Alice Coy: Who Is She? Know About Her Bio, Wiki, Family And Spouse Chris Coy

Alice Coy: Who Is She? Know About Her Bio, Wiki, Family And Spouse Chris Coy

American actor Chris Coy and his stunning wife, Alice, have been married for many years and appear to be very content. The following provides further information for you to investigate concerning his marriage and marital life.

Chris, who is now 36 years old and was born and raised in the state of Kentucky in the United States, has appeared in a number of notable films and television episodes during the course of his career. Since he began his career in the early 2000s, he has been in a large number of movies and television shows.

According to IMDB, the local artist from Kentucky is best recognised for his contributions to the films The Deuce (2017), The Front Runner (2018), and The Killing of Two Lovers (2020).

In addition to these three endeavours, he has also made appearances in a number of other movies, including Greenberg, Little Birds, Sx Tape, Deliver Us From Evil, Kristy, The Culling, The Barber, Detroit, Trail By Fire, Cowboys, and a great many others.

In addition to his work in films, Mr. Coy is well-known for his roles in a number of popular television series. Some of these series include Numb3rs, Monk, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Flash Forward, Castle, Treme, Criminal Minds, Bones, Perception, The Walking Dead, The Messengers, Lethal Weapon, Homeland, Castle Rock, and The Peripheral, among others.

Even after twenty years of working in the field, he maintains a youthful and vibrant appearance and exhibits a consistent desire to provide the audience with the very best possible experience.

In spite of the fact that he had appeared in a number of well-known films and television shows, he was hardly ever cast in a leading role. Despite the fact that he possesses an enormous talent, the majority of the time he has played a supporting part, which has caused him to be overshadowed.


Alice Coy
Alice Coy


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Alice Coy: Chris Coy’s Wife

The fact that she is married to the famous American actor Chris Coy has contributed significantly to Alice Coy’s fame. We have uncovered some fascinating information about the actor’s partner in this article. To read, please scroll down.

Chris, who is 36 years old, very certainly has a large following, and almost all of those people must have seen his partner, Alice, either in his social media posts or in ones about awards. He never loses an opportunity to share moments with the person he is with.

Alice is most known to the majority of fans as Chris’s girlfriend; nevertheless, there is still a great deal that can be learned about her as an individual. The lucky break for the actor, who is now 36 years old, came in the form of a stunning woman.

The news of the couple’s wedding went viral in the media and among the general public in 2011. This came as a surprise to everyone. The fact that very few individuals are aware of their courting and relationship up until the time of their wedding is something that fans find to be pretty unexpected.

In addition, the couple has not provided any information regarding the beginning of their romantic relationship. The pair recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary and even posted images to Instagram to commemorate the occasion.

Despite the fact that fans have easy access to information on the couple’s existence, they are still unaware of Alice’s history and what she does for a living. She appears to be a homemaker in addition to being a mother to three children.

Difference in Age Between Alice Coy and Chris Coy

Chris Coy and his sister Alice Coy are one year apart in age from each other. Both Chris and his wife, Alice, were born on May 1, 1986, making it the same day for both of them.

Even though they only tied the knot in 2011, the pair has already been together for more than a decade. Up to this point, everything in their relationship has been going swimmingly, and there hasn’t been any information or rumblings of a rift in the way that they feel about one another.

Chris, now 36 years old and originally from Kentucky in the United States, has always been interested in working in the film industry and was able to make an early breakthrough. The second half of his career was an astounding success, in spite of the fact that the first half of his time in the profession did not go as smoothly as intended.

During the time that Chris, now 36 years old, was establishing himself in the entertainment world, Alice, who was taking care of her family and children, spent her time doing domestic chores. In recent times, she has been spotted participating in activities designed to empower women.

In the year 2021, it was seen that Alice, then 35 years old, was participating in the Women of the Movement programme alongside her husband. Even Hulu, Disney, and the ABC Network carried broadcasts of the programme at some point.

The most recent time that anyone saw the couple together was at a party in Los Angeles, California, where they attended with their intimate circle of acquaintances. We will keep you apprised of any new information regarding them as soon as we obtain it.

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The Children Of Alice Coy And Chris Coy

Chris and Alice Coy have been married for eleven years, and throughout that time, they have been blessed with three great children. The information regarding Coy’s family is included here.

In 2012, less than two years after the couple tied the knot, they were blessed with their first child, a daughter whom they named Veronica Darlene. Then, in May of 2015, after another three years had passed, they became parents to a daughter who they called Dylan Ray.

And in the year 2019, their son Jimmy was born. Following Jimmy’s adoption into the family, everyone has come together to form the ideal unit to take pleasure in their lives. Both Chris and Alice place a high priority on their families and make an effort to spend a significant amount of time with their offspring.

It appears that the pair takes great pride in their role as parents. On a regular basis, both couples post images of their children on the social media accounts that are associated with them. At the moment, the family calls Los Angeles, in the state of California, home.

The last time the family took a vacation together, they went to the beach to spend their time there. Since that time, they have not contributed any posts to the online community. In the meantime, the American actor, who is 36 years old, is hard at work filming scenes for his next projects.

Alice Coy On Instagram

Alice Coy, who is married to the American actor Chris Coy, may be seen posting photos and videos to Instagram under the handle @aecoy. Investigate her profile in this location.

Alice, who is 35 years old, is highly active on the site, as evidenced by the fact that she has shared more than 500 posts. Additionally, she has gained 1,600 followers on her profile since it was created. She is an avid user of social media, and the most of the photographs she posts are of her husband and children.

On her profile across various social media platforms, Mrs. Coy has included an engaging bio that reads “I like bread and butte. I’m easily swayed by catchy tunes and breakbeats.” Through reading her profile, you will gain insight into many different aspects of her life.

Chris, who is now 35 years old, can also be found on Instagram under the account name “christopherjamescoy.” As a well-known artist in the United States, he has gained 11.7 thousand fans on the platform.

If you look over his profile, you’ll notice that his family enjoys a wealthy lifestyle, and they don’t think twice about spending money on expensive luxuries. They do not hold back. In addition to this, they spend a significant amount of time travelling and discovering new regions all over the world.


Alice Coy
Alice Coy


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Quick Facts of Alice Coy

Name Alice Coy
Husband Chris Coy
Age 35 years old
Children Three
Known For Chris Coy’s spouse
Instagram @aecoy
Nationality American
Current Residence Los Angeles, California



Who is Alice Coy?

Alice Coy is known for being the wife of an American actor, Chris Coy. Apart from that, she has also appears in some reality TV shows and series.

How many children does Alice Coy and Chris Coy have?

Alice Coy and Chris Coy have three children together. The couple is parents to two daughters and a son named Jimmy.

When did Chris Coy and Alice Coy get married?

Chris Coy and Alice Coy tied their knot back in 2011 in a secret wedding. As per several media outlets, the couple dated for several years before getting married.

Did Chris Coy appear in True Blood?

True Blood is one of the best projects Chris Coy has been part of. The 36-year-old American actor played Barry in the American fantasy horror drama series.

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