Watch Anupama 16th August 2022 Today’s Episode Written Update

Here we are back with the latest version of the Anupama. This television show has gained a lot of popularity recently. The promotional video suggests that Barkha will begin this serial by stating that Anuj was involved in an accident, but that nobody reported it to the authorities. Kavya tells Barkha that there is no need for the investigation because she was a witness to the event and she was there when it happened. Kavya is informed by Barkha that the investigation will be terminated due to the fact that it is against Vanraj. Paritosh inquires of Barkha if she was referring to Vanraj. Anuj was pushed, and later the two of them jumped off. Barkha responds that she is the only one who wants a police investigation when he asks to discuss the reason why. Leela rebuts Barkha’s argument. She inquires of Barkha whether she is so closely related to Anju due to the fact that she inherited his property. Please make sure to read the entire article.

Barkha has expressed that she is interested in observing Vanraj behind the bar. She claims that she does not have any concerns regarding the other individuals who are accompanying Vanraj to the prison. According to Barkha, anyone who wants to protect Vanraj—whether it be Vanraj, his parents, or his children—could end up in jail. Barkha becomes enraged when Anupama puts a stop to her behavior, and she then questions the integrity of Anupama. She inquires of Anupama as to whether or not she still harbors any fondness for Vanraj. Barkha continues by saying that as a result, she is on Anupama’s side.

Anupama confronts Barkha with the question of whether or not she ought to be grateful to her stars for accusing her at the hospital because, if she hadn’t, Barkha would have demonstrated to her what happens whenever somebody tries to destroy her reputation. Leela says she may blame Anuj would have pushed Vanraj and must have fallen later. A fight breaks out between the Shahs and the Kapadias. Adhik alleges Vanraj threatened Anuj in front of all. Paritosh side Vanraj. Barkha is determined to follow through and file a complaint. She promises that she will bring destruction to whoever tries to come between them. Anupama tells Barkha that she has complete freedom to act however she pleases. She receives a phone call from the physician.

Anupama makes a break for it to check on Anuj and Ajun as they regain consciousness. Anupama felt her excitement level rising. Even Shahs shows signs of excitement. The anger that Barkha feels grows. Anupama knocks on Anuj’s door and tells him to get up because she has been waiting for a while. She now fastens the bracelet that was given to her by Anu. Anupama asks Anuj to wake up. She forces him to listen to the voice message left by Anu. Anuj opens his eyes. He reveals his feelings of love and devotion to Anupama. Anupama gets happy and says I love you to Anuj back. Since Barkha will soon regain consciousness, she is under the impression that fate is conspiring against Anuj and Anupama. Keep an eye out for further developments.

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