Dan Blankenship: Know About His Net Worth Before Passsing

Dan Blankenship: Know About His Net Worth Before Passsing

Before he passed away in March 2019, Dan Blankenship had accumulated a net worth of one million dollars.

Blankenship is an experienced treasure hunter who had spent over 50 years searching Oak Island for historical treasures and wealth. During this time, he had spent a lot of time on the island.

Alongside Rick and Marty Lagina, who played his brothers, he made an appearance in the reality television series “The Curse of Oak Island” playing the role of a man who was aware of all the fortunes and mysteries of Oak Island.

Dave, his son, decided to participate in the reality show after his father passed away so that he could carry on the legacy that his father had started. On the other hand, Dan is nowhere to be found in the eighth season of the show.

Dan Blankenship
Dan Blankenship

Wealth of Dan Blankenship

As an expert in the search for the Oak Island Treasure, Dan Blankenship had a net worth that was believed to be one million dollars.

His role on the History reality television series The Curse of Oak Island and his involvement in other business ventures were the primary sources of Dan’s wealth, which he amassed before his death in March of 2019.

The treasure hunter had a wealth of knowledge regarding Oak Island, which he shared with the Lagina brothers so that they might be successful in their hunt for antiques and treasures on the History Channel show.

Dan, a veteran of World War II, has spent over half of his life in the northern offshores of Nova Scotia. He was tenacious and brave in his pursuit of unearthing the buried wealth under Oak Island. Dan has spent more than five decades of his life in this region.

It was the 1965 edition of Reader’s Digest that sparked his interest in treasure hunting, much like it did with Rick Lagina in the episode. Because of this, he and his wife decided to leave Florida and go hunting in another state.

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Who Is Dan Blankenship

The man who was born and raised in Ohio did not put an end to his inquiry at any point, nor did he intend for the plan to do so.

Dan, who was working on the History project, had stated that “it is simply too late [to turn back].” “It’s been too late for a good number of years. In Florida, I ran a successful contracting firm for many years. I had a nice reputation and some excellent friends, but I gave it all up to come here and take a chance.”

Dave Blankenship has perpetuated his father’s tradition on the Oak Island show despite the fact that he is no longer his son.

Who is Dave?

After many years of treasure hunting with the Legina Brothers, Dave Blankenship, son of Dan Blankenship, decided to leave The Curse of Oak Island.

Dan appeared on the show to carry on the heritage of his father, who had devoted more than half of his life to the riches of Oak Island. Dan’s father had spent more than 50 years of his life searching for Oak Island’s treasures.

Dave’s father, Dan, was the one who drove him to Oak Island after he went through a difficult divorce from his ex-wife, Jane. Dan did this because he wanted to protect his son from falling into a downward spiral after the breakup.

The fact that Dave, a character who appeared frequently on the show, disappeared without a trace in the eighth season raised a lot of questions among viewers of the show. In addition, there was not a single piece of information offered regarding his disappearance.

Reddit users who are fans of the program like to believe that his absence from the show was caused by his health concerns as well as the health risks posed by the Covid 19 pandemic, which occurred during the time when the eighth season was being produced.

Dave had not provided any statements or explanations regarding his absence from the show. It has been reported that the reasons for his resignation from the show go beyond concerns about his health.

Although in 2021, Dave announced his retirement in a special behind-the-scenes episode of “Drilling Down.” The segment focused on Dave’s location because he was not to be found in the show at the time of the announcement.

The program gave the impression that Dave left the show voluntarily and was on friendly terms with the producers of Oak Island, despite the fact that there were rumors circulating about Dave’s strained relationship with the show’s creators throughout the previous year.

It has been reported that Dave expressed his dissatisfaction with the show in a comment that was posted to Facebook but has since been deleted.

In addition, the statement was given credence by the website Mysteries of Canada, which was said to have been in communication with Dave and asserted that the reason for Dave’s departure from the show was because the producers ignored his father’s contribution to the show.

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History of Oak Island

Due to the fact that very little material that has been independently confirmed exists regarding the early treasure-related operations that took place on Oak Island, the following accounts are word-of-mouth stories that date back to the late eighteenth century.
Publishers didn’t start paying attention to this kind of action and investigating the stories involved until many decades after it had already occurred. The story of a treasure discovered by a settler named Daniel McGinnis first appeared in print in the year 1857. This is the first known version of the tale. After that, it took an additional five years until one of the claimed original diggers provided a statement regarding the initial narrative as well as future Onslow and Truro Company actions.

The first inhabitants of the area told a story about a dying sailor who was part of Captain Kidd’s crew. The sailor said that Captain Kidd had buried treasure on the island that was worth two million pounds. Captain Kidd died in 1701.

The most frequently accepted version of the account of how gold was discovered states that Daniel McGinnis came across a depression in the ground in the year 1799 when he was seeking for a site for a farm.

McGinnis, who believed that the depression was in line with the myth about Captain Kidd, requested assistance from other people in order to dig. He excavated the pit with the help of two other people, only revealing their names as John Smith and Anthony Vaughn, and found a layer of flagstones around two feet (60 cm) below the surface.

However, the oldest records only describe “marks” of some kind at these intervals. Later accounts state that oak platforms were found at every 10 foot (3 m) interval, but the earlier accounts just mention “marks.”  The “tool marks” or pick scrapes on the walls of the hole were also mentioned in the different stories. The ground was obviously loose, and compared to the surrounding soil, it was not as hard-packed.

According to the account, the three men stopped the dig at a depth of 9.1 meters (30 feet) owing to “superstitious dread.” In a different take on the plot, all four of the main characters are depicted as being teenagers. In this interpretation, McGinnis discovers the depression for the first time in 1795 as he is out on a fishing trip. The remainder of the story follows the same pattern as the first, which involves the discovered logs, but it culminates with the four people quitting up after they have dug as far as they are able to.


Dan Blankenship
Dan Blankenship


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Initial Diggings at The Site

The Oak Island Association was the organization responsible for the subsequent major excavation attempt, which took place in 1861. In addition to digging two additional shafts, the previous pit was re-excavated all the way down to a depth of 88 feet (27 meters). The first one failed to hit its intended objective of a purported flood tunnel, while the other one intersected the original shaft through a branching-off tunnel at a depth of around 105 feet (32 meters). When there was a second breach in what was thought to be a flood tunnel, both of these shafts were flooded with water.

At one point in time, one of the platforms that had been installed in the initial shaft at 98 feet (30 m) fell to a lower level after collapsing. The effect led the next two platforms to fall as well, with the treasure and an estimated 10,000 board feet (24 m3) of lumber now resting approximately 119 feet (36 m) below ground level.

When a pump engine boiler ruptured in the fall of 1861, it was the first of six unfortunate deaths that occurred accidentally during the excavations. An account of the explosion can be found in a novel published in 1863 and titled Rambles Among the Blue-noses. However, the death of a character is not mentioned until 1868.  In the spring of 1862, another shaft measuring 107 feet (33 meters) in depth was dug.

This one was deeper than the first. This new shaft was parallel to and connected with the old shaft as it was used to pump water out of the original shaft to a depth of 103 feet. In addition, this new shaft was utilized to pump water out of the original shaft (31 m).

The equipment that had been utilized by the Onslow and Truro firms was recovered, despite the fact that the pumps were unable to keep up with the rising floodwater levels. [16] The Oak Island Association also undertook some work at Smith’s Cove by drilling a few shafts in an effort to close off and seal the claimed flood tunnels. This work was carried out in an attempt to stop the flow of water. Because of the tide, which eventually smashed through the obstacles that were placed in place, all of these endeavors ended up being unsuccessful in the end.

In 1864, there was one last attempt made to intersect the money pit, which ultimately resulted in the purported flood tunnels being breached once more. At this point, the walls of the initial shaft were being eroded by saltwater, and several of the workers refused to enter it. After mining engineers conducted an inspection of the original shaft and determined that it was hazardous, the firm decided to give up their efforts since they had run out of money.

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