Grandma Nell O’Brien: Who Is She? Know Everything About Her


Grandma Nell O’Brien: Who Is She? Know Everything About Her

Viewers are concerned that Diane Ladd, who plays Nell O’Brien, would depart Chesapeake Shores after being stricken with pneumonia in 2018.

Ladd is a professional American actor, film director, producer, and author. She has appeared in over 120 films and television shows, and in 1974, she won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

She also won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series for Alice (1980-1981) and had Academy Award nominations for Wild at Heart (1990) and Rambling Rose (1991).

Diane Ladd
Diane Ladd

What Became of Grandma Nell O’Brien on the Chesapeake Shores?

Nell O’Brien, aka Diane Ladd, of Chesapeake Shores, was given six months to live after being diagnosed with pneumonia. She disproved them by recovering from the illness.

Nell, the grandmother of the O’Brien family in the program, is friendly, loving, and knowledgeable. Mick’s wife, Megan, her son’s mother, abandoned him with a large number of tiny children.

Nell, who had moved in, was then in charge of the O’Briens’ care. According to Fandom, she has served as the family’s unifying factor over the years, despite its various fights and splits.

She is acutely aware of her loved ones’ foibles and errors, yet she never makes decisions for them. Instead, the grandmother lets them take their own routes, which are sometimes slower than before.

Ladd does not appear to be playing the same role, at least according to the cast list. She has historically been the family’s go-to person in times of conflict.

Diane Ladd, Where Are She On Chesapeake Shores?

Nell O’Brien, aka Diane Ladd, now lives in California with her husband, Robert Charles Hunter, where they love spending time with their ten grandkids.

Robert and Diane are not parents, although they do have children from a previous marriage. According to her Wikipedia article, the actress had two kids with her first husband, Bruce Dern: Diane Elizabeth Dern and Laura Dern.

The actress recently told Closer Weekly that when her daughter, Laura Dern, found out her mother had pneumonia, she burst into tears. Laura informed her best friend that if her mother died, she would be lonely.

Diane and her daughter Laura have begun work on the novel ‘Honey, Baby, Mine.’ The title was inspired by a song Ladd’s father used to sing to her, which she later sang to her daughter.

Is Diane Ladd Leaving The Show As Grandma Nell O’Brien?

Diane Ladd plays Nell O’Brien in Chesapeake Shores, and given her current disappearance, it doesn’t look like she will be back anytime soon.

Chesapeake Shores is a television drama created by Chesapeake Shores Productions Inc. in cooperation with Borderline Distribution, based on the Sherryl Woods novel series of the same name.

In reaction to persistent reports that she will leave the program, Ladd has claimed that she will continue to write as long as she has breath in her lungs.

She also announced on Twitter that she is now making a film. On the microblogging service, the seasoned actress stated that she was filming a terrific moment.

Chinatown (1974), 28 Days (2000), Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), Primary Colors (1998), and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are among her past cinematic roles.


The first network

Channel Hallmark

Originally published on August 14, 2016 –

Chesapeake Shores is a drama television series created by Chesapeake Shores Productions Inc in collaboration with Borderline Distribution, based on Sherryl Woods’ novel series of the same name. On August 14, 2016, the Hallmark Channel aired a two-hour debut of the series. The series stars Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Laci J. Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Brendan Penny, Andrew Francis, Diane Ladd, and Treat Williams. For the first two seasons, John Tinker served as showrunner and executive producer. For season five, Phoef Sutton took over as showrunner and primary writer.

Metcalfe announced his departure from the series in March 2021. The storyline for his character ended early in the fifth season. [4] Season five saw the addition of actor Robert Buckley to the main cast. The fifth season of the show ran from August 15 through October 17, 2021.

Grandma Nell O'Brien
Grandma Nell O’Brien

Final Season of Chesapeake Shores

The sixth and final season of the series premiered on August 14, 2022

After getting a concerned phone call from her younger sister Jess, who is remodeling the Inn at Eagle Point, Abby O’Brien Winters comes from New York to her homeland of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland. Abby’s hard work, divorce, and two young girls have kept her too preoccupied to consider the community her father established. Saving her sister’s inn from foreclosure entails not just coping with her estranged family, but also with Trace Riley, her first love whom she abruptly left sixteen years ago. He is first an impediment, but he soon becomes an unexpected ally and a second shot at love. When Abby’s estranged mother returns to town, the dysfunctional family dynamic is exacerbated.

Cast of Chesapeake Shores

Trace Riley (seasons 1–5), a singer and Abby’s first love who has returned to Chesapeake Shores from Nashville, is played by Jesse Metcalfe. Abby abruptly left Trace and Chesapeake Shores after high school, which they had to deal through when she returned.

Meghan Ory plays Abby O’Brien-Winters, a successful New York City businesswoman, divorcee, mother of two young daughters, and the oldest of Mick and Megan’s five children. After years apart from her family, she returns to Chesapeake Shores and decides to stay.

Megan O’Brien, played by Barbara Niven, is Mick’s estranged wife. Her children held a resentment against her for leaving many years ago, but she believes Mick forced her to leave. She couldn’t be near him, but she also didn’t want to move the children away from their home.

Laci J. Mailey plays Jess O’Brien-Peck, Abby’s younger sister who has purchased a rundown old inn and plans to turn it into a bed and breakfast. On the verge of financial ruin, she must rely on Abby to save her from bankruptcy.

Emilie Ullerup plays Abby’s younger sister, Bree Elizabeth O’Brien, a struggling playwright living in Chicago. Her debut play received rave reviews, but she has struggled to replicate its popularity. Her writer’s block, along with her grandmother’s illness, forces her to come home.

Brendan Penny plays Kevin O’Brien, Mick and Megan’s oldest son. In season two, he investigates alternative job options after beginning as a doctor in the United States Army.

Andrew Francis plays Connor O’Brien, the younger son of Mick and Megan who is a law student at first and then an ambitious attorney.

Nell O’Brien, played by Diane Ladd, is the matriarch of the O’Brien family and Mick’s mother. Nell became the primary caregiver for the children after Megan moved out and Mick was frequently on the road for work.

Consider Williams to be Mick O’Brien, patriarch of the O’Briens and owner of his own construction company. His wife Megan abandoned him many years ago, leaving him as a single parent struggling to provide for his family.

Evan Kincaid (seasons 5-6), a successful entrepreneur who brings a development project to town, is played by Robert Buckley.

Caitlyn Winters, daughter of Abby and Wes, is played by Abbie Magnuson.

Kayden Magnuson plays Carrie Winters, Abby and Wes’s daughter.

Del Granger, Abby’s supervisor at Capital Management in Baltimore, is played by Serge Houde (seasons 1–4)

Britt Irvin plays Danielle Clayman, Connor’s law school classmate and love interest (seasons 1–4)

Trace’s mother, Dee Riley, is played by Karen Kruper (seasons 1–4)

Lawrence Riley, Trace’s father, is played by Tom Butler (seasons 1–4)

Carlo Marks plays David Peck, the cook at Jess’ inn who she discovers comes from an affluent family; he becomes her boyfriend and then spouse.

Wes Winters, Abby’s ex-husband and Caitlyn and Carrie’s father, is played by Michael Karl Richards (seasons 1–3)

Brittany Willacy plays Trace’s bandmate and songwriting partner, Leigh Corley (seasons 1–3)

Georgia Eyles, Kevin’s ex-fiancée, is played by Ali Liebert (season 1)

Kyle Cassie plays Martin Demming, Bree’s ex-boyfriend (seasons 1–2)

Jessica Sipos plays Sarah Mercer-O’Brien, a local firefighter who falls in love with Kevin and later marries him (season 2–present)

Bradley Stryker plays John Rawl, the former bassist for Trace Riley’s band who later joins the Trace Riley Band (seasons 2–3)

Gregory Harrison plays Mick’s brother, Thomas O’Brien, an environmental lawyer (seasons 2–5)

Douglas Peterson, a widower Abby meets who subsequently collaborates with Mick in a property development transaction, is played by Victor Webster (seasons 2–3)

Mark Hall, a Nashville music entrepreneur who is interested in the Trace Riley Band, is played by Jerry Trimble (seasons 2–4)

Oliver Rice plays novelist Simon Atwater, Bree’s love interest (seasons 2–4)

Donovan Wylie, a renowned country music performer with whom the Trace Riley Band is travelling as an opening act, is played by Kent Sheridan (seasons 3–4)

Robin O’Brien, Thomas’ wife, is played by Teryl Rothery (season 3)

Dennis Peck, David’s father, is played by Malcolm Stewart (seasons 3 & 5)

Gillian Barber plays David’s mother, Deidra Peck (seasons 3 & 5)

Alexandra Peck, David’s sister, is played by Jordana Largy (season 3)

Lanie McAuley plays Emma Rogers, a bartender and aspiring singer at The Bridge (season 4)

Marci T. House plays Hannah Urso, a well-known playwright who offers to assist Bree with the specifics of her upcoming show (season 4)

Greyston Holt plays Jay Ross, a third-grade teacher and potential new love interest for Abby (seasons 4–5)

Stephen Huszar plays Luke Tatum, Kevin’s down-on-his-luck high school classmate who returns to Chesapeake Shores (season 5)

Raylene Harewood plays Margaret Keller, a paralegal at Connor’s new law firm; she eventually becomes Connor’s paralegal when he starts his own business (season 5)

Keith Dinicol plays Arthur Driscoll, a once-famous artist who has gone into seclusion (season 5)

Matthew Kevin Anderson plays Jerry Trask, Bree’s longtime high school adversary who becomes her supervisor after she accepts a teaching position (season 5)

Mandrake, Evan Kincaid’s chauffeur and personal assistant, is played by Wesley Salter (season 5)

Production of Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores is shot on Vancouver Island’s Qualicum Beach and in Parksville, British Columbia. From May through July of 2016, the first season was shot there. [7]

Jesse Metcalfe, in addition to playing Trace, performs some of the songs included in the series’ episodes. Metcalfe, a songwriter for over a decade, also wrote two of the tunes. [8]

The second season’s production began in the spring of 2017.

It first aired on August 6, 2017. Hallmark announced on January 13, 2018, that the show had been renewed for a 10-episode third season, which began on August 5, 2018.

The series was announced to return for a fourth summer season, consisting of only six episodes, at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in February 2019. A spinoff television film was also revealed at the same time.

On August 25, 2019, the fourth season premiered.

It was announced on February 28, 2020, that the series would return for a fifth season.

The fifth season premiered on August 15, 2021.

On March 29, 2022, it was reported that the series had been renewed for a sixth and final season, which would air in August as usual.

Broadcast of Chesapeake Shores

On August 14, 2016, the Hallmark Channel debuted the series. On August 25, 2016, it debuted on Canada’s W Network.

Chesapeake Shores’ worldwide streaming rights are held by Netflix, which publishes episodes on a weekly basis.

The show’s foreign rights are handled by Sony Pictures Television.

Reactions have been mixed

The New York Times’ Neil Genzlinger described Chesapeake Shores as “as well scrubbed and formulaic as they come — in other words, perfectly suited to Hallmark’s target audience.” “Fans of [Sherryl Woods’] series of novels, at the very least, will probably enjoy seeing this painfully perfect universe brought to life,” he continued.

The A.V. Club’s Gwen Ihnat graded the two-hour series debut a B, praising Meghan Ory as “ethereally lovely” and Treat Williams and Diane Ladd as “acting powerhouses.” They “may make the show worth watching, and the joyful chemistry of the love protagonists surely doesn’t hurt,” she noted.

Viewership of Chesapeake Shores

On Sunday, August 14, 2016, 1.942 million people watched the two-hour debut of Chesapeake Shores. Its largest ratings demographic was adults over the age of 50, with a 1.42 share, followed by women aged 18 to 49, with a 0.45 share. The series was Hallmark’s “most-watched in the network’s history” by women and adults in the 25-54 age group in its live plus three days (L+3) of DVR viewing during its first season, leading to its second-season renewal.

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