Beth Phoenix (WWE): Relation With Natalya Explored, More About Her Family And Husband

Both Beth Phoenix and Natalya were well-known superstars in their respective fields, and they were connected to one another through WWE. Their on-screen partnership in the WWE arena was a huge hit with the audience.

Beth Phoenix Pic
Beth Phoenix Pic


Elizabeth Copeland, who is better known by her ring name Beth Phoenix, started her career in the realm of professional wrestling in the month of May 2001. In October of 2005, she secured a contract with the world-famous wrestling business WWE; but, not long afterward, she sustained an injury and was required to go through a number of surgeries.

After making her comeback to the WWE RAW brand in July 2007, she went on to win a number of titles, including the WWE Women’s Champion and the Divas Champion three times each.

The Divas of Doom, also known simply as Natalya and Beth Phoenix, are the current champions of the professional tag team division in WWE. Both of these pals were given the role of anti-divas in 2011, and they passionately opposed romantic relationships between their closest friends and the adorable barbie job that was available in the company.

In spite of this, their friendship was revitalized after Natalya won a handicap match for the Survivor Series in late 2010, defeating Layla and Michelle McCool in the process. After the game, she was assaulted by the two players, and Phoneix came to her aid. Following their victory in a TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) match against McCool, The Divas of Doom became the first ever Divas tag team to win a tables match in WWE history.

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Is There A Connection Between Beth Phoenix And Natalya?

There is no familial connection between Natalya and Beth Phoenix. In WWE, they frequently competed against one another, but they were not related in any way by blood.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the connecting factor between Phoenix and Natalya. They began to draw WWE fans as a tag team in 2010, and they continued to do so until the end of the 2012 season.

Natalya came later to the WWE than Beth Phoenix did, making her debut in the company in 2008 whereas Beth Phoenix made her debut in 2006. During the early stages of her career with WWE, Phoenix dealt with an injury and went to OVW for more training. It was during this period that she won the OVW Women’s Championship not once but twice.

As a result of her return to WWE as one of the most dominant divas and the fact that she had fully recovered from her injuries and completed her training, she was given the nickname “The Glamazon.” After capturing her maiden championship belt at NO Mercy in October, she kept it for the following six months before giving it up. In 2010, she became the first female wrestler to compete in the Men’s Royal Rumble, and she went on to win the Women’s Championship three times, cementing her place in wrestling lore.

How Did Beth And Natalya First Met?

Natalya and Beth Phoenix first became acquainted with one another in 2010 at the Survivor Series. At the time, Natalya was engaged in a handicap match against LayCool, which consisted of Michelle McCool and Layla. Following their victory, LayCool assaulted Natalya, but Phoenix stepped in to save her, and from that moment on, fans saw the two of them teaming up in the WWE ring under the name Divas of Doom.

At TLC, they took part in their first tag team bout, which was against LayCool, which consisted of Michelle McCool and Layla. They triumphed, making them the very first Divas to ever compete as a tag team in WWE history.

During the previous two years of spam, they had completely controlled the game played by the divas, to the point where the other divas were afraid to compete against them. On the other hand, they are unable to maintain their connection when working together on-screen during their match on the 28th episode of Smackdown, which Phoenix won.

After the match, they shook hands, but Torres, who at this time in the story had established a position of authority, seemed to suspend Phoenix, blaming her for Kaitlyn’s attack for no apparent reason other than the fact that the attacker was blonde. Torres looked to have suspended Phoenix. In the middle of the match, Phoenix accused Natalya of being a blonde much like herself, which prompted Natalya to fight back in the ring with Phoenix. Following the event in question, Phoenix eventually parted ways with WWE.

In 2017, Natalya kicked off a five-year reunion by introducing Phoenix at the Hall of Fame. The following year, Phoenix made an unexpected cameo at the Royal Rumble. During the match, the Divas of Doom competed against each other, and Natalya eliminated Phoenix.

After that, Tamina and Nia Jax attacked Phoenix while she was competing in the Fastlane 2019 tournament, and when Natalya arrived to save her, the two women attacked her as well. After an episode of Raw featuring Phoenix’s announcement that she was coming out of retirement, Natalya and Phoenix rekindled their friendship and went on to challenge The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection (Bayley and Sasha Banks) for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 35. Bayley and Sasha Banks won the title.

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Beth Phoenix: Siblings

Although Beth Phoenix does have a brother, she has decided not to reveal his identity in order to respect his right to personal space.

In spite of the fact that he has a sister who is a famous wrestler all over the world, he has not made any effort to benefit financially from his sister’s notoriety. It’s possible that Phoenix Brother chose to ignore his sister’s success since the media is so obsessed with reporting on the private aspects of celebrities’ lives, including their families.

It is common knowledge that she does have a sibling of the male gender. On the other hand, it is not known whether he is the same age as or an older version of Phoenix. The early years of both of these children were most likely spent in Elmira, New York, in the United States, with their parents and other family members.

Even though she worked as a waitress to fulfill her aspirations while wrestling in the OVW in Elmira, she started her profession at a young age. She may not have been able to finish it without the encouragement and support of her parents. Even though she started her career at a young age, she finished it.

Beth Phoenix: Husband Adam Joseph Copeland

In terms of her romantic life, she has been married twice; nevertheless, the majority of people only know her husband to be Adam Joseph Copeland (Edge), who is one of the most well-known figures in the world of professional wrestling.

Nevertheless, she was previously married to former WWE star Joey Knight, from whom she separated in 2010 after nine years of being together. Their marriage ended in divorce. She eventually wed Edge, and the two of them began raising a family together. Edge just celebrated his third marriage, which has been together for more than six years and is still going strong.

Following their respective departures from WWE, the couple began their relationship. Both of their daughters, Lyric Rose Copeland and Ruby Ever Copeland, were born prior to the couple getting married in a legal ceremony.

Ruby was born in late May of 2016, whilst her sister Lyric was born in 2013. Edge and Beth Phoenix have been regarded as one of the most powerful partnerships in WWE history. At the Royal Rumble, which will take place more than eleven years after they first began dating one other, they will engage in their first bout as a tag team.

These well-known wrestlers have a good handle on balancing the demands of their personal and professional lives. After quitting WWE, both legendary wrestlers decided to continue their careers in the ring elsewhere. The NXT brand of wrestling was where Phoenix got his start as a commentator.

At the same time, Edge returned to WWE as a wrestler who was recovering from a neck condition by making a surprise appearance at the 2020 Royal Rumble in the form of his former glory days. Edge was able to do this by dressing up as a version of himself from his earlier days of success.

Adam Joseph Copeland (Edge): Career

Edge has enjoyed a prosperous wrestling career, much like that of his wife. Edge made his debut in the world of professional wrestling in 1992 with WWE, where he quickly established himself as a talented wrestler and won many titles. After a few years had passed, Edge began teaming with Christian as a tag team, and the two of them went on to win the world tag team championship seven times. They were notified and given a like by all of the wrestling fans who were active at the time. Along with the Dudley Boyz, the athleticism that they display in the ring has helped them become one of the most well-known teams in TLC.

Edge has the record for the second-most championships won in the history of WWE. He holds the record for holding the titles of World Heavyweight Champion seven times, WWE Champion four times, Intercontinental Champion five times, United States Champion once, and World Tag Team Champion twelve times, as well as WWE Tag Team Champion twice.

He also holds the record for holding the WWE Tag Team Championship twice. He is the 7th Grand Slam Champion of the WWE and the 14th Triple Crown Champion in the history of the organization. When Edge won the King of the Ring tournament in 2001, the first Money in the Bank ladder match in 2005, and the Royal Rumble event in 2010, he became the first wrestler in the history of WWE to win all three championships. This achievement made Edge the first wrestler in WWE history to accomplish this feat.

Edge was forced to retire from the WWE in 2011 as a result of his numerous neck issues, despite the fact that he had a successful career. As he delivered his final address during Monday Night Raw, all of his supporters, both those in the WWE arena and those watching him on television, wept as they watched him.

Even after he retired, he continues to astound his devoted following by making memorable appearances as a special guest at major events such as WrestleMania and other noteworthy occasions. He gives the impression of occasionally supporting the younger wrestlers who are having a hard time breaking into the sport. His upbeat statements inspire his fans to reflect on the times when he used to compete and show off his brilliance and skill by using a variety of movements to triumph over his rivals.


Is Beth Phoenix Related To Natalya?

Beth is related to Natalya via WWE. They were very close friends and were also known as the Divas of Doom.

Does Beth Phoenix Have A Brother?

Beth Phoenix does have a brother but she have kept the identity of her brother a secret. He is the only sibling of the former WWE superstar.

Who Is Beth Phoenix’s Husband?

Adam Joseph Copeland is the husband of Beth Phoenix. He is also a big name in WWE who is popularly known by his title The Edge.

Beth Phoenix: Personal Information

Profession Former WWE Wrestler
DOB November 24, 1980
Birthplace Elmira, New York, United States
Marital Status Married
Spouse Adam Joseph Copeland (m. 2016), Joey Knight (m. 2001–2010)
Children Lyric Rose Copeland and Ruby Ever Copeland

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