Ali Akhmedov: Who Is He? Know About His Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Ali Akhmedov: Who Is He? Know About His Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Boxer Ali Akhmedov has a net worth of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars at the moment. The vast majority of which comes from his career as a professional boxer.

Akhmedov, who was born in Kazakhstan and is considered to be a potential prospect, is currently riding a two-fight winning streak. After suffering a knockout defeat at the hands of Carlos Gongora in the tenth and final round of their fight for the IBO title in 2020, he won two bouts the following year to put himself back in contention for the championship.

In the waning moments of the fourth round, Akhmedov successfully broke through Rosado’s high guard with a combination. The courageous Rosado was pushed backward by a very painful right hand from Akhmedov.


Ali Akhmedov
Ali Akhmedov

Ali Akhmedov Net Worth

Ali Akhmedov is a rising boxer from Kazakhstan, and Mashoor Media thinks that he has a net worth of roughly $250,000, as stated on their website.

His record now stands at 18-1, and he has knocked out 14 of his opponents. He was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, but he currently resides in Venice, California, which is a suburb of Los Angeles.

A little over two and a half months ago, the formidable Akhmedov competed in a fight and triumphed with a knockout victory after David Zegarra decided to sit out the fourth round. The Quiet Cannon, located in Montebello, California, served as the setting for that fight as well.

Tom Loeffler’s promoter Akhmedov has been victorious in both of his most recent bouts. His most recent loss came at the hands of Carlos Gongora of Ecuador on December 18 of last year. Akhmedov was knocked out in both of those bouts.

Career of Ali Akhmedov

Ali Akhmedov’s professional boxing career has spanned six years and four months, and he has won 19 of his 20 bouts while suffering only one loss. As of the month of September 2022, Akhmedov has a boxing record of 19-1. (14 KOs). In his career as a professional boxer, he has participated in a total of 20 fights and 86 rounds. He does not yet hold a global championship title.

Ali Akhmedov has only been defeated once in his career, despite having fought in 20 bouts. His 16-match winning streak came to an end when Carlos Gongora stopped him in the 12th round of their 17th fight and scored a knockout victory. Gongora was the only boxer that was successful in defeating Akhmedov.

Tom Loeffler, who was knocked out by the Ecuadorian Carlos Gongora on December 18 of last year, was scheduled to fight in Akhmedov’s last two bouts. Akhmedov made the announcement.

An examination into Ali Akhmedov’s professional boxing career, which consisted of 20 contests during the course of his six years and four months as a professional boxer. Ali Akhmedov’s record during that time was 19 triumphs and one defeat. As of the month of September 2022, Akhmetov has a boxing record of 19-1. (14 KOs). His complete boxing experience includes 20 bouts and 86 rounds fought at the elite level. A world title has not been bestowed to him as of yet.

Ali Akhmetov had only one defeat out of a total of twenty fights. His dominance run of 16 matches came to an end when he was knocked out in the twelfth round of his seventeenth run by Carlos Gongora. This marked the end of his streak. Gongora was the primary combatant who was successful in defeating Akhmedov. Some of the competitors that Akhmetov has beaten the most thus far include Marcos McDaniel, Andrew Hernandez, Javier Gomez Rueda, and Ismet Inullayev. Jorge Escalante is another one of Akhmetov’s victims.

To this point, Akhmetov has defeated all 20 of his opponents by knockout. He has a perfect record. He has a current knockout percentage of 70%. His 19 victories include 14 knockouts, which accounts for 73.7% of his total wins. Acquaint yourself with Ali Akhmedov. Details Akhmetov, a boxer from Kazakhstan who is 27 years old, was brought into the fold by GGG Developments. He has a height of 68 inches, which is equivalent to 6 feet and 1 inch. His professional record is at 18-1, and he has knocked out 14 of his opponents. In addition to that, he will enter this competition having already defeated Paul Valenzuela in the first round through knockout. After taking the victory in a bout, Ali Akhmedov

A number of Akhmedov’s opponents that he has defeated so far that have been particularly remarkable include Marcus McDaniel, Andrew Hernandez, Javier Gomez Rueda, and Ismat Eynullayev. Jorge Escalante is another one.

Akhmedov has knocked out 14 of his opponents out of a total of 20 thus far in his career. He has already reached a KO ratio of 70%. His 19 victories include 14 knockouts, which accounts for 73.7% of his total wins.

Facts Regarding Ali Akhmedov

GGG promotions is handling the promotion of Akhmedov, a boxer who hails from Kazakhstan and is 27 years old. In addition to his height of 6 feet and 1 inch, he possesses a reach of 68 inches. In his professional career, he has a record of 18-1 and has knocked out 14 of his opponents. In addition to that, he will come into this fight having previously defeated Paul Valenzuela via knockout in the first round.

Ali Akhmedov has only ever had one loss in his professional career. In a bout that was not for a title, which took place on December 18, 2020, Akhmedov was defeated by the Ecuadorian boxer Carlos Gongora via knockout in the 12th round. He was 25 years old and held a perfect record of 16-0. Góngora, who had a perfect record of 18 wins and 0 losses, was 31 years old.

On October 5, 2019, he won the fight against Andrew Hernandez through first-round technical knockout. Akhmedov, who was only 24 years old and has a perfect record of 16-0, won.

On August 19, 2017, he also stopped Curtis Hill Jr. via knockout in the fourth round. This victory came on the same night. Akhmedov, who was only 22 years old and had a perfect record of 8 wins and 0 losses.


Ali Akhmedov
Ali Akhmedov

Ali Akhmedov Bookends Gabriel Rosado’s Career

Ali Akhmedov, a contender at super middleweight with a record of 18-1 and 14 knockouts, intends to keep winning. Akhmedov fought Gabriel Rosado, a challenger for the world title who had previous ring experience (26-15-1, 15KOs). After suffering a defeat at the hands of Carlos Gongora in the twelfth round in December 2020, Akhmedov has won both of his subsequent bouts. He is going to do everything in his power to keep his prospects of winning a world championship.

On the other hand, Rosado is only concerned with achieving a significant victory so that he may safeguard the precarious future of his profession. The Philadelphia resident has gone into his last six bouts with a record of 2-4. His most recent loss, by decision, was at the hands of Jaime Munguia, a former champion at 154 pounds.

Other recent defeats were caused in part by a former champion at 160 pounds named Daniel Jacobs, a challenger at middleweight named Maciej Sulecki, and an inexperienced fighter named Shane Mosley Jr. With his triumphs in 2021, Rosado was able to pull off a big upset that no one saw coming.

Who Is Ali Akhmedov Opponent Gabriel Rosado?

He is a professional boxer who hails from the United States and he contested twice in 2013 for the world championship in the middleweight division. Rosado is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a city in the state of Pennsylvania that is home to a substantial Puerto Rican population.

Rosado has competed in the light, middleweight, and super middleweight classifications, and he has won multiple regional titles in each of those weight divisions. He is recognized for his hardness, and he has a strong drive to compete against formidable opponents.

In the beginning of his professional career, Rosado competed at the light middleweight weight class. On February 26, 2011, he won his first regional title by defeating another challenger named Jamaal Davis through technical knockout in the 12th round. This victory earned him the interim WBA-NABA light middleweight belt.

Later on same year, he won the Pennsylvania state light middleweight championship bydefeating the challenger Keenan Collins in the tenth round by a unanimous decision. The fight between Rosado and Sechew Powell took place on June 1, 2012. After stopping Powell in the ninth round, Rosado successfully defended his title as the WBO Intercontinental light middleweight champion.

Details of the Most Recent Fight Featuring Ali Akhmedov

Throughout the first half of the battle, Akhmedov gave off the impression of being the superior fighter. The Kazakh was able to maintain successful control of the speed of the combat as well as the field of view. As Rosado has been known to do during his entire career, he made an attempt to get in on the man and land hard. By the time we were in the middle of the fight, he was unable to pull off that move.

After the second part of the battle was over, Rosado had his opportunities to shine. It was unclear if the Philadelphia boxer had what it needed to turn the contest’s trajectory totally.

Rosado’s predicament was a difficult one due to the fact that the imposing and powerful Akhmedov was able to hold his man at bay. As the fight progressed, it appeared that Akhmedov was the fighter who had the upper hand inside the ring.

Rosado should be commended for the fact that he still has a lot of fighting left in him despite being 36 years old. To put it more succinctly, he did not have the performance on Saturday to match or surpass Akhmedov, who appeared to be really remarkable. Suffice it to say that the judges all gave Akhmedov the victory via unanimous decision.

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