Charles Cullen’s Parents: Information Regarding Meme Cullen And Florence Cullen

Who Are Charles Cullen’s Mother and Father? Discover Information Regarding Meme Cullen And Florence Cullen

Fans are interested in learning more about the background of the American serial killer Charles Cullen’s family. The latest medical thriller from Netflix, titled “The Good Nurse,” is based on his real-life experiences.

Serial Killer Cullen was born on February 22, 1960, in West Orange, New Jersey. He was the eighth of eight children and was nurtured in a Catholic working-class household. Cullen is known as a serial killer.

Charles’s bus driver father, meme, passed away on September 17, 1960, when Charles was just seven months old; years later, Cullen described to his upbringing as “miserable” and said that his schoolmates and the boyfriends of his sisters abused him frequently.

His first attempt at ending his life came when he was just nine years old, and it involved his taking chemicals from a science kit. Florence Cullen, also known as Florence Cullen (née Ward), is Cullen’s mother. She was born in England, but she moved to the United States after World War II.

Charles Cullen
Charles Cullen

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Meme and Florence Cullen Are Charles Cullen’s Parents

Charles Cullen, who later became known as a serial killer, was born in West Orange, New Jersey, to his mother Florence Cullen and his father Meme Cullen. A new medical thriller called “The Good Nurse” has been released on Netflix, and it is currently based on the true events that occurred in the life of Charles Cullen, a former nurse who was convicted of being a serial killer and is accused of killing at least 29 victims.

The authorities have a strong suspicion that the real number is far higher; some sources suggest that it could possibly reach 400. Everyone who saw the series grew interested in his family’s past after seeing it.

Although he was born and raised by his parents, Cullen had negative things to say about his childhood. At the age of nine, he made his first attempt at ending his life by committing suicide by consuming substances that were found in a laboratory.

This was the first of twenty attempts of a similar nature that he would make throughout the course of his life. Later on, when Cullen was working as a nurse, he had thoughts about robbing the hospital where he worked of its pharmaceuticals and then using them to terminate his own life. In his fantasies, he would use the medications to kill himself.

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Who is Meme Cullen?

Charles was the eighth and final child to join his family in their home in West Orange, New Jersey, which was deeply rooted in the Catholic faith. While his father worked long hours as a bus driver, his mother stayed at home to raise their family.

When Cullen was still a little child, his father went away unexpectedly. Additionally, he lost two of his siblings when they were adults. His youth was marred by the violent and abusive behavior of his father, Meme Cullen. Cullen asserted that he did not have a good childhood.

At the age of nine, he made his first attempt at ending his life by committing suicide by consuming substances that were found in a laboratory. On September 17, 1960, when Charles was just seven months old, his bus driver’s father passed away unexpectedly.

Florence Cullen, also known as Florence Cullen (née Ward), is Cullen’s mother. She was born in England, but she moved to the United States after World War II.

On December 6, 1977, Cullen was a senior in high school when her mother, who was 55 years old at the time, passed away in an automobile accident.

Cullen was upset that the hospital did not contact him right away and that they burnt his mother’s body rather than returning it after her death, which he described as “devastating.” Cullen’s mother’s death was described by Cullen as “devastating.”

Charles Cullen’s Childhood

Charles Cullen’s Childhood Was Described As Being “Miserable”.

After the death of his parents in 1978, Charles Cullen chose to forego his senior year of high school and instead enlist in the United States Navy. While he was serving in the submarine corps, he was stationed on the ballistic missile submarine USS Woodrow Wilson.

Cullen was promoted to the rank of petty officer third class as a result of his work as a member of the crew that was in charge of the ship’s Poseidon missiles.

When he worked a shift once, he wore a surgical mask, green scrubs, and latex gloves that he had stolen from the ship’s medicine cabinet. He worked the entire shift.

After that, he was sent aboard the USS Canopus, which was a supply ship. Cullen made a number of attempts to take his own life over the course of the following few years. The failure of his last attempt led to his release from the Navy in March of 1984.

Married Life of Charles Cullen’s and Wife Adrienne Taub

Cullen married Adrienne Taub, who would later become his ex-wife, three years after graduating from Mountainside High School. The couple would ultimately become parents to two little girls together.

She stated in the paperwork for Taub’s divorce that he was capable of “extreme cruelty,” notably toward the family pets, whom he allegedly tormented when they defied him. She made this accusation in reference to the family cats.

Taub stated that he was generally pessimistic and reserved, and that he and his wife did not sleep together after they got married.In the documents she filed for divorce, Taub detailed one especially disturbing incident, which occurred when she awoke in the middle of the night to hear Cullen abusing the family dogs in their basement.

What Caused Charles Cullen and His Former Wife Adrienne Taub to Separate and Eventually Divorce?
When the divorce between Taub and Cullen was finally finalized in 1994, Charles Cullen was awarded joint custody of their children. This was the case despite the alarming charges that Taub made about Cullen in the divorce documents.

The following passage from The Morning Call states that Cullen was able to skilfully mask his more sinister tendencies when it was required to do so. During the process of his divorce, Cullen was represented by divorce attorney Seth Levine, who recalled him as a pleasant, hardworking, and loving parent. Cullen was regarded as having gone through the divorce amicably.

“My heart goes out to Charlie, as well as to the families of the other people who were hurt in this tragedy. I find it difficult to trust what I’m hearing about what he did based on what I’ve heard about it “Levine declared.

Karin Ziemba, who lived next door to Cullen and prevented him from committing suicide in the year 2000, recalls seeing drawings made by Cullen’s children while he was going through the divorce process and living in his apartment.

Charles Cullen
Charles Cullen

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Charles Cullen’s Brothers and Sisters

Charles Cullen, the eighth and youngest of a total of eight children, was nurtured in a Catholic household that catered to the working class. When he was young, he formed strong bonds of friendship with his younger siblings. In spite of this, the main media outlets have not yet been provided with the complete identifying information for his siblings.

In 1993, Cullen stated that he had every intention of leaving the nursing profession, but that he was forced to keep working because he was required to pay child support by the court.

In March of 1993, he broke into the home of a coworker while she and her young son were asleep, but he did not wake them up. After that, Cullen started harassing her by calling her nonstop, leaving a number of voicemails, and following her around the city and her place of work. Cullen ultimately pleaded guilty to the charge of trespassing and was sentenced to one year of probation as a result of the woman’s complaint.

Cullen’s place of employment was the Morris Memorial Hospital, which is located in Morris, New Jersey. In August of 1997, he was fired from his job owing to his poor performance. After being unemployed for a period of six months, he ceased making child support payments.

Cullen left his job at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown not long after he began working there because he could not get along with his other employees.

In September of 2002, Cullen was successful in obtaining employment at the Somerset Medical Center located in Somerset, New Jersey. Cullen was working at Somerset Hospital’s intensive care unit at the time.

Cullen began a relationship with a local woman, but this did nothing but make his unhappiness worse. By June, Cullen had already been responsible for the deaths of eight further patients and had attempted the murder of a third. Insulin and dioxin remained his go-to drugs throughout this time.

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