Britany Fernandez: Girl, 13, plunges to death after slipping from pendulum swing at carnival

SANTA BARBARA, HONDURAS: It is suspected that a safety lock was broken at a carnival in Santa Barbara, and as a result, a young girl was able to cling to a spinning fairground ride, which ultimately led to her death. When Britany Fernandez, then 13 years old, fell from her seat, she was thrown onto a metal bar, and her shocked relatives observed the entire terrifying ordeal.

It appears that the lock that was tying the teenager to her seat on the ride broke, and a clip from the incident has gone viral online. The clip can be found here. During the rapid rotation of the ride, witnesses spotted Britany hanging on the structure for dear life.

After then, the youngster’s body crashed against the metal platform below, and Britany’s head struck a railing on the way down. The neighborhood residents raced to the child’s aid, but she had already sustained a deadly blow to the skull and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

It is thought that Britany died as a result of striking the iron fence bar, which rendered her unable to withstand the fall. A memorial service honoring Britany, attended by hundreds of her classmates and friends was conducted the day before her funeral on August 16th. Britany’s classmates reportedly characterized her as “full of life, happy, and intelligent” in an article that was published in The Sun.

Estefany Pineda, a friend observed, “Britany maintained a serene demeanor at all times, and she had a really pleasant disposition. She was constantly generous to others. She had so many hopes and goals for her life; it’s a shame that this had to happen to her.

Wilmer Reyes, the headmaster at Juan Lindo Institute, where Britany studied, expressed his sorrow after learning of her passing. “Britany was a charming young lady who possessed a great deal of modesty. “We are really dismayed about what happened because she was very well loved at the school,” he said, adding that “more than 300 pupils have accompanied her family in their devastating loss.” She had played the snare drum in the military marching band, he said. “We are really dismayed about what happened because she was very well loved at the school,” he said.

The headmaster demanded that the operators of the fairground be subjected to severe punishment and urged for improved safety procedures to ensure that accidents of this nature will never happen again. Reyes stated that “we ask that these types of fairground attractions have more security measures in order to prevent tragedies like this from happening again in the future.”

It has been reported by the local media that the fairground has been closed ever since the incident that took place on August 14th. The authorities have started looking into the matter, but there have been no arrests made as of yet. The Police Directorate of Investigations has been tasked with investigating the matter so that evidence may be gathered and it can be decided whether or not criminal action is necessary. A representative from the Santa Barbara Police Department named Jesus Pineda stated that “from the early investigations, it was concluded that Britany’s death was accidental.” On the ride, the young girl accidentally hit a platform, which resulted in her passing away at once.

In the meantime, the owners of the fairground ride placed blame on the girl’s parents while speaking to a local television station. They reported that “the small child climbed up without her parents accompanying her, and she passed out.” We are not to blame because all of our business operations are legal.”

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