Trixie Vorderman – All About Carol Vorderman’s Sister

Carol Vorderman, together with her siblings Anton Vorderman and Trixie Vorderman, is a well-known figure in British media. Carol Vorderman grew up in Prestatyn.

She is most known for her twenty-six-year run as a co-host on the popular game program Countdown, which lasted from 1982 to 2008. Carol is also recognized for her work as a columnist for a newspaper and as a purported author of books on nutrition and education.

Carol is the host of the annual Pride of Britain awards and has written multiple books on the subject of detox diets. Her professional life began in 1982 when she became a contestant on the game show Countdown on Channel 4. From its inception in 1982 until Richard Whiteley’s passing in 2005, she served as a co-host on the show.

After that, she made an appearance alongside Des O’Connor and Des Lynam before saying goodbye to the show in 2008. During her time on the game show, Carol began hosting various programs for a variety of broadcasters, including The Pride of Britain Awards and Better Homes for ITV. Both of these programs are still in production.

On her social media accounts, Vorderman regularly distributes upbeat posts and positive messages to her devoted following. Her cheerful demeanor, however, belies a difficult history. She is quite close to her older siblings, Anton and Trixie, and is not shy about sharing stories about her childhood.

Carol Vorderman Sister – Trixie Vorderman

The fact that Trixie Vorderman is Carol Vorderman’s older sister has helped to make her one of the most famous people in the United Kingdom.

She is the oldest child of her Dutch father, Anton Vorderman, and her Welsh mother, Edwina Jean Davies. Her father is from the Netherlands, while her mother is from Wales. Carol, who is her sister, is the youngest of the three children that her parents have produced. The couple went their own ways three weeks after their daughter was born.

According to information provided by the former Countdown star to the Guardian, her mother was pregnant with Carol while her father was having an affair with a girl of 16 years of age. Edwina left the relationship after learning about the affair while her newborn child was three weeks old.

After that, Edwina relocated the group to Prestatyn, which is located in Denbighshire, North Wales. Edwina was a single parent when Trixie and her siblings were growing up, so she took her family back to her childhood home.

In 1970, Trixie’s mum tied the knot with an Italian named Armido Rizzi. After spending a decade together, the couple decided to go their separate ways. In the early 1990s, her father’s first wife passed away, and he later married another woman.

How Old Is Trixie Vorderman?

Trixie Vorderman has a sister named Carol Vorderman who is ten years younger than she is, which makes Trixie Vorderman seventy-one years old.

Carol was the last child to be born to her parents, Tony Vorderman and Edvina Davies. She was born on December 24, 1960, in Bedford, which is located in the United Kingdom. Her mother relocated the family to Prestatyn following the breakup of her marriage to her daughter’s father.

Anton Vorderman, Trixie’s younger brother, has reached the ripe old age of 69 years old. He is two years younger than Trixie and eight years older than Carol, making him Trixie’s younger brother. The siblings have an exceptionally strong bond with one another.

The Blessed Edward Jones Catholic High School welcomed Carol as a student. She began her education in the field of engineering at Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge in 1978. The well-known figure on television graduated in the middle of her class and left the university.

The former Countdown star did not begin researching her family tree on her Dutch ancestry until 2007. After that, she learned that her father had served as a member of the Dutch residence throughout the time that it was occupied by the Nazis. Unfortunately, Tony passed away while they were still filming the program.

Photos: Where Is Carol’s Sister Trixie Vorderman Now?

In contrast to her well-known sister Carol Vorderman, Trixie Vorderman has never shown any interest in pursuing a public profile.

Recent images from Carol’s Instagram account show that she is in fine form. She posed for a provocative photo on Instagram stories while having fun at a luxurious fitness retreat in Portugal, and she shared a picture that defied her years by showing off her youthful appearance.

The woman, who is 61 years old, showed off her well-known curves while swimming in a black and pink cropped swimming top and matching pants. The star of Countdown is currently spending her vacation time at a fitness retreat located at Juicy Oasis.

She is also on TikTok, and she has encouraged her followers to join her there so that they can have a great time using the video-sharing app by posting brief videos on social media.

In October of 2021, Carol’s bog brother Anton Vorderman accompanied her to the Pride of Britain awards ceremony, where they were also joined by Cameron and Katie, Carol’s children. Before moving to Thailand for medical treatment, Anton was a resident of the Netherlands.

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