Explaining The 28 Days Cycle Theory of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Explaining The 28 Days Cycle Theory of Ed and Lorraine Warren

The horror reality series “28 Days Haunted” on Netflix follows three teams of paranormal sleuths as they work to solve the mysteries of their assigned homes in just 28 days. They are required to remain on the site during this period and are not permitted to communicate with anyone outside of it. The basis of the show is based on a theory put forth by renowned paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. The married couple believes that 28 days is the optimal length of time needed to fully unlock and unravel the mysteries of a haunted property.

Unfortunately, before their passing, the Warrens were unable to substantiate their claim. However, their son-in-law Tony Spera and the detective Aaron Sagers worked together to test the theory’s viability for the Netflix programme. Viewers are naturally interested in learning more about the idea that motivated the experiment and how it played out.

Ed and Lorraine Warren
Ed and Lorraine Warren

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The Cycle of 28 Days

The Warrens are among the most well-known paranormal researchers in the world. The team claimed to have successfully resolved more than 10,000 instances, albeit to various degrees. They even founded the New England Society for Psychic Research (NESPR), a ghost-hunting organisation that is still active today, in 1952. The Warrens wrote several books about their cases and general supernatural knowledge as a result of the many cases they were involved in. Some well-known ones have been made into films over the years, including “Annabelle” and “The Conjuring.”

The Warrens developed a theory based on their extensive expertise in the paranormal field that, if correct, would completely alter how paranormal investigations are carried out. In essence, Ed and Lorraine asserted that a minimum of 28 days must pass for investigators to properly unveil the mysteries of a haunted property. They must avoid speaking to anyone outside the group during that time and work to solve the case as much as they can.

The Warrens warned that the situation would not be simple because investigators typically stay in a location for several hours or even several days before making contact with any ghosts that may be present. Such a protracted stay, nevertheless, would enrage the local supernatural forces, especially the evil ones. The separation between the worlds of the living and the thought would gradually grow thinner until it was almost nonexistent during the last few days.

The investigators’ prolonged stay within the house would not be easy because the ominous spirits would try to force the new residents to leave. The investigators will develop a greater sense of the paranormal after only a few days. The dangerous spirits will use all means at their disposal to conceal their secrets as they do further research. The paranormal forces may eventually engage in spiritual and supernatural combat in an effort to damage the investigators or force them off the site.

A final conflict between the hunters and the spirits, who are attempting to hold onto the physical world, is likely to happen in the closing days. As previously stated, the Warrens looked into numerous cases for their theory, but they passed away before the theory could be put to the test. Tony and Aaron tested the idea through the Netflix series to see how well it stands up when applied to the real world.

How Was the Theory Implemented in 28 Days Haunted?

In “28 Days Haunted,” Tony, who served as NESPR’s head during the first season of the programme, teams up with Aaron Sagers, a paranormal investigator and journalist, to examine the accuracy of the Warrens’ idea. They form three teams and send them to the three hauntedest places in the US. It’s interesting to note that until they arrive at their destination, the participants have no idea where they are headed.

The investigators know nothing about the property’s past before moving into their new home. So, in order to discover the truth, they must rely on their skills as paranormal investigators. It appears that the participants were not told the background of their assignments in an effort to prevent them from arriving with ideas or goals in mind.

The investigators were able to piece together a narrative that roughly corresponded to the location’s true history by making contact with the ghosts. Despite the fact that the three examples were very distinct from one another, the Warrens’ patterns appeared to apply in each one. Additionally, it was claimed that the activities were a reflection of the Warrens’ long-running investigation cases.

This was designed to demonstrate the validity of the 28-day cycle idea, but as with any scientific experiment, more substantial data is always helpful. Additionally, a typical person’s conviction in the paranormal has a significant impact on how authentic the entire experiment appears to them. The series might be little more than entertainment for a true sceptic, but for those who truly believe in the paranormal, the Warrens’ theory’s viability could be revolutionary.

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Childhood of Edward Warren

“Ed” Edward Warren had a largely typical childhood, except his strict and (perhaps) violent father. Ed was attacked by a paranormal being under his bed when he was a child. Despite his attempts to convince his father, who disbelieved him, he was told to face his anxieties. Ed followed his father’s advice and used a crucifix to frighten the object away.

Ed secured employment as a theatre usher when he was a teenager. There he met Lorraine, whom he later went on a first date with by taking her to a park close to the theatre. The two sought refuge in a gazebo as it started to rain, and while there, they developed feelings for one another. Later, they got married. Together, they launched a mission to aid those dealing with the paranormal, training to become demonologists and paranormal investigators.

Who Established Warren’s Occult Museum?

They established the Warren’s Occult Museum, a section of their home that was completely shut off where they kept cursed, possessed, and ritualistic items so they could never be used to hurt anyone again. They looked at countless cases before having a daughter they named Judy.

They came into contact with a particular demon for the first time during this time, and it turned out to be their biggest enemy. A demonic nun showed Lorraine a vision of Ed’s horrifying death, and Lorraine was so terrified and distraught that she locked herself up for eight days after.

Eventually, they were asked to look into a doll that was purportedly haunted. The Warrens grabbed the doll right away to lock it away after noticing the evil spirit had taken a liking to it. They were able to get the demon home and secure it in a container made of holy glass despite the demon summoning spirits to attack Ed and nearly kill him.

Where Is Haunted Farmhouse?

The two are requested to explore a haunted farmhouse in Rhode Island while giving a demonstration there. They accept and discover that the house is really haunted, but they need evidence before they can ask the Vatican for an exorcism.

They decide to do everything in their power to assist the struggling family, bringing in cutting-edge equipment, helping with home duties and jobs, inspiring the family to recall happy memories, and conducting research on the land. Ed and Lorraine join in to help defend the family’s children from the ghost’s attacks, and Lorraine even goes on after suffering an injury.


Lorraine Warren
Lorraine Warren


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Who Is Bathsheba?

The ghost of a witch named Bathsheba goes after Judy and tries to kill her with a chair after gathering all the proof that the house is haunted. They realise that the family is in too much danger to wait for the Vatican after Ed saves her. They quickly return to the house in order to prevent the mother’s spirit from killing the kids. Ed then performs a laborious but eventually effective exorcism to rid the house of Bathsheba and save the family.

Ed and Lorraine hold no ill will toward the girl and forgive her after an incident in which a friend of their daughter unintentionally releases Annabelle (along with other spirits), but manages to re-contain them. Lorraine even assures the girl that her recently deceased father still loves and cares for her.

Then Lorraine learns that the demon nun was responsible for both the mass murder that took place there and the subsequent haunting when Ed and she proceed to examine the iconic Amityville mansion. Lorraine wants to quit taking cases in order to keep Ed safe because the nun is back in their lives and has begun to display visions of Ed’s death once more. They travel back to Enfield, England to get further evidence because it is too hazardous to ignore a haunting there.

The Warrens trust the family despite the media and doubters insisting that the haunting must be a fake and remain to assist them. Ed resolves to uplift the family’s spirits by playing the guitar and singing for them after learning that the family patriarch abandoned them and took all of the records and music in order to encourage the kids to fight back against the evil haunting them. Ed saves Janet when she is under the influence of the spirit and being attacked, and Lorraine comforts her by sharing tales from her own youth.

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