Alexander Ursenbacher: Know About His Bio, Wiki, Net Worth And More

Alexander Ursenbacher: Know About His Bio, Wiki, Net Worth And More

Snooker champion Alexander Ursenbacher of Switzerland’s net worth and earnings

A Swiss professional snooker player from Rheinfelden, Alexander Ursenbacher has an estimated net worth of less than $1 million. He has been playing since 2008.

Alexander is the first recognized professional Swiss snooker player. Since Darren Paris, who played for England before him but moved to Switzerland, was originally from England, Alexandar is regarded as the nation’s first representative. It’s common to refer to him as “The Swiss Fish.


Alexander Ursenbacher
Alexander Ursenbacher


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Early Career Of Alexander Ursenbacher

Ursenbacher first began his career as a professional snooker player in 2008. At the Snooker Academies in Sheffield and Gloucester, he had a remarkable run. He also benefited greatly from the one-on-one coaching he received from former World Championship semifinalist Ian McCulloch, which helped him win multiple junior titles and the national championship twice in his native Switzerland.

Ursenbacher, who gained admission to the main tour through Q-School in 2013 and defeated Paul Wykes in his quarterfinal match, lost his professional status after his two-year tour card expired in 2015. In the 2017 EBSA European Under-21 Snooker Championship final, the snooker player defeated Jackson Page 6-4 to win it back. This was two years after losing it.

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Alexander Ursenbacher’s Net Worth

According to estimates, Alexander Ursenbacher is worth more than $1 million.

He is the first Swiss snooker player to represent his country internationally, but professional snooker players often earn the highest salaries.

As a professional snooker player who competed worldwide from 2013 to 2015 and from 2017 to the present, he has since amassed a respectable fortune.

Alexander, a professional snooker player, revealed to Swissinfo that he still lives with his mother. Given that playing sports is still regarded as a niche hobby in the country, this provided further clarification to the interviewer’s question regarding whether he earns a career doing it.

At age 11, Ursenbacher had a long way to go before picking up a snooker cue. As a first-round loser in Sheffield, Ursenbacher was awarded £20,000. Snooker can be a reliable source of revenue, according to him, but you’ll probably need to be in the top 30.

A top 16 snooker player makes, on average, $300,000. While this may seem like a lot of money, it is not since the players are responsible for paying the various playing costs that are subtracted from their average earnings.

Alexander Ursenbacher, a 26-year-old Swiss professional snooker player, participated in the sponsored advertising of companies on his Twitter account, including SpiderEx and Marley Solicitors.

For several celebrity players, sponsored promotions and brand endorsements are important sources of money. Alexander is therefore said to earn a respectable salary by endorsing various products on his social media profile.

Alexander is therefore said to have received meager pay and only saved a small amount of money during his snooker playing career. However, he is frequently spotted participating in the sponsored advertising of various goods, which may add a certain amount to his net worth.

Ursenbacher has more than 3100 followers and 270+ tweets on his social media account, where he goes by the pseudonym @SwissNR1. Alexander Ursenbacher is his username on the social media platform, and he has more than 1.2k friends.

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Alexander Ursenbacher’s Career Earnings

Alexander Ursenbacher graduated from Q School in 2013 and has been a professional snooker player ever since, according to his Wikipedia.

Alexander performed exceptionally well the entire time in Event Two, losing just one frame in four games and earning the best break of 140. Alexander initially struggled in Event One after losing early.

After taking first place at the EBSA European Under-21 Snooker Championship in Nicosia in March 2017, the professional snooker player rejoined the main circuit. In addition, Ursenbacher’s triumph qualified him for the World Championship preliminary rounds.

After completing Q-School-Event 3 in June 2019, Ursenbacher won six matches to earn a second, two-year World Snooker Tour card for the 2019–20 and 2020–21 seasons.

The first Swiss competitor to qualify for the World Championships main draw in July 2020 was Ursenbacher. In the first round, Barry Hawkins defeated Ursenbacher 10-2.

A Swiss snooker player who was separated from his family during COVID-19 experienced loneliness.

Alexander Ursenbacher, the only Swiss professional on the snooker tour, had to struggle with loneliness and despair while separated from his family. He found the coronavirus outbreak to be difficult.

Alexander admitted to living with his mother in an interview, raising the possibility that they are close. It was clear that the snooker player found it challenging to adjust to having to live alone in a strange place away from his family.

In 2020, the gifted 24-year-old player made his World Championship debut, and he seemed to be in for a productive year. The outbreak was still a significant hindrance to his career development.

Although the professional snooker player rarely talks about his family, according to his Wikipedia article, he was born in Rheinfelden, Aargau, Switzerland to a Portuguese mother from Madeira Island.

Professional career Of Alexander Ursenbacher

Ursenbacher successfully completed Q-School – Event 3 in June 2019 and received a second two-year World Snooker Tour card for the 2019–20 and 2020–21 seasons by winning six matches.

He returned to the Main Tour after winning the EBSA European Under-21 Snooker Championship in Nicosia in March 2017. Ursenbacher’s victory also earned him entry into the World Championship qualifying rounds. He advanced to the final round (where he was the only amateur present at this point) by defeating Robert Milkins 10-6 and Scott Donaldson 10-9 before losing to Yan Bingtao 10-4.

Ursenbacher achieved his best achievement to date by making it to the 2017 English Open semifinals, where he lost 3-6 to Kyren Wilson after overcoming former world champion Shaun Murphy. After that, however, Ursenbacher’s performance dipped, and with the exception of the alternate event Shoot Out, he failed to win a single match the rest of the season. The next season wasn’t any better, despite Ursenbacher shocking many by eliminating tournament favorite Ronnie O’Sullivan in the third round of the 2019 Welsh Open; he then fell to Zhao Xintong. Ursenbacher’s relegation was confirmed when he finished 69th in the final standings following his 4-10 loss to Jordan Brown in his World Championship first round qualifying match.

Ursenbacher competed in three European Tour events during the 2015–16 season, making it as far as the Ruhr Open’s opening round before falling to Rod Lawler 4–3. In the first Q School tournament, he was eliminated in the first round, but in Event 2, he won five matches and is now just one game away from returning to the professional circuit. Ursenbacher was defeated by Alex Borg 4-2.

After defeating Kyren Wilson 5-4 to earn a spot in the 2014 Wuxi Classic, the opening ranking event of the 2014–15 season, Ursenbacher was forced to withdraw from the competition because he was unable to enter China owing to a visa issue. In the first round of the Australian Goldfields Open qualifying, he overcame Martin O’Donnell 5-4, then fell to Lyu Haotian 5-2, and after losing 14 straight games, he was eliminated from the tour as the 119th-ranked player in the world. In the opening Q School competition, Ursenbacher advanced to the final round after winning five games, however he was defeated by Daniel Wells 4-1. In the second competition, Joe Roberts knocked him out in the round of 32.

When his two-year tour card expired in 2015, Ursenbacher, who had qualified for the main tour through Q-School in 2013, lost his professional status. He was able to reclaim it two years later after defeating Jackson Page 6-4 in the 2017 EBSA European Under-21 Snooker Championship final.

He graduated from Q School in 2013 and became a professional. After falling early in Event One, he played exceptionally well the entire time in Event Two, dropping just one frame in four games and recording a high break of 140. He defeated nine-time Ladies’ World Champion Reanne Evans 4-1 before defeating veteran ex-pro Paul Wykes 4-0 in the championship match. The talented 24-year-old player made his World Championship debut in 2020 and appeared to be in for a successful season. Still, the epidemic was a major roadblock in his professional development.

Ursenbacher had a difficult start to his first professional season, dropping his first seven games. His first victory came against former world champion Ken Doherty in the minor-ranking Kay Suzanne Memorial Cup in November. He came dangerously close to following it up with a victory over Peter Ebdon in the following round, but ultimately fell short 4-3. He didn’t win another game until the World Championship, where he overcame a 6-2 deficit to defeat David Morris 10-7. He was defeated by Thepchaiya Un-Nooh in the following round 10-5.

In 2008, Ursenbacher first took up snooker. He has won numerous junior championships in his native Switzerland and twice won the national title, thanks in large part to his spells at the Sheffield and Gloucester Snooker Academies and one-on-one coaching from former World Championship semifinalist Ian McCulloch.


Alexander Ursenbacher, a Swiss professional snooker player from Rheinfelden, was born on April 26, 1996. He is the second professional snooker player from Switzerland after Darren Paris, who played in the mid-1990s on the main tour. He is frequently referred to as “The Swiss Fish.”


Alexander Ursenbacher
Alexander Ursenbacher


Quick facts

Full Name Alexander Ursenbacher
Age 26
Date Of Birth 26 April, 1996
Birth Place Rheinfelden, Aargau, Switzerland
Occupation Professional Snooker Player
Years Active 2008-present
Twitter @SwissNR1


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