Graham Hancock: Know About Family details, Son(Sean Hancock) of The Journalist

Graham Hancock: Know About Son(Sean Hancock) and Family details, of The Journalist

Graham Bruce Hancock is a well-known English author and journalist. His son Sean Hancock is in charge of the “unscripted originals” at Netflix, and fans there are interested in learning more about his family.

Sean Hancock, who is currently focusing on his career in the film industry, is also the proud son of Graham Bruce Hancock. Sean Hancock was born and raised in Los Angeles.

The documentary series Ancient Apocalypse, which was produced by Hancock and will be made available on Netflix on November 10, 2022, investigates the pseudoarchaeological claims that he has made. His son Sean Hancock is the director of what Netflix refers to as its “unscripted originals.”

The contentious Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, which links climatic change at the end of the Pleistocene to a major collision of extraterrestrial objects, is one of the theories from the Comet Research Group (CRG) that are incorporated into this series. This hypothesis links climatic change at the end of the Pleistocene to a major collision of extraterrestrial objects.

Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock

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Graham Hancock’s Family

Sean Hancock was born in 1977 in the city of Oxford, which is located in England. Before moving to Devon with his family, where he spent the formative years of his life, Sean had previously called London and Kenya home.

His mother is from Somalia, which is located in East Africa, while his father is English. After Sean’s parents split when he was still a little child, Graham was the one who took care of him and reared him.

When Sean was sixteen years old, he moved to London to be with his mother, who had since remarried and had more children. Sean has lived in London ever since. After moving to a major city and meeting his newly adopted brothers and sisters for the first time, Sean went through a significant cultural adjustment.

Sean Hancock’s Career

After completing his degree, Sean Hancock began working in television as a researcher, and he has since developed a successful career in the media from those beginnings. After working as an independent producer for the previous ten years, Sean began working for the BBC in the role of commissioning editor in the year 2010.

During his four years at the company, Sean was involved in the commissioning and executive production of a number of noteworthy programs, one of which was The Revolution Will Be Televised, which was awarded the BAFTA for Best Comedy Programme.

In 2014, Sean uprooted his life and went to Los Angeles for professional reasons. While he and his wife Simone are based in that location, he maintains his employment with Netflix.

In addition, Sean’s young adult science fiction book, The Flooding, which was released in 2017, was selected as a winner by Kindle Scout. Since then, Sean has gone back and made some changes to his first novel, Trick, which is now out there for readers to purchase.

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Who Is the Wife of Graham Hancock?

His Married Life Santha Faiia Hancock is a well-known photographer, and she is best recognized for being Graham Hancock’s husband. Graham Hancock is a well-known British author and journalist. Faiia and her partner got married in 1990, and then they both launched their jobs almost shortly afterward.

She is responsible for providing author Graham Hancock with all of the photographs that were required for his worldwide bestseller Fingerprints of the God, which was published in 1995 and has sold more than 5 million copies.

Graham Bruce Hancock, a journalist and author from the United Kingdom, was born on August 2nd, 1950. The author rose to prominence in the eyes of the general public because to the fantastic perspectives he offered regarding ancient civilisations.

Hancock’s work is predicated primarily on demonstrating the relationship and link between the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerica with an earlier and more developed “mother culture,” which, in his opinion, is the source of all subsequent ancient cultures. These cultures include the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Mesoamericans.

Professional Career of Santha Faiia

Santha Faiia is a well-known professional photographer who specializes in photographing ancient religious architecture from many cultures. Both she and her partner have a keen interest in buildings with a rich history and a great need to acquire additional knowledge in this area.

The two people in the relationship are there to help one another and are connected in some way. Santha has embarked on a journey around the world, during which she has discovered and photographed the old architecture, historical people, and faces of a wide variety of civilizations and religions.

Her photography has garnered a lot of praise from other people, and it has been included in a lot of important publications like newspapers and magazines. It has also been exhibited in a lot of different places all around the world.

Graham Hancock’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the British author and journalist Graham Hancock has accumulated a net worth of 2 million dollars as of the year 2022. Graham Hancock was born in Edinburgh, which is located in Scotland, in the United Kingdom, in the month of August 1950.

It is well known that he attended Durham University and that he is known for his crazy ideas involving ancient civilizations, megalithic constructions, stone structures, ancient stories, and altered states of consciousness. He is also noted for his outlandish thoughts.

His hypothesis of a “mother culture” that, according to him, was the foundation of all earlier historical civilizations is one of his primary preoccupations.

Career of Graham Hancock As a Author

Before the year 1990, the majority of Hancock’s articles focused on topics that pertained to the progression of society and the economy.

Since the year 1990, the primary focus of the majority of his published works has been on the speculative connections that he makes between various historical, archaeological, and transcultural occurrences.

His novels include titles such as Lords of Poverty, The Sign, and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, Keeper of Genesis, The Mars Mystery, Heaven’s Mirror (co-authored with wife Santha Faiia), Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization, Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith, and Heaven’s Mirror (co-authored with wife Santha Faiia) (with co-author Robert Bauval).

In the 1996 film, “The Mysterious Origins of Man,” he appeared as a character. In addition, he was the writer and producer of the documentaries Quest for the Lost Civilization (1998), which aired on Channel 4, and Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age, which aired on Channel 4. (2002).

Entangled: The Eater of Souls, the first novel in a fantasy trilogy, was published by him in April 2010 in the United Kingdom and in October 2010 in the United States.

The book makes use of Hancock’s previous research interests, and he has previously indicated that he based this decision on the following: “What was there to lose, I thought, when my adversaries had already dubbed.

Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock

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Quick Facts

Name Graham Hancock
Full Name Graham Bruce Hancock
Birth Date 2 August 1950
Age 72years old
Birth Place Edinburgh, Scotland
Nationality British
Profession Author
Wife Santha Faiia
Son Sean Hancock


How much is Graham Hancock net worth?

Graham Hancock has a net worth of $2 million. He earned his million dollar through his career as writer and journalist.

Who is Graham Hancock son?

Graham Hancock son is Sean Hancock. He is the head of “unscripted originals” at Netflix.

Who is Graham Hancock wife?

Santha Faiia Hancock is the wife of Graham Hancock. She is a well-known photographer.

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