Amanda Batula: Know About Her Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And Family Details

Amanda Batula: Know About Her Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And Family Details

Fashion designer, stylist, and well-known graphic designer Amanda Batula has advanced in her work and is currently leading a contented and healthy existence. Check out her amazing journey and her profits now.

Television actress Amanda Batula is well-known for her work in the Bravo reality series Summer House. She is a gifted woman with experience in production and creative design.

Since her huge start, the TV personality has also made appearances in television programs. Thanks to her family and siblings’ constant support, Amanda is an accomplished actor and the person in charge of successful initiatives.

Before joining the Summer House cast regularly in season two, Batula previously appeared on the program as a guest star in its first season.

Amanda Batula’s 2022 Net Worth

A million dollars is thought to be Amanda Batula’s net worth. Her riches has been augmented by the proceeds from Loverboy, the Summer House, and the Winter House.

She is a New Jersey-born American art director, stylist, senior graphic designer, television personality, and online sensation.

When Batula first started her work, she interned at Rent the Runway as a graphic designer. She finally received a promotion to stylist and showroom coordinator.

Amanda served as the company’s senior graphic designer and creative director for many years.

Nevertheless, she did find success as a significant cast member of the Bravo TV reality series Summer House and has a big following.

She also engages in modeling and works as a brand ambassador and promoter, which contributes a small portion to her net worth.

The actress has grown steadily during her career and maintains a consistent way of life.

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Amanda Batula At Social Media

One of the burgeoning stars in the entertainment business is the social media sensation Amanda Batula, who aspires to join the elite group of Hollywood actresses. Because of her appearance on the Bravo television program “Summer House,” Amanda is well-known.
The 24th of July is Amanda Batula’s birthday; she was born in the year 1991. Her upbringing was in New Jersey. Amanda is of Caucasian descent and a citizen of the United States. Her sign is the lion (Leo). Regarding Amanda’s educational background, Hillsborough High School was where she finished high school. She later pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut, where she eventually earned her degree in 2013.

Amanda Batula’s Assets

Amanda worked as an intern at the university newspaper while she was a student there. She worked as a Showroom Coordinator and Stylist for “Rent the Runway” after graduating. Later, she worked as a senior designer at L’Occitane en Provence.

She also launched FENIX, a firm she founded with her fiancé. Amanda has set up a website where she routinely posts articles on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty-related issues. She has also made appearances in reality and television series.

Amanda Batula’s Husband

Before becoming engaged, Amanda and her boyfriend-turned-husband Kyle Cooke dated for about three years. They first met in 2015 while filming Summer House. Kyle proposed to Amanda around those same years, and the two started dating. The two became engaged on September 7, 2018, when Kyle gave Amanda a stunning 2.5-carat diamond ring as a proposal.

The couple will quickly start their adventure together as husband and wife. They are deciding on a location and a good time to meet. The proprietor of the New York nightclub Nightjockey Inc. is Amanda’s future spouse.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Amanda and Kyle had planned to get married in September 2020, but they postponed. They got married in Hillsborough, New Jersey, Amanda’s hometown, in September 2021.

Siblings of Amanda Batula

The names of Amanda’s parents are Donna and Frank Batula. Amanda was propelled to pursue her goals by her parents, who also gave her encouragement when she needed it. She was also reared by her parents alongside her younger sibling. Frank Jr. is the name of her brother.

Jessica Batula dimensions and weight
Every now and then, Amanda’s followers have questioned whether she has had plastic surgery. She has also refuted the allegations.

Parents  Of Amanda Batula

Public person Amanda Batula’s parents, Donna and Frank Batula, reared her in a township.

Despite her busy schedule, Amanda enjoys spending time with her parents and keeps a positive relationship with them. Her accomplishment on television must be a source of great joy for her parents.

She hasn’t shared a lot of information about her parents, though. The majority of the time, she appreciates being in front of the camera, but she also values having a private life.

Amanda spends much of her time in New Jersey, where she resides with her parents. She enjoys visiting her folks frequently and keeping in touch with them.

Amanda’s lone sibling and younger brother, Frank Jr., served as both her companion and closest friend.

Due to their close proximity, she enjoys a good relationship with her brother. On the other side, Frank Jr. would love to live his life independently of his sister’s fame. He has done a great job of evading the flashes of the paparazzi.

While Amanda was growing up in New Jersey with her brother, she was greatly influenced by the glitzy lifestyle. She made the choice to pursue an arts-related bachelor’s degree.

Frank Jr. is happy for his sister’s career achievement. The celebrity is fortunate to have a loving family. One of the key contributors to Amanda’s job success are her parents.

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Bio of Amanda Batula

On July 24, 1991, Amanda Batula was born to American parents in New Jersey, where she spent the most of her formative years. She is currently 31 years old.

This actor has a tight relationship with her devoted father, Frank Batula.

She practices Christianity and is of Caucasian origin.

Amanda Batula received her elementary schooling at Hillsborough High School in Somerset County. She later continued on to the University of Connecticut, where in 2013 she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

She started working as a graphic designer soon after receiving her degree from college.

In 2017 as a guest cast member on Summer House Season One, Batula made her television debut. After becoming very successful, this TV star was then elevated to the show’s main cast in its second season.

A group of friends who share a summer house are the focus of the series. Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke, Paige DeSorbo, Hannah Berner, Jules Daoud, and Luke Gulbranson are other members of the primary cast.

She didn’t want to work in the television business. She works as a senior graphic designer as her main job.

In addition, Amanda works as an art director and stylist.

Jessica Batula Loss Of Weight And Body Change

On Instagram stories, Amanda Batula documented her up to 20-pound weight loss journey. According to Bravo TV, she has felt the desire to shed weight in the past.

The TV actress acknowledged that despite her average size, she needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Amanda credits Bulletproof coffee and intermittent fasting for helping her lose weight. She has convinced viewers to exercise in private at home because she detests gyms.

The celebrity even gave her devoted followers some advice about using Instagram. But her major advice was to stay away from scaling. In order to reduce the stress of losing weight, Amanda stopped weighing herself for a year.

The Status of Amanda Batula’s Relationships

When Amanda Batula went to the Summer House show audition, she ran upon Kyle Cooke, who would later become her boyfriend. He is the owner of the New York nightclub Nightjockey Inc.

She started to appear more regularly in the second season as a result of her romantic involvement with Kyle, the main character of the program.

This August, Amanda wed her fiancé Kyle Cooke. You can follow their adventure thanks to the series.

The couple was about to file for divorce when Amanda learned of Kyle’s purported extramarital activities.

Amanda Batula
Amanda Batula

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Facts about Amanda Batula

Full name Amanda Batula
Date of Birth July 24, 1991
Age 31 years old
Place of Birth New Jersey, USA.
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Occupation Art Director, Stylist, Senior Graphic Designer, Television Personality, and Social Media Celebrity
Height (approx.) 5′ 7″
Weight (approx.) 58 kg
Religion Christianity
Father Frank Batula
Mother Donna Batula
Siblings Brother – Frank Batula Jr.
Qualification Graduate
School Hillsborough High School
Alma mater The University of Connecticut
Marital Status Married (m. October 2021 – Present).
Spouse Kyle Cooke


Is Amanda Batula married?

In October 2021, Amanda tied the knot with her husband Kyle Cooke in a lavish wedding ceremony. She got enagged to him in Augusr 2018.

Who is Amanda Batula?

Batula is an American Art Director, Stylist, Senior Graphic Designer, Television Personality, and Social Media Celebrity from New Jersey, United States.

How did she came in the limelight?

She became famous after her love story begin with her boyfriend Kyle Cooke on the Bravo TV reality show, Summer House.

When did she made her TV debut?

She made her television debut as a guest cast on the Summer House Season One which was released in the year 2017. She started to appear more often since the second season of the series simply because of her romantic affair with Kyle who is also one of the main members of the show.

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