Drake Rodger: Know About Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More Of A Young Actor

Drake Rodger: Know About Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More Of A Young Actor

Drake Rodger is a young actor that was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. He is currently twenty-two years old. He made his debut in the role of Zack Harris in the drama film Murder RX, which was released in 2020.

He spent his childhood alongside his stunning sister, Hunter Rodger. As he was growing up, Drake enrolled in On-Camera Classes held in Los Angeles by Christinna Chauncey and began his training as a camera operator there. Since he was a little child, he was always fascinated by cameras and enjoyed acting.

In the year 2020, shortly after getting his first movie part, Drake appeared in the science-fiction short film Terra Beach playing the role of John. The next year, he was offered the role of Conor in the television horror-thriller film Not Alone, which was written by Lydella Jackson and Cezil Reed and directed by Lydella Jackson.

The roles of Shelly Lawson, played by Sarah Schroeder-Matzkin, Walter Lawson, played by Pat Healy, Dr. James Claw, played by Richard Lawson, and Tommy Lawson, played by Trevor Dolden, were portrayed in the film Not Alone by those actors. The viewers were highly thrilled by Drake’s performance in the movie, which was given in the role of Conor.

The plot of the terrifying film follows a family who, without any prior knowledge, purchases a mansion at a significant discount. A later discovery made by the family reveals the existence of an unseen presence in the house. The movie was first made available to the public in the United States on October 22, 2021.

Drake Rodger
Drake Rodger

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Drake Rodger’s Age

Drake Rodger, who plays Drake Rodger in the Netflix series Not Alone, was born on February 1, 1999, making him 23 years old. It was in the American dark fantasy drama series The Winchesters that he made his debut as an actor in a television series.

The Winchesters is a spin-off prequel to the drama series Supernatural that was developed by Robbie Thompson. Eric Kripke was the original creator of Supernatural. Rodger will play the role of John Winchester, Dean Winchester’s father, in the new series that is now in production.

Career Of Drake Rodger

The CW has announced that the launch of the drama series would take place on October 11, 2022. Meg Donnelly plays the role of Mary Campbell, Bianca Kajlich plays Millie Winchester, Demetria McKinney plays Ada Monroe, Nida Khurshid plays Latika Desai, and Jojo Fleites plays Carlos Cervantez in this production.

Dean tells the narrative of his parents, John and Mary, including how they first met, how they fell in love with each other, and how they fought monsters while searching for their lost fathers. In April 2022, production on the premiere episode of the series got underway all around the city of New Orleans.

On June 24, 2021, it became public knowledge that The CW was working on a prequel series to the popular television show Supernatural. The center of the story is on Mary and John Winchester, Dean and Sam’s parents. Robbie Thompson, Jensen Ackles, and his wife, Danneel Ackles, are the executive producers of the series along with Robbie Thompson.

Drake Rodger’s Height

Drake Rodger, who plays Winchester, has a height of 6 feet and 3 inches, which is quite appealing (1.82 m). The emerging star has the physique of an athlete and weighs somewhere around 80 kilograms (176 lbs).

Bio Of Drake Rodger

Drake enjoys reading, taking photographs, and going on adventures. The actor was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but he received his training in acting finesse at Andi Matheny Acting Studios in California and The Performers Studio Workshop in Florida.

In 2022, he made his first appearance on the eagerly anticipated action-adventure television series The Winchesters. Drake was overjoyed at the opportunity to become a member of the otherworldly family. He thanked everyone else who had contributed to making it possible.

In addition, Rodger is an avid follower of the long-running TV series Supernatural, which centers on the hunting of demons. The actor may casually bring up certain episodes from the show whenever the subject comes up in conversation. He has not been shy about discussing his time spent as John Winchester.

In an interview, Drake mentioned that one of his favorite episodes of Supernatural is the twentieth episode of the first season, which is titled “DeadMan’s Blood.” Even though the actor has just been working in film and television for the past two years, he has already secured a key role in a popular series prequel called The Winchesters.

The Relationship of Drake Rodger and His Girlfriend

It is possible that young star on the rise Drake Rodger does not currently have a girlfriend or is not involved in a romantic connection with any lady.

In addition, there is no record of him having been engaged in the past, and the actor has not been connected with any other famous person. Rodger is only contributing to his acting career at this point in his career as a rising star. He is excited about the prospect of grasping further opportunities to present his skills to his audience.

He has made appearances in the indie films “The In Between,” “Not Alone,” and “Murder RX,” and the film “Quiet in My Town” will soon be released. In the science fiction romance film The In Between, which was directed by Arie Posin and released in 2022, he portrayed the part of Judd.

Drake Rodger’s Movie

In the film, Joey King played the role of Tessa, Kyle Allen played Skylar, Kim Dickens played Vickie, John Ortiz played Mel, Donna Biscoe played Doris, April Parker Jones played Jasmine, and Leander Suleiman played Dr. Rita Sarkisian. Leander Suleiman also played Dr. Rita Sarkisian. The movie was made available to the public on February 11th, 2022.

The plot of the movie follows the experiences of a young woman who, despite losing her partner in the crash, manages to pull out unscathed. She is under the impression that her boyfriend is reaching out to her from the afterlife in an effort to resume their relationship.
Drake Rodger Age, a well-known actor

The actor known as Drake Rodger, who appears in the Netflix series Not Alone, was born on February 1, 1999, making him 23 years old at the time of the show’s release. His first role in a television show was in an episode of The Winchesters, an American television series that is classified as a dark fantasy drama.

Robbie Thompson, the creator of the drama anthology Supernatural, is also the creator of the spin-off series The Winchesters. The original idea for Supernatural came from the mind of Eric Kripke. Within the new series that is now in production, Rodger will take on the role of John Winchester, Dean Winchester’s father.

The date of October 11, 2022 has been announced by The CW as the date on which the drama will begin its run. This production features Meg Donnelly as Mary Campbell, Bianca Kajlich as Millie Winchester, Demetria McKinney as Ada Monroe, Nida Khurshid as Latika Desai, and Jojo Fleites as Carlos Cervantes.

Dean relates the events of his parents’ lives, including how his parents, John and Mary, met for the first time, how they fell in love with one another, and how they fought monsters while looking for their lost parents. In April of 2022, production on the first episode of the series began all around New Orleans. At the time, it was the only location used.

On June 24, 2021, it was discovered that The CW was working on a prequel series for the well-liked television show Supernatural that was currently airing on their network. The story focuses on Mary’s dad and mom, John Winchester’s parents, as well as Dean and Sam’s parents. Alongside Robbie Thompson, the collection’s executive producers are Jensen Ackles, whose wife, Danielle Ackles, also contributes to the collection as a chief producer.

Meet Drake Rodger On Instagram

On Instagram, Drake Rodger may be reached easily through his verified account, which is known by the username @drakerodger. On the network, the actor has over 9.6 thousand followers and has made 90 posts to his fan base there.

Rodger’s experience in the entertainment sector has undoubtedly contributed to the remarkable success he’s achieved on social media. She will typically keep his followers up to date on his previous and prospective television ventures as well as connect with them on Instagram.

In addition to that, the actor uses Instagram posts to promote his films in an active manner. Drake is a happy and joyful person who is able to have a good time with his co-stars, friends, and family. He also knows how to laugh at himself. Despite this, he does not hold back when it comes to sharing the joyous moments in his life with his fans.

In the forthcoming projects that Drake is involved in, he will play the roles of Brian Blanton in Quiet in My Town and Nathan Kamber in Mantra.

Drake Rodger
Drake Rodger

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Quick Facts

Full Name Drake Rodger
Birth Date February 1, 1999
Birthplace Los Angeles, United States
Nationality American
Age 23 years old
Profession Actor
Instagram @drakerodger


How tall is Drake Rodger?

Drake stands 6 feet 3 inches (1.82 m) tall.

What character does Drake Rodger play in The Winchesters?

The actor plays the role of John Winchester in The Winchesters.

When did Drake Rodger made his acting debut?

He made acting debut in the 2020 movie Murder RX as Zack Harris.

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