Camille Hyde: Biography, Career, Parents, Dating Life And More Details Of The Actress

Camille Hyde was born and reared in Washington, District of Columbia, and she began her profession when she was just 4 years old. Her role as Shelby Watkins, the Pink Dino Charge Ranger, on Power Rangers Dino Charge brought her a considerable amount of fame.

Camille Hyde
Camille Hyde


She has been his co-worker on a number of films over the years, which has led to his enormous popularity. She will be seen on All American: Homecoming playing the role of Thea Mays (2022). The first episode of the series will air on The CW on Monday night as planned. The story focuses on Simone, a Beverly Hills native and aspiring tennis player.

After being absent from the court for a period of time, she made an attempt to reclaim her position through legal means. Consequently, Damon, a world-class baseball player who hails from Chicago, bears the burden of the entire globe on his shoulders.

In the series, you will get to see how Thea’s adventure develops from beginning to end. In the meantime, here are a few things about the actress and her life that you need to know that take place away from the camera.

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Camille Hyde: Biography

29-years old Camille Hyde does not currently have a page on Wikipedia under her name. On the other hand, her biography is available on other websites in addition to her IMDb profile. The actress has a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is equal to 168 centimeters.

Hyde was born to her mother and father on November 11th, 1993 in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, in the United States of America. She began her professional career when she was four years old and kept acting and singing throughout the entirety of her youth.

In addition to that, she was given the role of Shelby, the Pink Ranger, in Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge. In addition to that, she plays Roxy, a reoccurring character in The Thundermans, where she is a cast member.

Roxy is a student at Hiddenville High School and her best friend Maddy is almost always by her side when they hang out. The episode “Kiss Me, Nate” from the third season was the first time she was seen on the show.

Aside from that, Hyde has participated in a wide variety of other projects during the course of his career.

Camille Hyde: Family Details

Camille Hyde and her family made their home in Washington, District of Columbia, throughout Camille’s childhood. The Hyde family has always been very encouraging of Hyde in her professional endeavors.

Even though they have been seen in public with Hyde, they have been successful to thus point in concealing their true identities. Her other brothers and sisters have maintained a low profile, but one of her brothers serves in the United States Marine Corps.

The only member of her family to seek a job in the entertainment sector, she is a pioneer in her field. She served as president of the Equestrian Club at Chapman University, where she ultimately earned her degree.

Prior to beginning her career in acting, Hyde received her undergraduate degree in environmental ecology.

Facts Regarding Camille Hyde

  • The decision that Camille’s mother made to enroll her daughter in acting classes and provide her with the necessary training sparked Camille’s passion in both singing and acting.
  • She is the first actor to portray a Power Ranger who was born after the show’s initial broadcast in August 1993, making her the first of her kind in the history of the franchise.
  • Aside from acting, she is interested in a variety of other things, like horseback riding, traveling the world, cooking, and music.
  • Camille is proficient at the piano as well as a variety of dancing styles including hip hop, contemporary, pop, and jazz.
  • In Power Rangers Beast Morphers, she did not reprise her role as Shelby Watkins; however, she did end up lending her voice to the character.

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Camille Hyde: Dating Life

As of the year 2022, Camille Hyde is currently dating Connor Jean, who is a basketball coach and writer. According to a post that they made on Instagram on April 10, 2018, the couple officially started dating.

They have already made their relationship official on Instagram and upload photos of each other frequently to their separate accounts. In a similar vein, they also exchange endearing posts that are dedicated to one another.

Since she was more than seven years old, Jean has been instructing and mentoring children. He had worked at the Excel Basketball Camp, which is widely regarded as one of the premier basketball camps in the United States.

In addition to that, he formerly worked as the Head Coach of the Junior Varsity team at Harvard Westlake, which is located in Studio City. In 2015, when she was still relatively unknown in the business, she was romantically involved with Brennan Mejia. This was before she met Jean.

Before they broke up in 2016, the exes had dated for a total of twelve months during their time together.

Camille Hyde: Personal Information

Full Name Camille Hyde
Age 29 years old
Date of Birth November 11, 1993
Resides In Los Angeles, CA
Profession Actress
Years Active 2012 – present
Instagram Yes

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