After Happily Ever After: Know The Information About The Show Can Be Found at And Celebrity Couples, Release Date

After Happily Ever After: Know The Information About The Show Can Be Found at And Celebrity Couples, Release Date

Ex-spouses who have been through a divorce or separation and are trying to assist their former partners move on and find new love are the focus of the After Happily Ever After series on the BET network.

The unscripted programme, which will be hosted by Bow Wow, will encourage exes who have been through a divorce or separation to play the role of matchmaker for their former lovers in order to assist them in moving on and finding new love.

Seven exes from marriages or unions that lasted a long time but eventually broke up and were divorced are featured in the book “After Happily Ever After.” The exes will play the role of matchmakers for their former partners in the hopes of helping those individuals find new love and a reason to move on with their lives.

Happy Ever After
Happy Ever After

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Meet the Cast of BET’s After Happily Ever After


After the release of the album “Make it Reign” with “Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz,” the American rapper Peter Gunz gained a significant amount of notoriety. According to reports, Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz dated from the year 2000 until 2013. Even though they had two children together, they chose not to give their relationship a name that would be recognised by law.

In 2013, after Peter’s breakup with his long-term girlfriend Tara Wallace, he wed Amina Buddafly. Tara had been Peter’s sweetheart since childhood. Does it really seem so easy to leave a relationship that’s been going on for ten years? No. Because Peter continued his relationship with Tara Wallace, which we should refer to as an extramarital affair, after he married Amina, despite the fact that they were no longer romantically involved.

Amina was clueless about the fact that her ex-husband, Peter, was having an affair with her current partner, Tara Wallace. It was never really clear to Tara how he felt about her. Even more impressively, the couple already had a daughter at the time.

In 2018, Amina finally got a divorce from Gunz, the cheating partner she had been married to. Their complicated love triangle and the divorce incident that ensued were covered extensively by the media. In multiple interviews, Amina, Peter’s ex-wife, stressed her disappointment and the stupidity of believing Peter.


It all started when Boyz II Men released their first album, titled “CooleyHighHarmony,” which featured two of his tracks. As they say, the rest is history. Despite the fact that Taylor has worked with some of the most well-known personalities in the music industry, his creative connection with Trey Songz has proven to be one of his most fruitful and successful to yet.

Pam and Troy Taylor met through church, and Bet Press believes they were high school sweethearts. She works in the field of nurse practise. In their home in Covington, Georgia, where they have raised their four children, you’ll find Troy and Pam.

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Amarachi is a journalist, host, actress, and model who works across multiple platforms and resides in Los Angeles at the present time. She is a host with true stage magic who is brazen, funny, and incredibly charismatic, and she has impeccable comedic timing. Amarachi started working the day after she moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2013, bringing only two luggage with her.

Amarachi, who does not intend to slow down in the near future, is currently a co-host of the televised radio programme “Rhythmlatenight,” which broadcasts live from Monday through Friday on Silverbird TV, the African counterpart of Dish Nation. Amarachi does not intend to slow down in the near future.

A well-known motivational speaker, author, TV actor, and owner of a fashion line named Ugo Maduka flew all the way from Nigeria to the United States to meet Amarachi after seeing her perform live on television. Maduka is also an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. They were married for a total of four years and during that time they welcomed two children into the world.


Nani Rivero’s aspirational field of work has always been in the entertainment industry. She was brought up in a large household with a strong enthusiasm for music and dance, which was of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Nani has always had high aspirations of being a prominent woman, despite the fact that she came from a rather humble background.

In his Linkedin profile, Justin is regarded as a very driven individual that is focused on achieving results. In addition to this, he is lauded for his unwavering commitment to quality and professionalism, as well as his shown capacity to collaborate with senior management, colleagues, and customers. At Loyalty is Everything Entertainment and Management, Justin is in charge of the company’s entertainment department.

When Nani and Justin were in high school, they became friends and eventually fell in love. They continue to do a good job of co-parenting their son at the house they share in Southern California.


Jeremy Meeks, a well-known fashion model in the United States, was formerly a member of the criminal organisation known as the Crips. After Meeks was arrested in 2014 in Stockton, California, as part of Operation Ceasefire, a gang sweep, the local authorities uploaded his mugshot to Facebook. Meeks had been arrested in the city.

Meeks and Melissa Meeks, to whom he was married from 2008 to 2018, are the parents of a kid. Meeks was named after his father. Melissa remained by Jeremy’s side for the entirety of his incarceration.

Meeks was reportedly said to be dating Chloe Green in June 2017, who is the daughter of British entrepreneur Philip Green. Chloe’s father is Philip Green. Meeks had travelled to Turkey, and it was in Turkey that the earliest photographs of him with Green aboard a yacht emerged.

On May 29, 2018, Green became a mother to the couple’s boy by giving birth. According to reports, the couple amicably divorced and announced in August 2019 that they will sell their shared home in London.


In the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia, Nicole Ward is the proud proprietor of a thriving trucking and logistics company. She had her first encounter with “Mike Mike” Phillips, a music producer and writer, at a gathering for people in the industry. They went on to get married and were together for five years. The name “Mike Mike” has appeared in a number of well-known songs, such as “Tootsee Roll” by the 69 Boyz and “Whoot, There It Is” by the group 95 South. Both of these songs achieved widespread popularity.

Other Daters

Jayla Koriyan is a model and social media influencer in addition to being a YouTube celebrity.

Johnson, Gary “G Thang,” is a comedian, actor, and host.

Shar Jackson is a singer and actress.

“After Happily Ever After” Release Date

After Happily Ever After will make its debut on BET for the first time on October 19, 2022, at 10 o’clock at night (ET/PT).

After Happily Ever After is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions (MTV’s The Real World and The Challenge, OWN’s Family or Fiancé), and Julie Pizzi and Erica Ross serve as the show’s executive producers. Andrea Richter is in charge of the show’s day-to-day operations as the showrunner. Angela Aguilar and Tiffany Lea Williams serve in the capacity of executive producers for BET.

Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After

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Know About “Happily Ever After”

The show is aimed at men and women who are looking for their second-act love story while also taking into account the fact that they are frequently still attached to their exes owing to their shared history, children, or extended relatives.

Each episode of the eight-part reality series “After Happily Ever After” will feature Bow Wow as the presenter of a Singles Party, where he will introduce the daters to a fresh group of singles who might interest them romantically.

Ex-spouses are the only ones allowed to attend these parties, so that they may determine which possible dates would be the best fit for their former partner. One of the contestants will receive an invitation from the exes to move inside the house for a period of two days in order to date one of their exes.

At the end of the two days, the dater will make a decision regarding whether to continue seeing the possibility or to put them back into the pool of available singles in order to look for another chance to meet someone new.

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