Body of hero dad pulled from lake weeks after he died saving teen son from drowning

LAKE GARDA, ITALY: After several weeks of searching, the bones of a British father who had drowned while trying to save his son have finally been retrieved from an Italian lake. Aran Chada, his partner Holly Mosley, who is 39 years old, their son Roman, who is 14 years old, and their daughter Floren, who is seven, were all on vacation together when the awful event occurred, according to the reports.

It was stated that Chada’s teenage son was on a boat ride with his family on Lake Garda when he got into a precarious situation off the coast of the town of Limone. At that time, Chada, who was 51 years old at the time, sprang into the lake to save his son. Despite the fact that he was successful in rescuing Roman and bringing him back to the safe side, on July 22 he drowned in the river while his family watched in despair.

The man had traveled to Italy to celebrate his 52nd birthday but tragically passed away before the festivities could begin. At the time, a witness had stated that “He was able to get the boy back to the boat, where he was dragged in by his mother.” But suddenly the man disappeared beneath the surface, possibly having a seizure.

Even though Mosley screamed for assistance almost immediately after her boyfriend dove into the water, it took the coast guard and specialized dive teams almost four weeks to locate the body. The remains of Chada were found on Tuesday evening, August 16, 316 meters within the body of water. It was later discovered that the body of the deceased was located approximately 800 meters distant from the bank. It was said that a specialized underwater robot and sonar equipment assisted the search team in their operations.

According to reports, Chada was one of the three people who passed away on the lovely lake during that week. The lake’s depth has been recorded at much to 350 meters. In an interview with Mail Online, the captain of the Coastguard, Antonio Ragadale, said, “It was a tough and painful search but we had promised to find his body so that his family could be reunited with him.” Because he had shown such incredible bravery by jumping into the lake when he saw his son in danger, it was the least that we could do for him.

“The operation lasted for over a month, and we were looking continuously day after day for him with a robot and sonar, and he was found at a large depth, 316 meters, which made it a very complex operation.” “We had promised that we would keep on for the sake of them, and we have done our duty,” Ragadale said. “This man was a hero, and at last, he may be reunited with his family.

According to BBC’s reporting, the coastguard also stated that “Thanks to the professionalism demonstrated in this context and the equipment supplied to them, the volunteers of Lake Garda were able to locate the body of Mr. Chada on Tuesday afternoon, August 16, 2022.”

According to the reports, Chada, whose family had flown back to Leicestershire from Italy, will travel to Italy once more to identify his remains. James, Holly’s brother, had been quoted earlier as saying something to the effect of “It’s awful. It is impossible for me to fathom what my sister and her family are going through.

Chada held the position of “Group Sales Director at Global Energy Ventures & GRO Oilfield Alliance,” as stated on his LinkedIn profile. Both Nottingham Trent University and Ratcliffe College in Leicestershire counted him as a graduate of their respective programs.

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