Gregory Brent Dennis: Who Is He?Why Susan Winters’ husband, is currently missing?

Gregory Brent Dennis: Who Is He?Why Susan Winters’ husband, is currently missing?

The police initially thought it was a suicide, but information found in the months that followed suggested a cold-blooded murder. The subject of NBC News’ “Dateline: A Cool Desert Morning” is what transpired at the Henderson, Nevada, residence and the rationale behind the police’s determination that Gregory was accountable.

Gregory Brent Dennis
Gregory Brent Dennis

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Gregory Brent Dennis: who is he?

Gregory Dennis, a psychologist, called 911 at around 6:48 am on January 3, 2015, to report that his wife was unconscious in their bed. She was taken to the hospital after emergency personnel saw a weak heartbeat, but she passed away sometime in the afternoon after Gregory asked to turn off her life support. His statements to the police were largely the basis for the original determination on Susan’s death.

Gregory claimed that Susan had been drinking the previous evening and that they had fought. Gregory said that Susan was depressed and taking antidepressants. He claimed to have left her asleep at around 6 o’clock when he went out with his girls during the initial interview. Gregory said he saw searches for antifreeze poisoning on the family computer when he got back, though. Gregory further asserted that two antifreeze bottles were not supposed to be in the garage.

Domestic Violence Of Gregory Dennis

Susan reportedly claimed not feeling loved when Gregory challenged her about it, according to Gregory. He claims that Susan threatened to hurt herself and blame it on him by holding a hammer to her face when he suggested contacting 911. According to Dennis, he went to bed at around 10:30 PM, woke up at around 2 or 3 AM to use the restroom, and then went back to sleep until he discovered his wife was not breathing at around 7 AM.

Susan’s death was first classified as a suicide by the authorities, despite the coroner’s findings that she had succumbed to ethylene glycol poisoning and oxycodone overdose. However, Susan’s parents, Danny and Avis Winters, were unsatisfied and hired a private investigator and an attorney to demand answers since they believed Gregory was somehow connected to Susan’s murder. When Gregory was arrested as a result of the police’s pursuit of justice, Susan’s cause of death was later changed to undetermined by the coroner.

The family’s investigators found a ton of fresh information that supported Gregory’s identity. He was suspected of seeking up antifreeze poisoning because the search occurred on January 3 about 5:15 AM. Additionally, the data was checked up remotely, perhaps from a doctor’s office. The detectives also discovered that Gregory had hired a person to remove any future evidence of the search.

The report claimed that Susan wouldn’t have been able to get to the garage to drink the antifreeze because the oxycodone would have rendered her too unconscious; there was no sign of antifreeze in the bedroom where she was discovered. Gregory had access to oxycodone, although Susan was not prescribed it. He had been battling heroin addiction, and his wife was aware of his frequent visits to a hotel-based drug dealer.

Loads and lots of coke, Susan wrote to her pal just before she passed away. I’m still not certain that the whole coke thing isn’t a gay cover. I suppose I should look for both a NA group and a meeting for wives of gay men. Cellphone data revealed that Gregory had not spent the entire night at home as he had stated. On January 3, he left for his drug dealer just before 3 AM and came back home after around 30 minutes.

Then there was the matter of the financial motivation. After Susan went to bed, Gregory made an attempt to access her bank account. He cashed a check for $180,000 from her and her parents’ joint account a few days after she passed away. Along with Susan’s bequest, he also received a $1 million life insurance policy. Although Gregory acknowledged using drugs during their marriage, he insisted Susan had committed suicide.

Where is Gregory Brent Dennis?

According to the prosecution, Gregory killed Susan because she threatened to reveal his drug usage and because he wanted the money. They said he didn’t dial 911 until Susan stopped breathing. Gregory returned to court in January 2022 after a pandemic-related postponement. He pleaded an Alford plea of voluntary manslaughter when he was 59. Gregory was given a prison term of three to ten years in May 2022 by a judge. The two daughters of the couple, who were standing by their father, thought Susan had committed suicide. According to prison statistics, Gregory is still a prisoner at the Southern Desert Correctional Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2025, he will be eligible for parole.

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Is Gregory Dennis Murdered His wife?

Gregory “Brent” Dennis was handcuffed by a court official following his sentencing at the Regional Justice Center on May 10, 2022, in Las Vegas. Dennis, a psychotherapist from Henderson who admitted killing his wife in 2015, received a maximum 10-year prison term.

Gregory “Brent” Dennis, 59, entered what is known as a “Alford plea” in January, admitting simply that the prosecution had sufficient evidence to establish his guilt. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, defense attorneys had stated they were ready to proceed with the trial; nevertheless, it was postponed until September 2020.

The Winters and Dennis families are now divided over the case. While Winters’ parents insist that she was killed, Dennis and the couple’s daughters claim that she committed suicide.The children, who were minors when their mother passed away, did not want any restitution payments from their father, with whom they reside, according to prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo, who made this statement on Tuesday.

The daughters’ statement, which was read aloud by the defense attorney Richard Schonfeld during the sentence hearing, stated that the past seven years “have only strengthened our love and support for our dad; despite the hardships, our bond is stronger than ever.”

Schonfeld quoted from a statement Dennis had prepared in which he stated that Dennis agreed to the plea deal to save his family “the burden of a trial.”

At January 2015, Winters’ body was discovered in the couple’s house. Her death was first identified as a suicide, but Dennis was detained in February 2017 on suspicion of murder.

DiGiacomo stated that the case was “very complex with a lot of circumstantial pieces of evidence” during a court hearing in January.

The Clark County coroner’s office changed the manner of death to “undetermined” about two months after Dennis’ arrest and in response to Las Vegas Review-Journal articles that raised concerns about how Winters died. This meant that detectives were unable to determine whether it was a suicide or homicide.

Prior to Dennis’s knowledge, the coroner’s office had come to the conclusion that Winters committed suicide after ingesting a fatal quantity of antifreeze and prescription pills. According to his arrest report, investigators later discovered that Dennis had lied to police about his wife’s passing and had a financial reason for doing so.

According to the prosecution, Dennis had a cocaine addiction and would have received around $2 million upon the death of his wife, including a $1 million life insurance policy. Dennis had also looked up on the internet how long it would take the antifreeze ingredient ethylene glycol to kill a person.

Prosecutors claim that Dennis “waited for her to stop breathing” after Winters had taken the opioid pills before dialing 911. Additionally, he gave the hospital a do-not-resuscitate order for her.

Additionally, according to the prosecution, Dennis transferred funds from his wife’s bank account prior to her passing before depositing a $180,000 check into his own account.

Tuesday, Winters was praised as a joyful and wise woman by her friends and family. She was an active student athlete at school, participating in track, basketball, and softball while growing up in Oklahoma.

Gregory Brent Dennis
Gregory Brent Dennis


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Who Was Sosan?

Susan was independent from a young age, according to her mother, Avis Winters.

She earned her law degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1990. After moving to Las Vegas in 1991, according to Tyrrell, she met Winters, and the two of them later took the state bar test jointly to start practicing law.

According to Avis Winters, Susan Winters was interested in the personal and athletic lives of her daughters. Susan Winters was preparing a new vacation with her mother, daughters, and friends when she passed away.

Avis Winters stated, “Losing my daughter has caused an emptiness in my heart that can never be filled. I think about her constantly.

We love you cries from Dennis’ family could be heard as he was led out of the courthouse in handcuffs following Leavitt’s imposition of the punishment.

Helen Biddy, an aunt of Susan Winters, said the judge that the woman’s daughters, who were given the names of their maternal grandparents, have grown apart from her close-knit extended family.

Nothing can ever make what happened to Susan disappear from memory, but hopefully after today, we can start the healing process, added Biddy.

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