Elvis biographer claims legendary singer was destined to die early due to family history of INCEST!

Elvis Presley was one of the finest artists who ever performed in front of an audience, and the untimely passing of the singer left his devoted followers in utter disarray. According to the author of a biography on the rock and roll star written by Sally Hoedel, the crooner was supposed to pass away at an early age. The singer was destined to pass away at a young age, according to the author of the biography.

In her book about Elvis Presley, Sally Hoedel states that the singer’s death was caused by his genetic flaws, which were produced by incest in his family tree. This theory was presented in Hoedel’s book. According to the book, he inherited the faulty DNA from his maternal grandparents, who married each other despite the fact that they were first cousins. Elvis Presley passed away at the age of 42 after a heart attack. On the shower floor of his Graceland estate, the star of “Jailhouse Rock” was discovered in a state of unresponsiveness and lying face down.

Was Elvis Presley destined to die young?

In an interview with The Sun, Sally Hoedel revealed some shocking information, one of which was that the singer’s faulty genes were one of the primary factors behind his various health issues, which he, in turn, treated with a combination of prescription drugs. Sally Hoedel’s revelation was quite shocking. According to Hoedel, “That first cousin marriage definitely poses a lot of complications.” He continued by saying, “Elvis’ mom Gladys died quite young at the age of 46, and she had three brothers who all died at comparable ages from heart and lung-related ailments.”

Hoedel continued by saying, “So, by the time it gets to Elvis, it stops being a coincidence because there’s so much going on in that family tree.”

Sally Hoedel contended that Elvis’s mother, who passed away almost 19 years to the day before her son’s passing, had the key to many of the mysteries surrounding her son’s death. The singer’s mother saw a precipitous deterioration in her health during her forties. It is said that she developed a problem with substance usage and ultimately passed away on August 14, 1958 as an alcoholic. According to Hoedel, “Gladys has always been represented as this woman whose son became famous and bought her a huge house and she just struggled to deal with it all and ultimately died of a broken heart.” “Gladys has always been painted as this woman whose son became famous and gave her a beautiful house,”

She continued by saying, “But that’s not how the system works. Before Elvis went off to serve in the military, I believe that both he and his father, Vernon, were aware of how ill Presley’s mother was. Hoedel claims that Alpha-1 antitrypsin insufficiency, a hereditary condition that causes damage to the lungs and liver in addition to other health difficulties, was the primary cause of Elvis’ mother’s passing away.

Elvis’ maternal grandparents too suffered genetic defected diseases

Doll Mansell, Elvis’ maternal grandmother, fought tuberculosis for decades, but Sally Hoedel claimed that it was possibly a misdiagnosis and that she, too, may have suffered from a genetic defect that may have been passed down and made worse by her marriage to her first cousin. Sally Hoedel also suggested that Doll Mansell may have been afflicted with tuberculosis.

“Again, something that doesn’t make sense, but continued to be passed down the family tree and then throughout recorded Elvis history as well,” said Hoedel, adding that “This book explains how that Tuberculosis was most certainly a misdiagnosis in the early 1900s.” “Again, something that doesn’t make sense,” From this, we can deduce that Gladys is likely to have inherited two defective genes as well as a more severe form of the disease due to the fact that she married her first cousin.

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