Explained: Friendship Between Chris Moyles and Jayne Sharp

An Exploration of The Friendship Between Chris Moyles and Jayne Sharp, Which Eventually Resulted in a Falling Out Between the Two

Chris Moyles and Comedic Performances The presenter and Dave Vitty’s longtime buddy had a falling out after the presenter took a vacation with Dave’s ex-wife, Jayne Sharp. Notwithstanding this, Sharp became engaged to her longtime boyfriend Ross Neil and gave birth to a daughter on March 23, 2016. Chris Evans was one of her prior boyfriends.

Moyles is a presenter that works in radio and television in England. The majority of his broadcasts are hosted in collaboration with other radio hosts David Lloyd Vitty and Matt Park Smith. He is the host of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X.

Prior to Chris Moyles’s arrival on Radio 1, Dave worked in the production department at the station. Vitty works as a radio host in the United Kingdom. During his time at BBC Radio 1, he served as the broadcast assistant for the early morning show, which was hosted by his friend Moyles.

After some time had passed, Dave was promoted to the position of lead writer for the show and moved to the daypart drivetime slot alongside Moyles. They relocated to Radio 1 Breakfast and became hosts of the Chris Moyles Show after making the switch. They did business together for a period of 14 years, beginning in 1998 and ending in 2012.

Chris Moyles
Chris Moyles

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Is There a Friendship Between Chris Moyles and Dave Vitty?

A Look Inside the Compatibility of Chris Moyles and Jayne Sharp’s Relationship Because of this, Moyles and Dave Vitty’s friendship ended in 2011 due to their falling out. It was speculated that the radio presenter and Dave had a disagreement after Moyles went on vacation with the radio presenter’s ex-wife Jayne Sharp. This was supposed to have been the cause of the disagreement.

Loudmouth While on vacation in Cyprus, DJ Moyles and comic Dave’s wife Jayne posed for a photo together. Since they publicized their intention to divorce in April of 2011, the pair had been living together. They had been married for five years and were already parents to a girl named Nicole.

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Early Life Of Chris Moyles

Jayne and Moyles were observed conversing with one another in a tavern nook in Paphos. They even converse with each other in a joyful manner and let their followers to snap the photo. Comedy During Chris’s 14 years at Radio 1, Dace served as his right-hand man. During that time, he served as his assistant in the broadcasting industry. After some time, he started contributing and eventually became a producer.

In 2011, Dave and Moyles set a record for the longest-ever continuous show by broadcasting nonstop for a total of fifty-two hours in support of Comic Relief. On the other hand, it was rumored that Dave and Jayne’s divorce was the event that set off the fallout.

Soon after they announced their breakup, the couple was photographed together on vacation with his husband. Despite this, they continue to collaborate on each and every morning show. The two of them were in a tense situation, and even the higher-ups at Radio 1 were concerned about how things were going between them.

Molyes was questioned by Marinda over the nature of his relationship with Dave. The respondent, the presenter, said that they talk less. Even regarding his current partner, he inquired about it.

Following the announcement of their divorce a month earlier, Chris Moyles and Jayne Sharp vacationed in Cyprus.
When Dave made the announcement that he and Moyles were breaking up in April 2011, Moyles immediately flew to Cyprus after the show’s break. Jayne Moyle followed in the footsteps of her brother Kieron and his wife Kerry by joining the Moyles family business.

While Mike Wash was residing in Cyprus, he witnessed Moyles interacting with Jayne in the Coral Bay pub. They had a conversation that lasted close to two hours. Mike added that the two people were sitting in the corner when someone asked for their picture, and they graciously allowed the person to take photographs of them.

Moyles, Jayne, Aled Haydn-Jones, Dominic Byrne, and Tina Daheley were the other hosts of the Radio 1 breakfast show alongside Moyles. On the other hand, when Dave found out about the friendship, things turned out differently.

It was mentioned by one of the other girls at the pub that she was Dave Vitty’s wife. Despite this, the girl anticipated seeing Dave and the other member of the group out there. In the pub, there were only the two of them. After that, Jayne returned to her house and immediately began tweeting about how much she enjoyed her time in Cyprus.

Vitty had already established that they would be getting a divorce before to the vacation. The choice to end their marriage was brought up as a topic of mutual concern by the pair. They issued a joint statement regarding their decision to part ways.


Chris Moyles
Chris Moyles


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Is There a Friendship Between Chris Moyles and Dave Vitty?

Moyles and Dave had a past relationship as pals. Moyles and Jayne’s friendship, on the other hand, began to suffer after returning from their vacation in Cyprus. In the comedy, Dave indicated that he thought Moyles and his ex-wife had betrayed him in some way.

Their proximity puts a strain on the friendship between the two other people. Even when they went on tour with the headliners of the breakfast program, Dominic Byrne and Aled Haydn-Jones, they didn’t turn up. Following the holiday, Jayne and Moyles’ friendship carried on where it left off.

The personnel at Radio 1 were taken aback when they learned that Moyles and Vitty had severed their connection. They changed over night, and things went from bad to worse very quickly. The connection that existed between them was never again the same after that.

Even though Moyles and Vitty worked together on the Radio 1 breakfast program, the two of them went out and celebrated their departures in their own unique ways. After ten years of traveling, they finally arrived at their destination on the platform in September. After attending Dave’s party in a London pub, their friends went to Chris’s party where they continued to have fun.

The employees at the radio station said that they barely communicated with one another, even when it was required. They had been the best of friends for an entire year, but after the betrayal, they decided to go their separate ways.

After that, Nick Grimshaw pursued a career as a broadcaster, and Chris took on the role of King Herod in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Even he has put out a new record, which is titled The Difficult Second Album.


Are Chris Moyles and Dave Vitty Friends?

Chris Moyles And Dave Vitty’s friendship had a fallout in 2011.

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