility, love, and concern for the people in his neighborhood. In terms of his role as a leader in his community, he was making significant headway. He had a lot of things planned out for the future and a lot of things ahead of him.”

Charna Riley, sister of Donald Huey, reported that her brother had lately shed light on his ambitions to return to the Chicago region to find employment at a casino. The intention was to return to the Chicago region to get employment at a casino. While living in Los Angeles, Huey held a receptionist position at an upscale condominium complex where she worked. According to a statement made by his sister to The Chicago Sun-Times, he enjoyed making apparel and dressing people in the clothes he created. “He would tell me that this wasn’t the right way to do it, or that it didn’t stand out enough. He would pick on me, and it is the thing that I will always remember about him “said Riley.

Anita, Vivetter’s cousin, recently gave an interview to ABC 7 in which she discussed the devastation that Vivetter’s family is through. “I haven’t been able to stop crying all day. To put it simply, I find it hard to believe. He didn’t deserve it. And for you to continue on like this… This is absolutely insane! “— I quote her.

The homosexual bar also conveyed their deepest condolences to the victims of the incident. The proprietors of the Jeffrey Pub were quoted as saying, “This morning, we wake up with heavy hearts because such a terrible tragedy has just taken place. And to those who have suffered the loss of a friend or loved one, know that you have our support. Everyone is always encouraged to depart as soon as possible and head to their vehicles so that they can travel safely home.”

The incident, which appeared to be a confrontation between a number of individuals who were standing in the street prior to the crash, was captured on film by a dash camera. As the vehicle races toward the crowd, the roaring sound of its engine can be heard before it is actually seen. A man who is seen wearing a blue hoodie is flung toward the middle of the road, where he is subsequently seen lying down and writhing about. The last three men are catapulted into the air and quickly propelled several feet above the ground.

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