Darez Diggs: Who Is He? Know About His Brothers

Darez Diggs: Who Is He? Know About His Brothers

Darez and Trevon Diggs are Stefon Diggs’ brothers. Stefon is an older brother. Aron and Porche Green are the wide receiver’s two half-brothers and sisters, respectively.

Because of the encouragement that came from their late father, Aron Diggs, all three brothers followed in his footsteps and became athletes. They paid tribute to him by allowing him to realize his dream of playing American football at the professional level.

Stefon was the first of his siblings to be born. He was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on November 29th, 1993. In the same vein, Darez is the middle child and was born on the 18th of December 1995 in the District of Columbia. Additionally, Trevon, the youngest, was brought into the world on September 20th, 1998 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He is the only boy in the family.

Darez Diggs
Darez Diggs

Meet Stefon Diggs’s Brother Darez Diggs

The American football wide receiver Darez Diggs, who also goes by the name Mar’Sean Diggs, is one of the two brothers of Stefon Diggs, who plays for the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League as a wide receiver. Darez Diggs is also known as Mar’Sean Diggs.

The eldest of the brothers, Stefon attended Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Montgomery County, Maryland, where he participated in both football and track & field. After winning the Most Valuable Player award at the U.S. Army All-American Junior Combine in 2011, he was asked to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl the following year.

After that, he enrolled at the University of Maryland in College Park, where he participated in football games for the Maryland Terrapins from 2012 to 2014 under the direction of coach Randy Edsall. In 2015, the wide receiver began his career on the professional level after being selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the fifth round of the NFL Draft in 2015.

Stefon Diggs Is Father Of Darez Diggs

Aron Diggs, the children’s father, passed away before he could see his kids mature into respectable young adults. As a result, the oldest brother was forced to assume the role of their father and be responsible for the care of his younger siblings.

Aron Giggs passed away at the young age of 39 from congestive heart failure; he was taken from us far too soon, and our sincerest condolences go out to the Giggs family. Stefon was just 14 years old at the time.

Because Darez was just 12 years old at the time, the wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills ultimately decided to attend the University of Maryland, which is located quite near to his hometown. Darez Diggs followed in his brother’s footsteps and attended the University of Alabama, where he was a member of the UAB Blazers football team. Darez’s brother took excellent care of him and helped him develop into an outstanding person, which must have pleased their deceased father, who is now in heaven.

WhoIs Darez Diggs?

Darez was welcomed into the world by his cherished parents, Aron Diggs and Renee Ricks. However, after Darez’s birth, his mother and father went in different directions and started new relationships with other people.

Renee is a hair stylist who specializes in healthy hair, platinum blonde hair, pixie cuts, and bespoke colors; she has shared her magic with clients on his social networking sites.

On Instagram, the hairstylist can be found posting under the account @iamreneechantel, where she has accumulated 404 posts. In addition to this, as of the 14th of September 2022, she has gathered a total of 2.3k followers. According to a post that she published on June 6, 2022, Diggs is her first child, and she is completely smitten with him.

Darez Diggs And Stefon Diggs Shares Different Mother

According to the information available on his profile on the official website of the UAB Blazers, Darez does not have the same mother as his brother Stefon. Rather, Darez is the son of Renee Ricks. On the other hand, the wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills was born to Stephanie Diggs; hence, they have the same father but not the same mother.

The first time the brothers met was when Mar’Sean was 11 years old, but they became close very fast. When Aron went to see his little brother at his mother’s house, his older brother accompanied him. This is how the two of them became acquainted. In addition, their dad was the one who got them interested in football, took over as their first coach, and ensured that they showed up to practice every day.

Darez Diggs’s Siblings

Diggs is one of five siblings; his brothers’ names are Stefon Diggs, Trevon Diggs, Aron McDonald, and Dimitri Ricks. He also has a sister who goes by the name of Dimitri Ricks. In a similar vein, he has a sister who goes by the name of Dalaini Workman.

However, Trevon and Stefon are not the only members of their family; they also have two half-siblings who go by the names Porsche and Aron. In addition, their mother Stephanie and Darez follow each other on the various social networking sites.

Trevon Diggs, Darez’s Brother, Is an NFL Player for the Cowboys.

American football is another one of Trevon’s passions, and he currently serves as a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

After completing his high school and collegiate football careers at Alabama and Thomas Sprigg Wootton High School, respectively, he was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round of the NFL Draft in the year 2020.

During his time at The Avalon School in Wheaton, Maryland, which he attended as a student while Tyree Spinner was his coach, he participated in football on both the defensive back and wide receiver positions. Later on, he made the decision to enroll at the University of Alabama, where he first played the positions of safety, wide receiver, and return specialist. However, during his sophomore season in 2017, he moved to playing cornerback on a full-time basis.

How old is Darez Diggs?

Darez is two years younger than Stefon, who is 28 years old, since he is only 26 years old. In Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States, his brother was born in 1993, while he was born in 1995. Both of their birthplaces are in the United States.

Diggs raises a glass to celebrate the occasion of his birthday on the 18th of December, which falls under the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac. On the same day, November 29th, the senior Diggs blows out the candle to signify the completion of another revolution around the sun. His sister also shares the same zodiac sign as he does.

The athlete received instruction from coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim while they were students at Edison-Friendship Academy. In addition to that, during his final year of high school, he was an integral part of the squad that won the city title. After completing his high school education, he went on to pursue further education at Iowa Western and later transferred to the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Darez Diggs
Darez Diggs

Darez Diggs is of African-American descent, and he is a Christian

According to a source, Diggs is a citizen of the United States and is a devout Christian; the athlete hails from Washington, District of Columbia, in the United States, and he adheres to the tenets of his Christian faith.

Darez Diggs Height And Weight

The athlete has a height that is stated as 6 feet and 3 inches tall, and he had a weight that was listed as 210 pounds during his playing years; however, he has shed a few pounds and now appears to be a bit leaner.

Diggs has transitioned from a career in athletics to one in fashion while still managing to keep his body in good shape. He does not appear to suffer from any illness or eating disorder, despite the fact that he has lost some of the fat off his face.

Darez Diggs Is An Athlete

His late father encouraged him to participate in sports, and Darez eventually followed in his brother’s footsteps by pursuing a career in American football. Darez’s father passed away while Darez was just a little boy.

As an athlete, he participated in high school football at Friendship Academy. After graduating high school, he joined the football team at Iowa Western, where he played alongside his future teammates at UAB, Stacy Keely, Malique Johnson, and D.A. Williams.

Mar’Sean Diggs is the player who wears jersey number 2, by the way (a photograph from2016 when he played for UAB Football).

Mar’Sean Diggs is the player who wears jersey number 2, by the way (a photograph from2016 when he played for UAB Football). (Image courtesy of Instagram)

2015 was the year in which he was named to the first team of NJCAA All-Americans, and he finished the season with a total of 32 tackles. In the same vein, he was a junior in 2017 and participated in 12 games, including five starts. In addition to that, the UAB safety went through a tryout with the Vikings in 2019, and prior to that, he was a defensive end for Morgan State University.

On the other hand, he is currently actively involved with the clothing line known as Blue Boii, which produces trendy t-shirts, sweatpants, and cozy sweatshirts. The company has an Instagram account that can be found at @iblueboii. On top of that, 5.3 thousand users have followed the account and posted photos of themselves wearing the brand’s clothing.

Partner Of Darez Diggs

She is a digital content creator as well as an Instagram influencer who uploads pictures of her lifestyle on various social media platforms. Darez is not single and has a stunning girlfriend named Sabrina.

Diggs has had a relationship with the digital content creator for some time, and the two of them have documented a few memorable memories from their time together on their respective social networking sites. Although the athlete who uses the name @marseandiggs has only published nine posts to his account as of the 14th of September 2022, he has gained 26.9 thousand followers.

In a similar manner, Sabrina can be found on Twitter with the handle @sabs0ul. However, in contrast to her sweetheart, she has uploaded 443 attachments and 198 thousand persons have followed her. They are lovers and best friends who push each other to their limits and are there for one another through thick and thin. She frequently publishes the couple’s photographs with uplifting captions; they are best friends who push each other to their boundaries.

Darez And Sabrina Have An Adorable Baby Girl

Sabrina blessed Darez with the tiny Diggs and gave birth to her baby in the latter half of 2021. The wonderful pair is the proud parents of a gorgeous little girl named Onyx E’nair Diggs.

Onyx will have her first birthday on the 29th of December 2022, which is three months from today. She is about nine months old and will celebrate her first birthday. Additionally, Diggs and his significant other are expecting their second kid together.

Ayla Reign is Sabrina’s daughter from a prior relationship, and she is also a beautiful baby girl. Ayla will be six years old this year, having been born in the year 2016, and will celebrate her birthday on the 13th of July 2021, which corresponds to the astrological sign of Cancer.

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