Derick Evans: Who is He? Know About Sandra Evans, Mr. Motivator’s Wife

Derick Evans: Who is He? Know About Sandra Evans of Mr. Motivator’s Wife

Throughout his life, Mr. Motivator, also known as Derrick Evans, who is currently married to Sandra Evans, has been married a total of three times.

The well-known fitness coach Derrick Evans is from the United Kingdom. After making an appearance on the GMTV show, which airs on the UK breakfast television in the year 1993, he became famous. He used to inspire others who followed him by hosting live workout sessions.

On November 15th, 1952, Evans was brought into this world in Manchester Parish, Jamaica. Additionally, he is 69 years old at this time. However, when he was just three months old, his single mother gave him up for adoption. The farmer in Jamaica who acts as the story’s motivator has an adoptive father named Standford Rose.

In 1962, Evans relocated to the United Kingdom (UK) with his adopted family, where his adoptive father worked as a worker. Despite this, his mother, Teresa, decided to move back to Jamaica because of the weather. During the 1990s, Evans and his exe-girlfriend Tessa Sanderson collaborated on the production of fitness and workout DVDs.

Derrick Evans
Derrick Evans

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Who Is Sandra Evans?

Sandra Evans, Mr. Motivator’s Wife, Contributes to the Success of His Enterprise.
The marriage between Derrick Evans and his wife, Sandra Evans, took place in 1996, and the couple has already been cohabitating for more than 25 years.

Her partner was active in his company, much in the same way that a motivational speaker would be.

On his social page, Derrick details the things that he and his attractive wifey participate in on a regular basis. Sandra has been given the title of Mrs. Motivator by him. The couple has a lot in common; as they are dancing and moving their bodies, they tune in to each other.

Sandra was described by Derrick as the sexiest, brightest, and most fabulously coloured escort who was always ready for action. It was a privilege for him to have her on his arm.

The family name Palmer was passed down to Sandra. She went under a different surname once she got married. The family of four currently resides in St. Ann, Jamaica, with their youngest child. The motivator splits his time between Jamaica and the United Kingdom so that he may spend quality time with his wife, children, and grandkids. Jamaica is his native country, while the United Kingdom is his adopted home.

After the passing of their younger daughter, Hadassah, Derrick and his wife have been working hard to move on with their lives. In November of 2021, when she was only 12 years old, she lost her battle with chronic inflammatory meningitis and went away.

Derrick has described the past few months as being the most difficult of his entire life in previous conversations. Derrick urged those who followed him to value each passing day, hour, minute, second, and moment by telling them to “make it count.”

Who is the Woman That Derrick Evans Has Married?

Derrick had previously been married for a total of two times. The motivational speaker is currently married to his third wife, Sandra Palmer. Despite this, the two of them have developed a deep friendship. They are able to advance in their careers together as a result of their mutual understanding.

The age difference between Sandra and her partner is five years, and she is currently 64 years old. They presently call Manchester in the United Kingdom their home. He referred to his wife by her previous name, which was Palmer.

Derrick Evans’s Family

Derrick’s wife, who is highly supportive of him in all he does, read and commented on many of his writings. Derrick is a father to four young adults thanks to his prior partnerships. In addition to this, he is usually seen spending time with his daughter and his grandchild.

Additionally, Derrick’s grandkids are actively interested in influencing others. The person who motivates others uploaded a short video in which they provided further life lessons in order to inspire people. The motivator’s oldest grandchild, RJ, is the eldest grandson overall.

Even Derrick’s oldest daughter, Carolyne, and his youngest daughter, Abigail, had some quality time with their father. The motivator’s three grandchildren, RJ, Daniel, and Karen, are all inspired by their grandfather’s work and share his passion for the field.

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Relationship Between Derick Evans And Tessa Sanderson

Tessa Sanderson, who won a gold medal in the javelin throw in the Olympics, was formerly in a relationship with Derrick Evans.

She competed for the United Kingdom in the javelin event in each of the Summer Olympics. The athlete was crowned champion at the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles in 1984. 1979 in Edmonton, 1986 in Edinburgh, and 1990 in Auckland were the years when she won the gold medal.

After the first spouse of the motivator had been divorced, the two of them began to have a bond. In spite of this, in 1990 she filed a lawsuit against various tabloids that had claimed she had taken another woman’s husband.

The High Court of Justice had decided that Tessa was entitled to receive £30,000 in compensation for the harm she had suffered. After Evans’ marriage to his ex-wife ended, she began having an affair with Evans. Despite this, the rumour disseminated rapidly, which had a negative impact on their relationship.

Tessa had previously collaborated with Evans in the production of the exercise videos Cardiofunk and Body Blitz. Only a few years were spent together in this couple’s relationship before it ended. After that, on May 3, 2010, the javelin thrower Tessa married the former Olympian Densiagn White in a ceremony that took place in London at St. Paul’s cathedral.

In addition, Olympians Tessa Sanderson and Iwan Thomas collaborated on a BBC Sport Relief Special with Bargain Hunt presenter Caroline Hawley at the Newmarket racecourse.

Early Career of Derrick Evans

Between the years of 2013 and 2017, Evans served as the head football coach at Tolsia High School in Wayne County, Ohio, where he also taught at the high school level.
It was announced in January 2017 that he would be joining the football staff of the Virginia Tech Hokies as an assistant quarterback coach.

Before Evans decided to run for public office, he was known in his community as a combative anti-abortion protester who, throughout the course of 2018 and 2019, harassed patients, personnel, and volunteer escorts at the sole clinic in West Virginia that offered abortion services.
Evans would confront individuals outside the clinic while livestreaming the interaction to tens of thousands of viewers at a time.
In addition to yelling profanities at the employees at the clinic, Evans would livestream himself yelling the workers’ names and ranting about other aspects of their personal life.
Because of his actions, the clinic erected a barrier that was ten feet high and contacted the authorities. [5] It was because of Evans’s harassment that a woman sought and was granted a restraining order for “alleged stalking and repeated threats of bodily injury.” Evans went on to violate the order, which is why the lady sought and was granted the order in the first place.

Evans also made frequent appearances in the West Virginia State Capitol, where he photographed and filmed state legislators and took their portraits. Danielle Walker, a Democratic state delegate, stated that Evans called her “satanic” and likened her support for LGBTQ rights to defending paedophilia. Evans made these statements, according to Walker.

Politics Evans served as a representative for West Virginia’s 19th district from his hometown of Prichard, which is located in that state.

During the course of his campaign, Evans found himself in the middle of a scandal that stemmed from the fact that he participated in a Facebook group chat in which homophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric was used. A fellow delegate named John Mandt, who was said to have participated in the group chat, denied authorship of the comments that were attributed to him but nevertheless indicated that he would be resigning from his position. Evans not only admitted that he had participated in the group chat, but he also stated that he stuck by his previous statements in which he referred to Nihad Awad as a “terrorist.”


Derrick Evans
Derrick Evans


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Quick Facts About Derrick Evans

Real Name Derrick Errol Evans
Birth Date 15 November 1952
Birth Place Manchester Parish, Jamaica
Mother Teresa
Adoptive father Stanford Rose
Other Name Mr Motivator
Age 69
Spouse Sandra Evans ​(m. 1996)
Children 4, including Carolyne & Abigail (eldest and youngest daughters)
Grandchildren RJ/Daniel/Karen
Ex-girlfriend Tessa Sanderson


Who is Mr. Motivator aka Derrick Evans’s wife?

Sandra Evans is the wife of Mr. Motivator.

How many times has Mr. Motivator married?

Mr. Motivator has been married three times.

Who is Derrick Evans’s ex-girlfriend?

Tessa Sanderson is the ex-girlfriend of Derrick Evans.

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