Danny and Avis Winters: Who Are They? Know About Susan’s Parents

Danny and Avis Winters: Who Are They? Know About Susan’s Parents

‘Dateline: A Cool Desert Morning’ on NBC News explores the intricate circumstances behind Susan Winters’ passing. The 48-year-old was discovered unconscious in her bed in January 2015, and a hospital coroner later declared her dead. Her husband, Gregory Brent Dennis, provided the majority of the information that caused the authorities to conclude that she committed suicide. Danny and Avis Winters, Susan’s parents, were not persuaded, though. So, if you’re interested in learning what transpired throughout their search for justice, look no further.


Susan’s Parents Danny and Avis Winters
Susan’s Parents Danny and Avis Winters


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Danny and Avis Winters: Who Are They?

In Altus, Oklahoma, Danny and Avis Winters gave birth to Susan in March 1966. The devoted couple had already given birth to a son named Christopher at that point. Before relocating to Nevada to work for the Clark County District Attorney’s office, Susan eventually practiced law in Oklahoma. Susan later wed Gregory Dennis in August 1995; their two daughters, who were teenagers at the time of the incident, were born after that.

However, when the couple got a phone saying Susan had killed herself, everything was changed forever. Her death was first attributed to antifreeze and oxycodone intoxication, according to the inquiry. Danny and Avis weren’t very certain of that decision, though. She had two daughters, Danny said. More than anything else, she adored them. She wouldn’t have done it where it would have taken a full day to complete if she had intended to commit suicide in front of those girls.

The Henderson police did not conduct any investigations, and the Clark County Coroner’s Office simply accepted Brent’s version of events, according to Avis, who was unhappy with the way the authorities handled the case. “We were disappointed at the legal system, we were disappointed that the people in charge do not read evidence before them,” Avis said. The family decided to investigate into the situation by hiring a private detective and an attorney.

The couple also claimed that Susan had not been suicidal in the weeks preceding her death and that, during her visit to Oklahoma in December 2014, she appeared to be in excellent spirits. The parents also asserted that she anticipated a busy 2015 and had made trip arrangements to watch her younger daughter compete in cheerleading. Susan was thrilled about her oldest daughter starting college, in addition to everything else.

As a result, a ton of fresh information was uncovered that all pointed huge Gregory’s involvement in Susan’s passing. He had a drug problem and had lied about his location the night of the incident, according to the investigation. Additionally, on the first working day following Susan’s passing, George had a question regarding the life insurance policy. In May 2022, when Gregory was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in jail, Danny and Avis’ tenacity paid off.

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Where Are Danny and Avis Winter Now?

While Danny and Avis were pleased that justice had finally been served, they were disappointed that they were unable to communicate with their grandchildren. As if losing Susan wasn’t enough, Avis testified in court, “We never thought this case was anything other than a murder case because we never believed this case was anything other than a murder case. Sometimes the sadness is too much to bear, but we are confident that God is in charge and will finally bring Susan’s case to justice.

In Oklahoma and Texas, Danny and Avis made their money managing many Sonic Drive-In locations. Danny mentioned that his daughter was thrilled about the possibility of taking the family business’ legal counsel position. He stated that they were setting up an office in Nevada for her. The Winters Family Foundation, a nonprofit, appears to be controlled by the couple, who appear to reside in Oklahoma City.

Although Danny and Avis were relieved to receive what was due to them, they lamented the fact that they were unable to interact with their granddaughters. As if losing Susan wasn’t painful enough, Avis testified in court, “We never thought the case was a murder case. As a result, we lost our relationship with her daughters. There are times when despair is simply too much. However, we are confident that God is in charge and will ultimately vindicate Susan.

By managing many Sonic Drive-In locations in Oklahoma and Texas, Danny and Avis made money. According to Danny, his daughter was excited about the prospect of working for the family firm as an attorney. Additionally, he stated that a Nevada office was being created for him. The Winters Family Foundation is run by the couple, who appear to have their offices in Oklahoma City.

What Happend With Susan?

A couple in Oklahoma City who did not believe their daughter had committed suicide two years ago are now awaiting the husband’s court appearance. He was just just detained in relation to his demise.

On Tuesday, the day before his 51st birthday, he featured a photo of his daughter in an advertisement for The Oklahoman.

Police and medical personnel were summoned to the residence of Susan Winters, a 48-year-old lawyer who graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Law, practiced law, and relocated to Nevada on January 3, 2015, shortly before 7 a.m. for the Las Vegas office of the Clark County District Attorney.

She discovered Winters at the house she shared with her husband, psychologist Gregory Brent Dennis, 54, a Blanchard native who served as a defender for the University of Tulsa from 1980 to 1983. There was no breathing and the winters were not moving forward. The 19-year marriage had at least one separation throughout that time. He was parenting two daughters of his own.

According to the Henderson Police Department’s arrest release, Denise admitted to being sad and made suicide threats to emergency personnel as they worked to save Winters’ life.

Denise reportedly believed his wife may have taken antifreeze and antidepressants, according to the revelation. Winters’ pulse was monitored by medical personnel before being transported to a local hospital. Later, his death was confirmed.

According to the coroner’s office for Clark County, Vintners, a graduate of Blanchard High School, committed suicide by combining deadly antifreeze with painkillers obtained on prescription.

Later, Dennis told authorities that he and Winters had consumed alcohol nonstop the day before and that he believed his wife had infused his drink with tranquilizers. The family computer was searched by a detective for information regarding swallowing antifreeze.

She was a part-time judge in North Las Vegas, and her parents, Avis and Danny Winters, who own many Sonic drive-ins, didn’t expect their daughter would commit suicide.

No suicide note was left behind by him. According to the arrest report, neither the bedroom nor the house contained any antifreeze or medication bottles. Later that day, Dennis speculated that the previous resident may have left antifreeze behind. He proceeded to the garage and presented a detective two bottles of antifreeze, according to the report. When he returned home from the hospital, he claimed to have discovered them.

Denise’s parents hired private investigators to find their son-in-law because they were worried about him in the months after their daughter passed away. The couple sued Denise as they urged law enforcement to look into the incident once more and accused her of killing their daughter for money. The $2 million in life insurance proceeds and inheritance funds they received after Winters’ passing were something they wished to recoup.

“We were disappointed with the legal system,” said Avis Winters. “We were disappointed that the decision-makers didn’t read the evidence before them. We were disappointed that the Henderson Police didn’t launch an investigation. And we were disappointed that the Clark County Coroner’s Office simply believed that Brent did.” What did you inform them of?

In August, Dennis discovered that a grand jury was investigating something he had done. With a police search warrant in hand, Henderson visited Denise’s residence and Boulder City clinic in December. Prosecutors started questioning witnesses for the grand jury probe.

Dennis was detained following a traffic stop close to his residence at 7:30 a.m. on February 2 on suspicion of open-ended murder with a deadly weapon. Winters’ parents claim that the arrest occurred as a result of their persistence despite the fact that the matter was resolved quickly after their daughter’s passing.

Because my husband Danny and I knew Susan wouldn’t do it, no one noticed, according to Avis Winters.


Avis Winters
Avis Winters


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Early Life of Danny

He was born in Altus, Oklahoma, on March 14, 1966. He participated in softball for Blanchard High School, taking home the Class 3A state championship that year.

Winters attended OU and graduated with a political science degree. He then attended a law school there. Prior to relocating to Nevada and obtaining a position at the Clark County District Attorney’s office in Las Vegas, she briefly practiced law in Oklahoma City. Later, she entered private practice and sidestepped into the judiciary.

In August 1995, Winters wed Denise following their divorce. They were parents to two girls by the spring of 2002.

Winters frequently visited his relatives and friends in Oklahoma. She was renowned for her passion for Elvis Presley, good literature, and family. Her mother praised her for having a keen mind and a passion of running. He started working as an attorney for the family company, Winters Restaurant Group, before he passed away.

She was described as being full of life and loving her children dearly by her relatives, but her marriage to Denise was in trouble. When they split up in 2013, Denise left the house and they discussed seeking a divorce. Winters sought assistance from qualified professionals. The pair eventually reconciled.

Police officer Ryan Adams noted in the arrest record that a psychiatrist had given Winters a diagnosis of depression and anxiety. Winters occasionally discussed suicide, according to friends, but she never took any action. Family and acquaintances reported that Winters was in a good mood right before she passed away around Christmas 2014

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