Bunny Campione: Who is she? Know about his Bio,Wiki and family details

Bunny Campione: Who is she? Know about his Bio,Wiki and family details

Bunny Campione is an English antique specialist and fine art consultant. She appeared prominently in the BBC channel reality television show Antiques Roadshow.

She used to give amazing prices to her customers and knew the true value of the antiques she purchased. A Steiff teddy clown was one of her most memorable finds.

Bunny discovered a rare Steiff bear at the Mount Stuart Roadshow in 2003. In 1926, a limited quantity of these clown bears were manufactured. Unfortunately, just a few of them were still in good shape. So when the doll’s owner found out it was worth £20,000, he was overjoyed.

Bunny Campione
Bunny Campione

What Is Bunny Campione’s Condition now?

Bunny Campione’s has vanished from public view on the internet. Her fans think that the 76-year-old antique collector has become seriously unwell. However, there was no news of her being ill or experiencing health difficulties while she was on the show.

Until we saw her on television, she had successfully reconciled her personal and professional lives. She was a diligent worker who kept herself busy most of the time. By 1993, she had been with Sotheby’s for more than two decades. She began her career in the furniture department before moving on to the collectors.

She is also interested in giving talks and holding seminars. Campione is also a writer who has written several antiques-related pieces. She is also not visible in the public because she may be enjoying her retirement with her cherished companion.

Bunny Campione’s  Net Worth

As an antique collector, Campione is anticipated to have a net worth of $800,000 to $3 million. However, much clear information remains unknown because she has kept it confidential up to this point.

The antique expert may make a lot of money from the BBC television show Antiques Roadshow. She first appeared on the show in 1985. She may have paid well and benefited from the television series because she has been on it for almost three decades.

She also runs her own business, Campione Fine Art, where she buys and sells antiques on behalf of clients. Her other passions include automata, birdcages, dollhouses, miniature and early furniture, corkscrews, soft toys, and dolls.

Furthermore, she had earned more than simply money throughout the course of her decades-long career. Campione also obtained a large number of fans and networks, which may have aided her personal and professional development. She is also fluent in other languages, including Greek, Italian, and French.

Bunny Campione
Bunny Campione

Who is Iain Grahame?

Bunny Campione is married to Iain Grahame, whom she adores. On July 7, 2002, the couple married. However, much information about their relationship is not available on the internet. However, the couple is claimed to live at a wildlife reserve in Suffolk.

Furthermore, the couple appears to be working jointly in certain texts. Images of the elderly couple have circulated on the internet. So far, the couple appears to be doing well and appears to be content with one other. She started their family as well, and they had two biological sons, a stepson, and a daughter.

Her Family, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Bunny Campione has been working in the antiques and fine art business for almost three decades, having developed an early interest in antiques. She has also served as a consultant on various specialised books and has contributed to antique magazines on a regular basis.

Bunny Campione is a British antique expert best known for her appearances on the BBC TV show Antiques Roadshow. For over three decades, she has run her own antiques and fine art consultancy.

She is the child of Francis Colborne Fisher and Iris Fisher. Her father was a Squadron Leader from Mudeford, Hampshire.

She is also the niece of British actor Stewart Granger. She idolized him and decided at the age of seven that she wanted to be an actress.

Campione attended secretarial college to further her education. She also attended a university in France.

Bunny began her work in antiques on the front counter of Sotheby’s auction house after graduating from college. She then worked as a secretary in the silver department before moving on to the furniture department.

She spent nearly 23 years with Sotheby’s until retiring in 1996. Similarly, between 1997 and 2002, she worked as a senior consultant at Christie’s. For a year, she worked at the Bear Lane Gallery in Oxford.

In 1985, Bunny joined the team of experts on The Antiques Roadshow. She has currently made multiple appearances on the long-running BBC TV show.

She has also been running her own business, Campione Fine Art, since 1988. The organization does valuations , purchases and sales of antiquities on behalf of its clients.

Bunny Campione has amassed a sizable net worth through her antiques and fine art company over the years.

In truth, she had previously earned a lot of money through her many professions. Her net worth is in the millions, but the exact sum is under consideration.

 The seasoned antiques expert is a married woman. She has been married to Iain Grahame since July 7, 2002.

Iain (born Iain Claverhouse) is her husband and an antiquarian book merchant. She is the mother of two sons. Her first spouse’s identity is unknown, but her husband was previously married and had a son and a daughter.

Bunny currently lives in a luxurious house in Suffolk with her husband and sons.

 Interesting Facts of Bunny Campione

Bunny is multilingual, speaking French, Italian, and Greek.

She enjoys painting, beekeeping, Bridge, tennis, skiing, salmon fishing, and other activities when she is not working.

She was given a coat with a hood and bunny ears and was given the moniker “Bunny” at a young age.

She has played herself in the television programmes The Vicar of Dibley (1994) and British Passions on Film (2012).

 Bunny’s availability

Bunny Campione, dubbed “the Michelle Pfieffer of the antiques industry” by Derek Nimmo, is well-known for her numerous appearances on “The Antiques Roadshow,” one of the BBC’s longest-running and most popular shows. She joined the expert team in 1985 and, as the team member in charge of the entire range of objects under the intimidating term of “Miscellaneous,” her knowledge has been fully tested.

She has been involved with the world of antiques for almost 40 years, beginning at Sotheby’s main reception desk before moving on to the silver and subsequently the furniture sections. In 1981, she launched their first doll and automaton department, and in 1982, she held the first-ever teddy bear auction. Yearly world auction records for teddy bears and dolls followed, culminating in the still unrivaled world auction record of £188,000 for a German bisque doll from 1909 unearthed and sold by her in 1994.

Bunny left Sotheby’s full-time job in 1988 to start her own Fine Art and Antiques Consultancy, where she valued, bought, and sold antiques on behalf of clients. She worked as a consultant for Sotheby’s until the end of 1996, and then moved on to Christie’s as a Senior Consultant until 2002, while continuing running her own firm.

Bunny is fluent in French, Italian, and Greek. Painting, beekeeping, Bridge, tennis, skiing, salmon fishing, bird watching, cooking, classical music, and opera are among her interests. She lives on a nature reserve in Suffolk with her husband, antiquarian book merchant Iain Grahame, and has two sons, a stepson and daughter, two grandsons, and six step-grandchildren.

She has authored numerous articles and served as a consultant on several specialty publications, in addition to routinely contributing to antiques journals.

She appreciates the challenge of charity auctions, where she finds it especially rewarding to extract huge bids for important organizations. Her little proclivity for malapropisms can make her conversations extremely funny.

Bunny can also organize a “antiques quiz” in which guests must determine the value of artifacts she brings with her – a unique approach to have a celebrity at your event that is also a lot of fun and full of surprises.

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