Who Is Faye Yager? Wikipedia Bio And Age Of The Children Of The Underground Subject

Faye Yager established a covert network with the goal of protecting young people from sexual assault.

Michelle French, the creator of a massive underground network in which hundreds of mothers and children can hide, has Yager to thank for her mothering. Yager is the mother of Michelle French. They are protected by these networks from the alleged abuse perpetrated by both their spouse and their father. She developed a new life for herself and other people because the conventional legal system failed to stop them from doing what they were doing.

Know Children Of The Underground: Faye Yager

The events depicted in Children of the Underground were inspired by the real-life experiences of Yager, who dedicated her entire existence to defending the rights of mistreated spouses and children. The documentary narrated the experiences of the women, including Gloria Steinem and Sally Jessy Raphael, on their path to become activists.

Story Syndicate, the production company that was responsible for the documentary’s release in the United States, did so on August 12, 2022. Hulu began streaming the first episode of the new docuseries that was produced by FX and consisted of five parts on Friday. People will be able to investigate the ethical challenges presented by the network after watching the documentary.

Yager has devoted her entire life to developing the technique that she came up with in order to protect abused children and mothers by hiding them from their abusers. She established the covert network required by the mother, who believed that her children did not receive adequate legal protection.

In the series, Yagar, who is portrayed as a charismatic vigilante, had a painful history with the past with the legal system, which inspired the women to take their lives in a new direction.

Where Is Faye Yager Now?

Yager is a current member of the inn that is located in Brevard, North Carolina. She was quite active in the 1980s and 1990s, but in 1999, following the Shah Lawsuit, she decided to step aside from her work. She had to deal with the tragedy that occurred to her daughter as a result of Jones’s physical abuse of her daughter when she was a teenager.

After that, Yager made an effort to gain custody of her daughter so that she could remove her from the harmful environment. However, the court did not provide justice to the child, and the medical findings stated that French had contracted gonorrhea instead of the disease.

In the past, Yagar was accused of being cruel to children, kidnapping children, and interfering with the custody of children. Ellen Dever, Shah’s wife, became a member of Yager’s underground network in this most recent instance. Shah had to spend millions of dollars in order to locate his children, and he then sued Yager in federal court for $100 million.

Following the conclusion of the case, some began to doubt Yager’s reputation. Because of the action, she and even her family received death threats, and as a result, she decided to leave the network for her own protection. As a direct consequence of this, she managed to dodge the spotlight and avoid becoming a famous person. French has confirmed that her mother is in good health, that she is still alive, and that she is currently spending time with her family.

Previously, Yager resided in a suburban area of Marietta, Georgia, after she went on trial in connection with the allegations that she had kidnapped the children and engaged in emotional brutality toward them.

Faye Yager’s Husband Sexually Abused Her Daughter

Yager tied the knot with her future spouse Roger Lee Jones when she was still a young woman. She was married when she was only 17 years old. After some time has passed, the women finally give birth to their daughter Michelle French. French was aware of the situation in which her mother made the claim to the court. The abuse that her daughter suffered at the hands of her daughter’s father was seen by her mother.

Despite the fact that French acknowledged to the case when they were children, Jones was awarded custody. When French was only four years old, she caught a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from her father, Jones. Despite this, the abuser was able to maintain power. Following that incident, Yager was only allowed to visit her child under close supervision, and their communication was severely restricted.

When French was 13 years old, she decided to handle the situation on her own without consulting her mother. French reports the news while describing her father’s abusive behavior against her. Her entire father’s story was a fabrication, and she had always known that her father was in the wrong.

After entering the kitchen, French located a gun on top of the refrigerator and then brandished it while confronting his parent. After that, she issued a threat to him, saying that she would never let him touch her again. In the year 1990, Jones was at last handed a sentence of thirty years in jail. He entered a guilty plea to the charge of sexual abuse against other minors and paid the appropriate fine for his crime.

On the other hand, Jones never voiced any condemnation in connection with the sexual assault of her daughter French. Following the event, Yager established a complex underground network with the intention of ensuring that no other parent goes through what she and her daughter went through.

During the commission of the crime, the judicial system did not adequately protect the public. At the age of 16, French confessed to being responsible for the murder of her father. Despite the fact that French does not recall all of the episodes, she is certain that her father engaged in sexual abuse toward her over the first 13 years of her life.

There is currently an ongoing investigation into an incident of assault, and in July, Dr. Giovanni Quintella was charged with sexually assaulting a pregnant woman who was in the process of having a cesarean section performed on her.

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