Ewan Mitchell: What Occurred To His Face, Particularly His Chin And Mouth?

Ewan Mitchell: What Occurred To His Face, Particularly His Chin And Mouth?

Fans of Ewan Mitchell are curious about whether or not he has undergone plastic surgery in the previous years because he has a very pronounced chin and jaw.

He is currently portraying a significant Targaryen character called Aemond, who is renowned for being an excellent swordsman and a merciless warrior.

Ewan Mitchell’s character is the offspring of Paddy Considine’s King Viserys I Targaryen and Alicent Hightower, who was Paddy Considine’s second wife (Olivia Cooke).

The fact that King Viserys insisted that Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D’Arcy), his eldest daughter from a previous marriage, was his heir and established the show that a conflict is brewing between Alicent’s sons and those who support Rhaenrya Targaryen is due to the fact that King Viserys insisted that Rhaenyra Targaryen was his heir.

Ewan Michell
Ewan Michell

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What Occurred To Ewan Mitchell’s Face?

Because of his large mouth and prominent chin, many onlookers are under the impression that Ewan Mitchell has a facial deformity.

Many of his admirers have speculated that the actor may have undergone some sort of cosmetic procedure to achieve his current appearance. Some people have also inquired as to whether or not the sharp chin and mouth are deliberate characteristics that he has cultivated for the role that he plays in the series.

As for the claims that the actor has undergone plastic surgery on his face, neither the actor himself nor any other sources have claimed that the actor has undergone such procedures. In addition, the character feature of Prince Aemond is not addressed in any way in the novel Game of Thrones, and neither is it mentioned in any other way.

However, after Lucerys Velaryon stabs him in the face with a knife, the character Aemond that Ewan plays in the House of Dragon ends up blind in his left eye. After attending the burial for Laena, Aemond begins a covert acquaintance with Vhagar. Even in the presence of a full moon, he is able to successfully complete his maiden flight.

Jacaerys and Lucerys, the sons of Rhaenyra and Laenor, who are actually Harwin Strong’s children but that’s a another story, are warned about the dragon by Laena’s daughters Baela and Rhaena, who see the dragon from their bedroom window as Daemon watches from the beach.

After Aemond lands Vhagar, the two sisters confront him and accuse him of taking the dragon from their family. As he dismisses their concerns in an impolite manner, there is a scuffle that breaks out between them, Baela and Rhaena, Jacaerys and Lucerys, and him.

After Lucerys slashes Aemond in the face with his blade while calling Jacaerys a “Strong,” Aemond suffers permanent damage to his left eye. This is the reason why the older actor who plays Aemond wears a patch over his eye.

Jaw Plastic Surgery of Ewan Mitchell

There has been no formal announcement made about the actor Ewan Mitchell having plastic surgery done on his jaws. The strength of his chin, which has been called into question by some, is brought out even more by the length of his hair, in our opinion.

In addition to having a great nose, he also has a lovely curvature to the upper part of his mouth, which gives him the image of having a sort of “duck face.” He does not give off the impression of being weird; rather, he is appealing and gives off the impression of being very manly in a feminine sense.

Fans have been won over by the manner in which Ewan Mitchell portrays the older, darker, and more sinister version of Aemond One-Eye. On Twitter, viewers have praised Mitchell’s and the performances of the other cast members in the show.

During his interview with Esquire, Fabian Frankel referred to Mitchell as “the coolest dude ever.” Mitchell was the subject of the interview. He possesses one of the most beautiful faces in the world. He has a heart of gold and is incredibly kind and empathetic.

Ewan is very discreet when it comes to discussing his private life. One of Ewan’s co-stars from The Last Kingdom admitted in an interview for the year 2020 that Ewan is from the city of Derby in England.

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Who is  Aemond?

The part of Aemond Targaryen is a natural one for Ewan Mitchell to play. Aemond has already established himself as a highly interesting character thanks, in no small part, to the outstanding performance he has delivered on the show.

One of the members of Reddit posted something regarding his appearance “My theory is that he has purposefully altered his appearance to take on the “Hapsburg Jaw” trait that is associated with some inbred European royal dynasties. The family tree of the Habsburgs, who were German-Austrian and notoriously inbred, was characterised by a prominent chin and prominent facial features.”

There are a variety of further hypotheses regarding his chin. Another user penned the following: “He has what’s known as a gigachad chin. He just looks like that.” A similar sentiment was expressed by another person who said, “I would like to lift my cup and toast his strong chin.”

In the 2019 military movie “World On Fire,” Sean Bean and Ewan shared the screen together. Bean is probably best recognised for his performance as Ned Stark in the pilot episode of Game of Thrones.

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Career of Ewan Mitchell

In 2015, Mitchell made his acting debut in the short films “Stereotype” and “Fire,” both of which he also directed. After that, he had roles in the movies Just Charlie (2017) and High Life (2018), both of which were directed by Rebekah Fortune and Claire Denis, respectively.  In the year 2022, he was in talks to star in an original film for Amazon Prime Video that would be directed by Emerald Fennell Saltburn.

Mitchell had his first appearance on television in the historical drama The Halcyon, which aired on ITV in 2017, playing the role of Billy Taylor. His breakthrough performance came in the historical drama The Last Kingdom, which was shown on BBC Two and streamed on Netflix. He played the role of Osferth from the second through the fifth season of the show.

In 2019, he played the lead role of Tom Bennett in the World War II drama World on Fire, which aired on BBC One. In 2022, he had an appearance in the drama about a criminal investigation called Trigger Point. Later on in the same year, Mitchell started playing Prince Aemond Targaryen in the HBO fantasy series House of the Dragon. House of the Dragon is a precursor to Game of Thrones and an adaptation of the companion book Fire and Blood written by George R. R. Martin. The performance that he gave in the series has been praised by various critics.

Parents of Ewan Mitchell

Ewan Robert Mitchell, aka Ewan Mitchell, 5 feet 10-inch tall actor, was born on March 8, 1997, to British parents, but he hasn’t revealed anything about his mother and father, and due to his absence on social media platforms, we can’t say much about his past life, but we are absolutely sure Ewan has become a successful actor solely because of his parents and his own efforts.

Ewan Mitchell
Ewan Mitchell

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Body Measurement of Ewan Mitchell 
Weight Kg: 75.
Pounds: 165 lbs.
Height In feet: 5′ 10″.
In meters: 1.77 m.
In centimeters: 177 cm.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Blonde.
Net Worth USD 152.35 Thousand USD.



Year Title Role Notes
2015 Stereotype Scott Bamford Short film
Fire Jack Short film
2017 Just Charlie Jason
2018 High Life Ettore
2019 Salad Days Will Short film
Stalker Poacher Short film
TBA Saltburndagger TBA In-Production
TBA Stabledagger Conner Short film; Pre-Production


Year Title Role Notes
2017 The Halcyon Billy Taylor Main role
Grantchester Abraham 1 episode
Doctors Genyen 1 episode (“Free Lunch”)
2017–2022 The Last Kingdom Osferth Main role (series 2–5); 28 episodes
2019–present World on Fire Tom Bennett Main role; 6 episodes
2022–present Trigger Point Billy Washington 3 episodes
House of the Dragon Aemond Targaryen Main role

Quick Facts About Ewan Mitchell

Full Name Ewan Robert Mitchell
Profession Actor
Birth Date March 8, 1997
Age 25 years old
Birth Place Derby, England
Nationality British
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Known For House of the Dragons


What Happened To Ewan Mitchell’s Chin?

Ewan Mitchell has a very striking chin.

Has Ewan Mitchell undergone plastic surgery?

No, Ewan Mitchell has not undergone any plastic surgery.

What character does Ewan Mitchell play in HOTD?

He plays Aemond Targareyan in the HOTD.

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