Booth Danesh And Avril Campbell – Where Are Darius Campbell’s Parents Now?

Booth Danesh and Avril Campbell welcomed their son Darius Campbell into the world. His mother’s maiden name was Campbell. Darius was given his last name by his father, but he later made the decision to change it to Campbell, which is his mother’s maiden name. Darius’s father gave him his last name.

Darius, who had reached the age of 41 when he was discovered dead in his residence in the United States, was the son of Booth and Avril. According to statements made by his relatives on August 11, he was discovered unresponsive in bed inside of his apartment room in Rochester, Minnesota.

That same evening, the office of the municipal medical examiner ruled that he had passed away. In addition, the investigation conducted by the police revealed that they did not discover any indications of intent or suspicious circumstances.

Since the autopsy is still taking place, they have not yet determined what brought about his passing; this must be done before they can move on. His parents, Booth and Avril, along with the rest of his family, are in mourning at the loss of their son.

Darius Campbell Was Born To His Parents Booth Danesh And Avril Campbell: Where Are They Now?

Both of Darius Campbell’s parents, Booth Danesh and Avril Campell, have lived through the ordeal of coming dangerously close to passing away. They have made a full recovery from the potentially fatal illnesses and are now leading healthy lives.

His father, Dr. Booth Danesh, an Iranian-born gastroenterology, had been given a terminal cancer prognosis ten years before to his son’s diagnosis. The prognosis given to him by the doctors was only three months.

Additionally, in 2015, his mother, a physician in Scotland by the name of Avril Campbell Danesh, was given a diagnosis of breast cancer. Despite this, both were able to make amazing recoveries; Dr. Booth’s stage 4 malignancy, which had spread to his bone marrow, was one of the cases.

He was cured by the doctors thanks to the use of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Before he was finally identified, he had been dealing with exhaustion for a period of one year and eighteen months. However, the symptoms he was experiencing were misdiagnosed as arthritis at the time.

It wasn’t until he passed out at home one day that a scan revealed that he had a large orange-sized tumor growing in his pelvis. Because cancer had already spread to his bone marrow, it was already incurable at that point.

Both of them eventually pulled through their illnesses and may now be considered to be in good health.

Darius Campbell Himself Had A Long Journey With His Illness

In 2017, Darius Campbell had his own personal health crisis after drinking tainted water from the River Thames. The water was polluted with hepatitis A. It happened while he was making an advertisement for a charity water filter, and he passed out and was in a coma for for the whole shoot.

It was later determined that he had cerebral edema. It is a disorder in which the brain swells and becomes larger than the skull that a person possesses. He had a compromised immune system as a result of an inflammatory virus that he had picked up from the Thames, and he subsequently developed bacterial meningitis.

After he lapsed into a coma, his mother Avril, who was herself undergoing medical treatment at the time, remained at his bedside and admired her son. During one of the interviews he gave after he had recovered, he stated that he viewed his parents in a different light now.

Darius Campbell’s Sudden Demise Has Left People Shocked

At the age of 41, Darius Campbell passed away unexpectedly at the apartment that he owned. His family, friends, and the people who followed his career were all taken aback when they heard of his passing.

A great number of people have expressed their condolences and paid tribute to the celebrity who passed away, including the actor Sanjeev Bhaskar, who reflected on the actor’s first appearance on his program The Kumars at No. 42.

He recalled Darius as a more pleasant and friendly visitor who had a wonderful sense of humor about himself. On social media, other famous people, such as Rylan Clark-Neal and Lorraine Kelly, have paid their respects to the late icon who passed away.

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