Who Is TV Presenter Basil Zempilas Wife Amy Graham? Meet Perth Based Politician’s Children

Amy Graham, who is married to Basil Anthony Zempilas, is a well-known personality in her own right. Basil is a prominent figure in Australian politics and also works as a sports commentator, television broadcaster, and radio host.

Basil has, in the past, served as a co-host of the program “Weekend Sunrise” on radio station 92.9 in Perth, and he has also provided commentary on the Olympics and other notable sporting events. In the year 2020, Zempilas was successful in his bid to become Lord Mayor of Perth.

In 1996, Zempilas was given a promotion at Seven News, moving him into the role of weekend sports anchor. He continued to hold this position till the end of the year 2001, when Seven was stripped of its broadcasting rights for the AFL.

In September of 2021, Zempilas presided over the event as the stadium’s master of ceremonies in Perth. The venue was the Optus Stadium. The inaugural AFL Grand Final was held in Perth, but the subsequent two AFL Grand Finals were held away from Perth at different locations.

Who Is Basil Zempilas Wife?

Since 2009, Amy Graham and Basil Zempila have been married to one another. They decided to tie the knot in Greece. Unfortunately, information that is more in-depth on Amy Graham Zempilas is not currently available to the public.

Graham is only known as a blogger for his design-related posts. On the other side, her partner is a sports commentator and host for radio and television programs related to sports.

It was speculated that Zempilas could run for office as a Liberal Party candidate in the following Western Australia state election in 2021, following in the footsteps of Campbell Newman.

In February of 2022, Zempilas formally tendered his retirement from his position as a sportscaster for Seven News Perth. The identities of Amy’s parents and siblings are still a closely guarded secret. She is a reserved person, and there is not a lot of information known about her, especially in regard to her family.

About Basil Zempilas Children

Amy and Basil Zempilas are the proud parents of three children: Ava, Anthony, and Chloe. It would appear that Chole is nine years old, that Ava is eleven years old, and that Anthony is only four years old.

Because their parents have chosen to conceal information about them from the general public, there is not a lot of information that can be found about them. On the other hand, Basil and his wife lavish a great deal of love and attention on their children.

Why Is Basil Zempilas Not On Premier Mark McGowan’s Invite List?

The tension that had been building up between Mark McGowan and Basil Zempilas has now come to a head as a result of the Premier’s office ignoring the Perth Lord Mayor once more while making a statement on a big CBD project. This confrontation had been building up for some time.

Since the beginning of this year, the State Government and the City of Perth have been engaged in discussions regarding the parking lot on Terrace Road, which is situated on land that is owned by the State. On the other hand, Mr. Zempilas was conspicuously absent from the invite list for the press event that took place today.

Inquiries regarding his absence drew attention away from the news, and things took a turn for the ridiculous when Mr. Zempilas subsequently scheduled his press conference in Council House, which is around 400 meters away, at the request of the media.

In spite of the fact that they have not appeared at a single news conference together in the nearly two years since Mr. Zempilas’ election, Mr. McGowan and Mr. Zempilas attempted to refute allegations that the position of Lord Mayor had been “dismissed.”

It is common knowledge that the Government was outraged when the Council, which was led by Mr. Zempilas, decided to abandon plans to have ratepayers pay for the maintenance of a public pool at the restored WACA site.

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