Teacher arrested for ‘hiding’ teen boy in her home for days

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FLORIDA: A teacher from Charlotte High School was taken into custody on charges of kidnapping a student who had been reported missing on August 12. According to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, the information that investigators acquired from the youngster’s parents led them to the residence of the teacher. The boy had been reported missing by his family.

While the investigators were trying to locate the child, the boy’s parents provided them with information that directed them to the residence of Kelly Simpson, a teacher in Florida who is 31 years old and lives in Port Charlotte. On Wednesday, August 17, the juvenile was located by the authorities inside of her home, and Simpson was taken into custody at that time. According to a statement released by the sheriff’s office, “Investigators were able to successfully recover the juvenile who was located inside the house of Simpson.”

According to the sheriff’s office, Simpson went to an unknown area, picked up the youngster, and brought him to her house, where she hid him despite the fact that she was aware he had been reported missing and was in danger. According to the documents from the jail, Simpson was given a bond of $5,000 on Wednesday, August 17, and was charged with interference with the custody of a minor. According to a statement that was given to WFTX by the Charlotte County School District, Simpson has subsequently been placed on administrative leave from her position at Charlotte High School. This information was provided to WFTX.

The Charlotte County Public Schools issued a statement that read, “Charlotte County Public Schools takes an event such as this very seriously.” Our number one concern is to ensure the health, safety, and overall well-being of all of our kids. “The instructor who was arrested was working at Charlotte High School and has been put on administrative leave as a result of the incident. Due to the fact that the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is still conducting their investigation into the matter, the Charlotte County Public Schools are unable to comment on the arrest “, the discussion ended.

A preschool instructor from Dunedin, Florida, who is 32 years old, was taken into custody on Wednesday, August 10, after she was accused of punching and beating a young child, who is only four years old, in the head on many occasions. The woman was terminated from her position at Kindercare Learning Center, which is a preschool, after she was charged with felony abuse. An arrest document from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office states that a witness stated they heard cries coming from the direction of the playground. This information was gathered from the witness. She then went over to intervene and witnessed the preschool instructor repeatedly pounding the boy in the back of the head and the side of the head with both an open hand and a closed fist.

The witness further asserted that Richards shoved the boy, causing him to fall to the ground while she continued to beat him. She is also accused of kicking the child. The educator was eventually freed later that day after posting a bond of $5,000.

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