The Notorious Grandma Gangster Granny of Ross Smith Has Just Recently Been Diagnosed With Cancer

The Notorious Grandma Gangster Granny of Ross Smith Has Just Recently Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Gangster Granny is what Ross Smith’s grandfather nicknamed his grandmother. She is a lovely young lady who is admired by a great number of people all around the world.

He just lately disclosed the information that there were some concerns regarding her health. Grandma, who recently turned 96 years old and celebrated her birthday, is currently being cared for at a hospital.

Ross Smith's grandmother
Ross Smith’s grandmother

Who Is Grandma Gangster Granny?

Gangster granny is what everyone calls Ross Smith’s grandmother. Together with her grandson, she posts videos to Tiktok, where they have amassed millions of fans from all over the world.

On Tiktok, the pair has a following of 22.9 million people. In a similar vein, Ross also maintains a channel on YouTube, which currently has 2.69 million subscribers. They engage in bizarre behaviors such as playing jokes on others, frightening them in public, or asking them humorous questions.

Smith recounted his grandmother’s time spent during World War II working at a bomb factory in one of the entries that he wrote. She is the mother of a boy named Mike Smith, who is also the father of Ross. Mike’s wife is named Diane Kana.

On the other side, Ross played football professionally in the past and was a wide receiver for the Dayton Flyers from 2011 until 2014. At the University of Dayton, where he attended classes for his business degree, he participated in college football.

In a similar vein, he completed his secondary education at Olentangy Orange High School, where he also held the position of captain for two consecutive years. In addition to running track and playing lacrosse, Smith was a sprinter on the school’s track team.

About Known to a wide audience for being Ross Smith’s grandma and a frequent partner in the field of social media. She first made her debut on his Vine account, but later moved on to his Instagram account. She is well-known for her irreverent and edgy sense of humor as well as her willingness to participate in comedy challenges.

Family Of Ross Smith

Ross’s mother, Diana, and his father, Mike, are her daughter and son-in-law respectively.In addition to Patrick Barnes, her grandson was involved in the development of Vine.

Age Of Ross Smith’s Grandmother?

The grandma that Ross Smith has is 96 years old. On August 1st, she had a party to commemorate her birthday.

In spite of her advanced age, grandma manages to maintain a youthful appearance and make others laugh through the movies she posts online. In many of her films, she can be seen goofing off with other people and having a good time. Pranking bodybuilders and models, she can be seen in one of the videos showing her antics.

In contrast, Ross just had his 30th birthday on September 2, 2022, which was not too long ago. 1992 was the year of his birth. He and his family make their home in Ohio, which is located in the United States.

Cancer diagnosis was made for Ross Smith’s grandmother

In a video that he shared on his social media handle about four days ago, Ross Smith broke the news that his grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer. He had informed everyone that granny would be undergoing surgery to remove the cancer, and he begged that everyone pray for her during the procedure.

Many famous people, including Mike Tyson, Demi Bagby, Chuck Norris, Steve-O, and Howie Mandel, as well as a large number of other people, have sent her well wishes and expressed their affection for her through the use of pleasant words. Ross expressed how the video brought her so much joy and expressed her gratitude to everyone.

Ross has not released any additional information regarding her diagnosis. During the past four days, he has not provided any updates whatsoever concerning granny. Some of her devoted followers are concerned about the state of her health.

Is She Currently Staying At The Hospital?

Since Ross’s previous update on his grandmother’s condition, she has been admitted to the medical facility where she has been receiving treatment. That that day, she was scheduled to undergo surgery to have the malignancy removed.

Despite this, there has been no further information provided regarding her health since that time. Therefore, the only thing that supporters can do is pray that she is doing well and will be back soon.

Ross Smith's grandmothe
Ross Smith’s grandmothe

The latest Update Of Ross Smith’s grandmother’s health

Ross Smith has not yet provided any new information regarding the status of his grandmother’s health. When their followers found out that she had cancer, it shattered their hearts. In spite of this, they have been posting words of encouragement in the corresponding comments.

When Ross was still a student at the University of Dayton in 2013, everything got off to a rocky start. When he was recording himself and Granny playing basketball, she did something humorous, and he believed that it would be worthwhile to share it on the video app Vine, which has now been discontinued.

He had no idea that the brief video clip would end up going viral and receiving tens of thousands of views. After that, he continued to record his grandmother in various comedic situations and post the resulting videos online.

The vast majority of us have definitely come across videos of Granny acting as if she were a gangster (also known as “gangster Granny”), making fun of Ross in a variety of various ways, and participating in some of the internet’s most popular challenges.

Because of all of these factors, Ross Smith and his grandma have become online sensations, and they currently have millions of followers across all of their social media platforms.

How Many followers on TikTok Of Ross Smith and his grandma

They have almost 12 million followers on TikTok alone, which is the platform on which they usually publish their work. The vast majority of their films have received at least 2 million views, while several have already broken the 50 million view barrier.

Contrary to what many people may believe, having such an amazing profession online is not an easy effort. According to a study by Money, Ross can commit up to $200,000 year in order to produce high-quality content. [Citation needed]

Ross may spend over a thousand dollars on things that most people may consider to be standard fare, like as props, equipment, camera, and so on, in order to acquire just one good photograph.

It’s likely because of this that he genuinely believed that his life had come to an end in 2017, when Vine was shut down. It’s likely that actor and internet star Cameron Dallas thought the same thing at the time. In light of the fact that the majority of Ross’ popularity was located on Vine and that he had approximately 3,000 followers on Instagram, he entertained the idea of giving up on their social media career.

Fortunately, a few weeks after Vine was shut down, one of his films became so popular on Facebook that it became viral, and this helped him realize that not everything was lost. However, by that time, he had already acquired the knowledge that he needed: never put all of your eggs in one basket.

With Vine, Ross Smith learnt that things might change very fast and that, on the internet, there is no constancy. It is possible for algorithms to change, accounts to be banned, and brand deals to be difficult to get and/or maintain.

He has acquired the wisdom to regard his reputation as his most valuable asset during the course of his career. He encourages others to be persistent, to think about the long haul, and to consider ways in which they might remain relevant for the longest amount of time feasible.

A 91-year-old grandma has attained social media stardom as half of a comedy duo alongside her 25-year-old grandson.

Career Of Ross Smith

Five years ago, Ross Smith was in college at the University of Dayton when he started filming six-second videos on Vine. He had amassed a sizable following, but for one of his clips, he asked his grandma Pauline “Granny” Kana to block one of his basketball shots. And from there everything skyrocketed.

For the first three to four years, the clips were viral but not exactly profitable. Smith took some time off from his social accounts to pursue an MBA at the University of Dayton and play pro football in Europe in 2015. But he realized he enjoyed working with his grandmother, so he started pursuing it full time and was able to parlay it into a successful career for the both of them.

Part of the show’s appeal lies in their genuine relationship, said Russell Schneider, 9GAG’s head of sales and business development.

“Ross is like a young man next door,” Schneider said. “It’s very rare for us to see a grandmother and grandson grow close and have fun with each other like BFFs. It’s this cross-generational BFF relationship that makes them so special.”

Granny gets the idea that their act is a big hit – though she calls every platform Facebook, Smith noted. However, she didn’t really realize how big of a following the two of them had the first four years until Smith got her an iPad for Christmas. After that, he couldn’t hide their videos from her.

“Even when I’m walking to the plaza, which I live about three blocks away, sometimes people going by with their cars they stop and say, ‘You’re Granny!’” Granny said. “When I get to the plaza, the people in the stores they come up to me. It’s just a party at times.”

Smith is amazed by how much their act has taken off and that he could make a career out of hanging out with his grandma. The two are continuing to work on their social media videos and have a television show in development. They’re also working on raising money for Alzheimer’s research. By the end of this year, Granny hopes she’ll be able to learn how to drive for the first time. (She failed driver’s training in her youth.)

Most importantly, Smith has learned his grandmother can still teach him quite a bit. She won’t throw away milk when they go on vacation, Smith explained. She’ll put it in the freezer for three weeks because she grew up poor and “back in the day that was precious food and drink.” It’s taught him to value material things more.

“Honestly most people – and I was probably one of those people at the time – don’t have respect for the elderly,” Smith explained. “Once you’re old, you kind of go away and go to a nursing home. Doing this opened my mind to how awesome old people are and how cool they live their lives. They appreciate the small things we don’t appreciate in this fast-paced advertising industry-based life.”

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