Greg Horan: Biography, Wife, Career And More Details Of Niall Horan’s Brother

Niall Horan and his brother Greg Horan spent their formative years in Ireland. Niall and Greg have spent the majority of their lives together because they are the only offspring of their parents and they have lived together since birth.

Niall Horan
Niall Horan


Niall Horan, an accomplished Irish singer and songwriter, has only one sibling, and his name is Greg Horan. Greg is six years older than his brother Niall, making Greg the elder of the two brothers. The age gap between Niall and Greg is six years.

When referring to his younger brother Niall, it is important to note that he became famous for his participation in the English-Irish boy band One Direction, which was formed in 2010 as a result of the British singing competition The X Factor.

Following their victory on The X Factor, Simon Cowell reportedly signed one Direction to a record contract with Syco worth two million pounds. Los Angeles was the location where the band’s first album’s recording sessions took place in January of 2011.

Horan is connected with the musical genres of soft rock, folk, folk-pop, country, pop, and indie folk in addition to pop and indie folk. His first solo album was considered to be more on the “folkier side of pop,” and it included elements of pop rock, country, and soft rock music.

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Greg Horan: Biography And Relation With Brother Niall Horan

Niall Horan, a member of the band “One Direction,” has an elder brother who goes by the name Greg Horan. Because of his friendship with Niall, Greg has gained a significant amount of fame. Niall served in the role of “best man” during Greg’s wedding.

However, as Niall became more successful on his own, their relationship began to suffer. Greg did everything in his ability to portray his brother as an egotistical individual after this matter made headlines in multiple publications.

Greg once asserted that his celebrity was responsible for the death of his sibling. So it came as a huge blow to him when Niall turned down his request for financial assistance. Despite this, Niall has been a significant factor in shaping Theo’s professional life.

On the other hand, Niall’s brother does not have a particularly successful profession. In the beginning, their relationship was one of amicability. The tremendous relationship that existed between the brothers all throughout the wedding rendered the journalists unable of uttering a single word. Greg Kelly and Denise Kelly have tied the knot.

In 2017, it was reported that Greg, who at the time appeared to be without employment, had lost touch with Niall. According to a close cousin, Greg resented Niall for his achievements and was jealous of him. That Niall had even considered auditioning for “The X Factor” was intolerable to him.

He participated as a judge on the talent competition known as Clarke’s Got Talent, which was held in Mullingar. He has always considered himself to be the only bright spot in the family’s otherwise dreary existence. After Greg was laid off from his work, Niall did not comply with Greg’s plea for assistance.

Greg Horan: Parents And Early Life

Greg Horan’s birth took place in Mullingar, Ireland, and his parents, Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher, were present. The 11th of February, 1987 was the day he was born.

However, his parents were not together for a significant amount of time because Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher had a divorce when Greg was eleven years old; as a direct consequence of this event, he and his brother spent the previous year living with their mother.

After being away from him for a year, they ultimately made the decision to move back in with him as their primary residence. Asthma had been present from birth in his brother. Niall received his basic education at St. Kenny’s National School and his secondary education at Mary’s College, both of which are Catholic boys’ schools.

Niall asserted that he gave the guitar that his brother had given him as a wedding present a shot, but he was unable to perform successfully on it. After that, Horan, at age 11, taught himself how to play the guitar by viewing tutorials on YouTube.

As soon as it became clear that Greg and Niall had a close connection, rumors began to circulate concerning the ego clashes between the two of them. On the other hand, some accounts state that Greg is an only child and that his sibling was taken away by the spotlight.

Greg was terminated by Niall when the latter learned that the former had applied for a position on the latter’s security team. According to reports, Greg’s decision to launch his career was prompted by Niall’s unending hostility.

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Greg Horan: Wife And Children

Greg Horan appears to be a very contented husband to his wife. He wed Denise in Castletown Geoghegan, which is located in the county of Westmeath in Ireland.

Due to the fact that he enjoys taking and posting pictures of his family, including his wife and children, his Instagram account contains a wealth of images of his wife. On the platform, you may find him under the username @greghoran00123.

Greg and his wife have a child that they are raising together. According to a post that he made on Instagram, they have a son named Theo, and he just recently wished his kid a happy ninth birthday in July of this year.

Speaking of his occupation or line of work for the sake of the welfare of his family, he was able to work his way into a position as a sales assistant at a company based in Mullingar despite having many disagreements with his brother on the subject. This was for the purpose of providing for the needs of his family.

According to reports, Greg has reportedly been approaching premium organizations in order to get sponsored postings on multiple platforms while simultaneously building his social media fan base.


What is Greg Horan nationality?

Greg is of Irish. He was born on February 11, 1988, in Mullingar, Ireland, to Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher.

Is Greg Horan married?

Greg got married to Denise in Castletown Geoghegan, Westmeath County, Ireland. They have a son named Theo Horan.

Who is Niall Horan brother’s brother Greg Horan?

Greg Horan is the elder brother of ‘One Direction’ member Niall Horan. Greg has earned significant fame because of his relationship with Niall.

Greg Horan: Personal Information

Full name Greg Horan
Age 35 years old
Wife Denise Horan
Children Theo Horan


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