Cast, Release Date, and More Information For The Upcoming Bad Nanny Lifetime Movie in 2022

Cast, Release Date, and More Information for the Upcoming Bad Nanny Lifetime Movie in 2022

The next film on the Lifetime network known as Bad Nanny boasts an interesting collection of actors and actresses. The premise of the story, which is all set to be released during the month of Halloween, is a thriller with a touch of horror, which is suitable for the occasion.

The story revolves around two women who are half-sisters to each other. One is turned down, while the other is offered the opportunity to live a life filled with comfort and ease. Since Kendra was born on the wrong side of the tracks, her life has been filled with struggle from the beginning.

A life defined by abject poverty and social isolation. When she realised that she was born to a wealthy guy, her feelings of rejection turned into wrath, and she became increasingly angry.

She rapidly finds out that her secret half-sister lives an extravagant lifestyle and possesses everything that she could ever want. Her animosity over the loss of her father finds a new target in this person. In addition to this, she takes a position as a nanny at her sister’s house and immediately begins plotting her revenge against her. This results in a great deal of drama and is the perfect tactic for the kind of story being told.

Here, in light of the fact that the buzz surrounding the film has reached its absolute pinnacle at this point, we give the information regarding its release date, cast, and other relevant aspects.

Bad Nanny
Bad Nanny

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The People Behind Lifetime’s Bad Nanny

Along with its engaging storyline, the film Bad Nanny features an exciting group of actors in its cast. Everyone connected with the movie has very high hopes for it because Lifetime Network has described it as one of its most ambitious projects.

1. April Hale

April Hale, who portrays Remy Bell-Winter, is the first cast member of the Netflix original series “Bad Nanny.” One of the primary characters, and he or she appears to have potential based on the trailer and whatever else that the production team has thrown out there as promotional material.

Memphis, Tennessee, is where Hale spent his childhood and where he was born. Because her mother is also an artist, she developed an early interest in the entertainment industry, particularly in film and television. April’s mother penned a few of the plays that April performed in as a child, and she also took part in a number of talent shows when she was younger.

Throughout the course of her acting career, April has appeared in a number of television series as well as advertisements on a variety of different networks.

2. Aria Jennai Pulliam

Aria Jennai Pulliam has a standout performance as one of the film’s other main characters. She plays the role of the young Ella Bell-Winter, and the specifics of the role will become clear as the movie is broadcast on the network.

Her roles in the films House of Payne (2021) and Vanished – Searching for My Sister have brought her widespread acclaim as an actress (2022). Her additional works are currently going through the post-production process and will soon be available for purchase.

You can also follow the actress on Instagram by searching for her under the handle @ariapulliam. She presently has more than 300 followers and is working hard to gain even more. It is clear that the platform is administered by a higher agency and that it is typically utilised for the promotion of both her and the projects that she is working on.

3. Yasmine Ryback

In the show ‘Bad Nanny,’ Yasmine portrays the character of Lupita.

Ryback was born and raised in the Windy City. She has portrayed the lead role in a variety of television industrials and commercials for corporations, some of which include Audi, Target, Home Depot, Starbucks, 3M, Nationwide Vision, Textron Aviation, TCF Bank, Aspercreme, and Honeywell, amongst others.

Even though she had no actual idea how to break into the business, the actress made the decision to compete in her first beauty pageant in order to hone her stage presence and boost her chances of winning. She triumphed in the competition and was awarded the title of Mrs. Minnesota-America. After that, she competed in national competitions and ultimately placed in the top six of the Mrs. America competition.

4. Trevor Lyons

Trevor Lyons, who most recently wowed the crowd with his performance in the play Un$uited, will take on the role of David in the next film. He prefers to think of himself as a fashion model rather than an actor at this point in his career.

According to the profile that was developed for him by his agency, he has previous experience acting in supporting roles in a number of movies. In addition, it has come to light that he began his career in the theatre and has also participated in a great deal of training in order to acquire the necessary skills to become a professional actor.

You can keep up with Lyons by following him on Instagram. He has given presentations under the handle @trevorlyonss, where he has over 20,000 followers, and he has disclosed the identity of the organisation that serves as his social media manager, which is Lubbock Matadors SC.

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5. Brian Ramian

On the episode, the actor portrays one of the Winters named Jack Winter. Fans can’t wait to watch how his story develops in the thriller because of his affiliation with the project, which is actually extremely interesting in and of itself.

This personality possesses a wide range of skills, including acting, directing, and producing. The roles he played in “Dead” Stop (2011), “Murder by Numbers” (2017), and “The Haunting of the Morgan Estate” are what brought him the most of his fame (2020).

On his Instagram, where he has more than 4,000 followers, Ramian documents his life under the handle @actor brain_. His wife’s name is Danica Khrystyna Ross, and the two of them have been dating for more than ten years. He recently got married to her.

6. Karen Ragan-George

On the show ‘Bad Nanny,’ Ragan plays the role of Mathilda, and viewers are anticipating another eating performance from the seasoned actress.

When looking into her career, it can be seen that she was involved in a number of stage, television, and film productions in New York City many years ago. Because of this, she was able to become a member of SAG, AFTRA, and AEA.

The actress subsequently relocated to Los Angeles in the middle of the 1980s, where she was able to land a few acting and voice-over gigs, but they were not sufficient for her to support herself, and I ultimately took the decision to explore other interests.

Before landing a position in the Domestic Distribution Department at Warner Bros., she gained experience in a number of different industries, such as IT recruiting and television production, among others. However, after more than 20 years of work that was not innovative, it was time for a change. As a result, she made the decision to leave her job earlier than planned and begin acting again.


Bad Nanny
Bad Nanny


Date And Time Of Publication of Bad Nanny

You’ll be able to see Bad Nanny as soon as it premieres on Lifetime, as long as you have a membership to one of its packages.

The Lifetime website allows users to browse and download content without charge, however viewing content requires a paid subscription. After the conclusion of your risk-free trial period, you will be required to begin making periodic payments, either on a monthly or yearly basis. Enjoy the convenience of straightforward billing. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each billing cycle, whether it be monthly or yearly. You always have the right to revoke this agreement.

A monthly subscription costs $4.99*, regardless of the length of the subscription. You will be charged a total of $49.99* for an annual subscription. That equates to a 15% savings! When you purchase a membership through our website, you will be given the option to select a recurring payment schedule that is either monthly or yearly.

Hulu gives users free access to LMN for a limited amount of time throughout their trial period. Customers who have Amazon Prime can now get a free trial membership to Lifetime Movie Club for a period of 30 days if they join up for it. Cancelling your subscription at any moment is possible, and after the first month, it will cost you $3.99 per month thereafter.

The release of Bad Nanny is scheduled for the 21st of October 2022, and it promises to bring chills and thrills to your Halloween celebrations.

You may watch Lifetime Movie Club on your personal computer by going to the website, on devices manufactured by Apple (such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV), on devices manufactured by Android, and on Roku. You may also stream movies to your TV using the Chrome web browser or the most recent versions of our Android and iOS applications if you have a Chromecast. This is made possible by your Chromecast.

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