Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Wife, Lizzy Johnson Suleman, Discusses Their Age Difference and Their Children

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Wife, Lizzy Johnson Suleman, Discusses Their Age Difference and Their Children
Apostle Johnson Suleman, the husband of Lizzy Johnson Suleman and a popular Nigerian televangelist, has criticised the Nigerian police for their decision to kill the contained key suspect.

When a gunman opened fire on the president of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide’s convoy when he was returning home after a vacation abroad, the president of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide was not pleased. The officer in charge of public relations for the police department, Chidi Nwabuzor, reported that the altercations resulted in the deaths of six people, including two police officers, two drivers for Suleman’s, and a female domestic worker.

People were curious as to why his life was considered more valuable than those of those who had been killed, therefore the internet was littered with images of deceased people. His bulletproof truck was the only thing that kept him alive while the rest of his security was allowed to rust away.

While the authorities were holding the kidnappers in jail on Friday, they continued their frantic search for the people responsible for the attack.

He is convinced that there was an attempt to cover up the issue, since the person who passed away that night was merely a scapegoat for the one who performed the murder. He believes that there was an attempt to cover up the situation.

Later on, he tweeted that the persons who were apprehended were not the actual kidnappers, even though Suleman’s attorney, Samuel Immune, had urged a comprehensive inquiry into the kidnapping.

Lizzy Johnson Suleman
Lizzy Johnson Suleman

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Who Is Lizzy Johnson Suleman?

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s wife, Lizzy Johnson Suleman, was born in Kano, Nigeria. She is also known as Apostle Johnson Suleman’s wife. Due to the fact that she has not disclosed her age, we are unable to calculate the age difference between them.

The stunning woman who was born in February is a powerhouse who completed her doctoral studies in 2014 in order to support her husband.

She has always had a strong desire to educate others and had an interest in teaching since she was a child. She had attended Auchi Polytechnic in the past, and after getting married, she went on to acquire a degree in mass communication.

After some time, she enrolled at the National Teacher’s Institute in order to earn her certification as a level II grade teacher. She feels the same way as her spouse does about the need of spreading positive. During the time that she spent working for the National Youth Service Scheme, she spearheaded an initiative to increase the number of people who pursue careers in teaching. Alongside her spouse, she became an integral part of the Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) during this same time period.

In spite of the fact that she has maintained a high level of scholastic achievement throughout her life, she has recently become ordained as a member of the Omega Fire Ministery International Chart and has begun preaching. As a result of the work that she has done with her partner, she has made it her major mission to assist widows, people with disabilities, and others who are less fortunate.

They tied the knot sometime around 2014, and there is at least some evidence that their invitation cared was made public.

In point of fact, the pair’s marriage of seventeen years has lasted the test of time, despite the fact that the couple has been harassed by false charges, with women claiming that he has had extramarital encounters with them.

However, his wife is not one to be persuaded by the comments of others, and she and he continued to be a unit, turning a deaf ear to what they had to say. The singer and the entrepreneur have categorically denied the allegations, stating that they have openly admitted that they had the intention of making a profit off of her spouse’s kindness.

In addition, she became well known as a successful author after penning a number of fascinating Christian literary works, including Pastoring the Pastor, The New Anointing, How to Ignite Your Husband’s Love, and The Power to Overcome, to name just a few. People began to recognise her as a successful author.

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Children of Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, a tremendously well-known televangelist in Nigeria, has been with the same partner for the past seventeen years, and the couple has a few children together.

The couple has been blessed with six children: five lovely daughters and a son. Their names are quite unique, like God’s favour, Divine, Love, Mirabel, Ebenezer, and Excel, to name just a few.

Edo State, Nigeria, is where the father, now 51 years old, started his start as a commuter on March 24, 1971, making him a well-known figure in the Nigerian commuting community. Because his father, Imoudu Sule, is the current leader of the APC, he was born into a wealthy family and enjoyed a privileged life throughout his childhood.

His father was a Muslim, but Johnson himself did not feel a connection to the religion’s doctrines. When the Visionaries came all the way from Warri to Benin just to deliver the word that their young kid was prophesized to be the next minister in God’s presence, the family realised that their son was destined for greatness even at such a young age.

Due to their divergent worldviews, the parents were unable to steer their child away from the path that was predetermined for him, and they refused to discuss the event. However, as time went on, they came to the conclusion that they were unable to alter the course of events when they noticed that he was acting strangely.

Indeed, he had a soft place for God and confessed to his father that coming to the Mosque was not something he looked forward to doing. Something was wrong since he was unable to identify the source of the rebellion on his soul.

In the course of his secondary education, he came across his predetermined path, but he dithered because of the pressure from his forefathers.

After he had returned to Benin, he finally reunited with the ideas that he had repressed as he moved out with the brothers for the purpose of evangelism and prayers.

After some time, he decided to go the unknown path and invited his disciples to accompany him.

During this time, the remarks of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa struck a chord with him because the late archbishop had been an important figure in the early stages of his life. The lessons he learned from his professors improved his outlook on life and helped him develop into the person he is today.

But because he does not care about Pastor Adeboye’s remarks, he has not yet adopted the tactics that Pastor Adeboye, his predecessor, did. At the beginning of the 1990s, he was still protected by his father and quietly disseminated his ideas in obscure parts of the country. While he was on his knees praying, he happened into a programme that was being presented by Pastor Adeboye.

In the beginning, he was incensed by the flagrant disregard, and he began to mentally refer to the other person as a lunatic. By the time the event was through, he had come to the conclusion that the late Pastor Enoch Adeboye was his spiritual father, and he was pleased with himself for having followed his light.


Lizzy Johnson Suleman
Lizzy Johnson Suleman


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Net Worth of Apostle Johnson Suleman

As of the year 2022, Apostle Johnson Suleman has a net worth that is greater than one hundred million dollars. According to a few different accounts, he is one of the wealthiest pastors in all of Nigeria.

In 1994, he said he had a daydream in which he received the image of the globe with Acts 10:38 inscribed on it. This was the beginning of his ministry as a preacher.

Before he received the message, he had been devoting a great deal of time and energy to reading the Bible, and he had just finished going through it for the third time. His goal was to grow in his relationship with the Lord.

The vision did nothing except solidify his conviction, and he went back and reread the texts to be sure that he was indeed the one who was chosen. He came to the realisation that he had been chosen to establish a Power Ministry while also spreading the gospel all across the world.

His ministries and numerous business ventures provide the majority of his income. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and is involved in a diverse range of businesses, including oil and gas facilities, schools, real estate properties, a water bottling company, entertainment, and a printing press.

In addition to this, he is also involved in the aviation industry in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer of Celebration Airline.

Indeed, his extravagant lifestyle, in which he can be seen driving around in some of the most costly rides known to mankind, makes it quite easy to notice the extent of his expenditures.

In his garage, you’ll find exotic automobiles like as Rolls Royce Phantoms, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons, Porsche Cayennes, and Jeep Grand Cherokees.

Many people look at his pricey suit, which was designed with patterns made specifically for him, and wonder how much it would cost to reproduce the components.

Even while it seems impossible to keep up with the clothes on a daily basis, the combination of his repeated sermons and stage presence is enough to keep his bank account stocked to the brim.

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