What Motivated Athena Karkanis to Quit Her Job at Manifest? Who Was Responsible For Grace Stone’s Death on Manifest?

What Motivated Athena Karkanis to Quit Her Job at Manifest? Who Was Responsible For Grace Stone’s Death on Manifest?

At the end of the third season, Grace Stone, played by Athena Karkanis, tragically passed away after being stabbed by one of the other passengers, who also abducted their child from Ben and Grace.

After the conclusion of the third season of Manifest, Athena Karkanis’s character Grace Stone was eliminated from the show.

The conclusion of the third season of the plane-centered mystery thriller Manifest, which airs on NBC, was a lot to process for everyone who saw it. The final few minutes of the show revealed several shocking revelations, including the passing of a much-loved character named Grace Stone.

We now know which characters will be returning for the upcoming fourth season of Manifest and which ones will be leaving after the unfortunate news that N.B.C. has decided to cancel the show and Netflix has taken it up instead. The passing of Athena, who was one of the most well-liked characters throughout the series, is, without a doubt, the event that is the most upsetting.

Athena Karkanis
Athena Karkanis

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Athena Karkanis Has Left Manifest After Her Character Was Written Off

Athena Karkanis, who played Grace Stone in the supernatural series, reportedly quit following the conclusion of the third season since her character, Grace Stone, had died by that point.

Grace’s death appears to be one of the few clear deaths that can be found in the world of Flight 828, despite the fact that we are aware that not every death in Manifest is permanent.

It would be a terrible loss if Grace were to pass away at this juncture, especially when one considers how much of this season has been devoted to her coming to terms with the importance of her calling and the overarching objective. However, given that the showrunner, Rake, has stated that she is no longer living, we are unfortunately forced to conclude that she has passed away.

According to what he said, she did not die away in a sloppy or reckless manner. This was a part of their tale, and she continues to play an important role in Manifest even now. Rake asserts that Ben, Cal, Olive, and infant Eden are all examples of how Athena’s persona continues to live on after her death. Ben is currently attempting to move on without Athena.

What Became of Grace After the Events of Manifest?

On Manifest Season 3, the Stone family began a new chapter once it was established that both the mother and daughter had successfully delivered their babies and were in good health. Ben’s determination to find answers and look out for his family was reinforced, if that were even possible, by the arrival of their second kid.

Even though Grace did not longer experience the callings, she continued to be very active in what was taking place and was motivated by the growth of their family. In addition to this, their brand new baby girl Eden
But Season 3 stood out from the rest because it presented Grace with a story that was unrelated to either her spouse or her children.

After being apart for a considerable amount of time, Grace brought Cal (Jack Messina) to her brother’s house when he was in danger. There, they bonded with one another and made efforts to mend their strained relationship. Unfortunately, he passed suddenly right after that, but Grace was affected in some manner by what she witnessed.

Because Grace wanted to honour her father and brother, in particular, she made the decision to open a restaurant that served food made from recipes handed down through her family. After the first two seasons, Grace had identified a fresh objective, and she was making progress toward achieving it. Her family remained together and happy for the most part after the tragedy.

Grace and Ben’s Most Iconic Moments Together in Manifest!

During the first season, Ben made an effort to sway Grace to his side, despite the fact that she was seeing someone else at the time. During the first season, it was clear that Ben loved Grace, but it took until the second season for Grace to make it clear that she also loved Ben.

It was a new beginning for the couple when Grace found out she was pregnant at the beginning of the season and when she was introduced to her calling. The episodes explored the breadth of their bond, and Grace’s visions made it very evident to her how vital it was for Ben to unearth the truth and protect his family.

The tense situation at the end of the season, when Grace’s pregnancy was producing problems, and both of their lives were in risk, cemented their connection as the strongest friendship on the programme. Ben managed to wake up Grace long enough to convince her that despite her wishes, he would put her safety ahead of that of their kid and try to save her.

Because of the depth of his affection for her, he was unable to carry out daily tasks in her absence. Because of the abundant opportunities for growth and reconnection that this season presented, this was an obvious option.

The public had seen them rekindle and cultivate their love for one another. The Stone family was all together, doing well, and ready to take on any difficulties that might crop up as they worked through the process of overcoming their imminent deaths.

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Who was responsible for Grace’s death on Manifest?

Angelina, a character played by Holly Taylor, was responsible for stabbing Grace, after which Eden was taken captive.

The death of Grace undoes all of the efforts that the Stone family has made to ensure that, in the end, they would be reunited and live happily ever after.

Cal was by Grace’s side when she passed away from her injuries after being stabbed, and he was another victim of the incident. Grace was the lone victim of the crime. When Cal touched the plane’s tailfin in the first half of the series finale, his character disappeared. After that point, the only version of Cal who appeared was a 17-year-old version of himself.

After the subsequent disappearance of the tailpin, the 828 pilot Captain Daly, who had previously gone missing during a test flight in the first season, resurfaced. This was not the only surprise in the story. At Eureka, he made a fleeting appearance inside the salvaged plane’s cockpit before vanishing once more, this time taking the entire aircraft along with him when he disappeared.

Because of Grace’s passing, her most cherished relationship with Ben came to an end.
Ben, who stayed up late looking for connections and hints, missed out on a lot of special times with his beloved because he was too busy trying to help those who didn’t care enough even to try to save themselves. Her passing implies that Ben missed out on a lot of special times with his beloved because he was too busy trying to help those who didn’t care enough even to try to save themselves.

Throughout the entirety of the first season, Ben utilised a variety of strategies in an effort to reclaim Grace’s love. Ben’s quest for understanding has always been motivated by his desire to provide a long and happy life for his family. As a result, Ben is often distracted and gives less attention to other aspects of his life than he should.

Ben may have been establishing a relationship with someone else throughout this entire period, perhaps the fan favourite Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), in order to guarantee that Ben will truly obtain a happy ending, which would include romantic love, at the conclusion of everything that has transpired.

Even if Ben does find love again, it won’t feel like a happy ending because the series was cancelled by N.B.C. and renewed for a final season by Netflix. Despite the fact that the show’s existence was cut short by both of these events, though. As the show reiterated over and again, Grace was Ben’s one and only real love. Grace was the key to a happy ending for him.


Athena Karkanis
Athena Karkanis


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Life And Work of Karkanis

Her ancestry includes both Greek and Egyptian elements.She made her first appearance on film in an episode of 1-800-Missing in 2005, and she went on to have a variety of guest-starring, recurring, and regular parts on Canadian television shows in the years that followed. In addition to that, she was a regular voice actress in the video games Skyland, MetaJets, and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She provides her voice for the character Aviva Corcovado in the animated series Wild Kratts.

Karkanis has been in a number of horror movies as a co-star, some of which are as follows: Saw IV (2007), Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008), Saw VI (2009), Survival of the Dead (2009), and The Barrens (2009). (2012). She also had roles in the action movies Sacrifice and The Art of War II: Betrayal (2008), both of which were released only on home video (2011). She was a regular cast member on television, appearing in the first season of the Canadian teen drama The Best Years in 2007, The Border from 2008 to 2010, and the ill-fated comedy series Almost Heroes in 2011. In addition, she appeared in multiple episodes of Lost Girl during the years 2011 and 2012.

Karkanis had a starring role in the drama series Low Winter Sun, which aired on AMC in 2013. Her role as a series regular in the post-apocalyptic drama series The Lottery, which airs on Lifetime, was cast in the year 2014. It was in 2015 when she made her debut on The Expanse playing the part of Octavia Muss. In 2018, Karkanis began her role as Grace Stone on the television series Manifest, which is shown on NBC.

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