Ian Michael Sumner: Know About (Alexa Flutie Husband) Veteran US Marine Corps And A Football Player

Ian Michael Sumner: Know About (Alexa Flutie Husband) Veteran US Marine Corps And A Football Player

Alexa Flutie Husband Football Player and Veteran of the United States Marine Corps Ian Michael Sumner

Alexa Flutie’s husband is a former football player and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Sumner spent nine years serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Alexa Flutie, who once cheered for the San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots, is best known for being the daughter of Doug Flutie, a former quarterback in the National Football League.

She participated in cheerleading for many years, but now days she appears to be enjoying the life of a socialite mom in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

On July 22, 2015, Sumner and Flutie tied the knot at Disneyland, and they are currently celebrating their seventh year as a happily married couple. On December 20, 2021, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Brady Flutie Sumner, into the world after exchanging their wedding vows six years earlier.

Alexa Flutie
Alexa Flutie

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Alexa Flutie: Early Life

Flutie was the offspring of Dick and Joan Flutie and was born in Manchester, Maryland. His great-great-grandparents on his father’s side were immigrants from Lebanon.

When he was six years old, his family uprooted and relocated to Melbourne Beach, Florida. There, his father found employment as a quality engineer in the aerospace sector.

During his time at Hoover Junior High School, Flutie was the head football coach and guided the school’s team to two Brevard County Championships.

The Flutie family relocated once more in 1976, this time to Natick, Massachusetts, which is located 10 miles west of Boston.

This transfer came when the space program had a significant slowdown in the middle of the 1970s. Flutie received his high school diploma from Natick High School, where he excelled in three sports—baseball, basketball, and football—enough to earn All-League honors.

Alexa Flutie: Husband

Ian Sumner, who is married to Alexa Flutie, served in the United States Marine Corps and participated in four combat tours throughout his time there.

Between the years 2006 and 2015, he served tours of duty three times in Afghanistan, once in Iraq, and once in Bahrain. Since Sumner was serving in the military at the height of the Iraq War and stationed in the middle east, he was exposed to a great deal of combat.

The highest rank that Sumner was able to achieve was that of staff sergeant. His mission was to assist the ground troops with aerial support while flying in C-130s as part of his duty. During an interview with News 13, Florida, Ian was quoted as saying, “They were our number 1 mission.”

After marrying his new wife and starting a family in Florida in 2015, Ian decided to leave the Marine Corps to devote his time and energy to his new family.

Following his time in the service, Sumner participated in collegiate football and worked in real estate. He claims that his time spent in the military as well as his work experience in demanding environments have prepared him well for these professional domains.

Alexa Flutie
Alexa Flutie

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Alexa Flutie Age

The year 2022 brings Alexa Flutie’s age up to 34 years old.

It is unknown when exactly she was born exactly.

Alexa Flutie: Family

Her father’s name is Doug Flutie, if you were wondering.

Bianca is the name of one of her sisters.

In terms of her academic credentials, she holds a degree from Dean College, which is located in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Alexa Flutie: Height and Weight

 She has a height of 1.78 meters or 5 feet and 8 inches (178 cm). She is roughly 63 kilograms in weight. Her body is 36 inches tall, 29 inches wide, and 42 inches long. The cup size of the bra that she wears is a BB 36.

Alexa Flutie: Net Worth

How much does Alexa Flutie have in terms of her own wealth? Her primary means of financial support comes from her work in the professional world. As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that her net worth is between $330,000 and $350,000.

Alexa Flutie: Career

Alexa is a person who is very active on social media, participating in frequent conversation with her fans and followers across a variety of different platforms.

Her Instagram profile is packed with photographs documenting all of her exciting outings and activities, including her travels to other parts of the world.

She also urges others to get engaged in charity projects and writes pieces in which she discusses the wonderful improvements that she has seen occurring in the globe.

The Florida Tech football team had Ian Sumner as a player for several years.

Beginning in 2015, football player Ian Sumner served as a defensive lineman for the Florida Tech football team.

Even though it had been years since he had last played, Sumner, now 28 years old, decided to try out for the local football team after returning from his military deployment.

Being the son-in-law of Doug Flutie, a great NFL quarterback, was another factor that played a significant role in his decision.

Alexa Flutie: Father

Doug, Alexa’s father, played professional football for a total of sixteen seasons, including twelve in the National Football League and eight in the Canadian Football League.

In the same way as Ian did, Doug also began his football career at the collegiate level. In 1984, the Heisman Trophy was awarded to him as recognition for being the finest college football player.

According to Sumner, the fact that he was the oldest player on the team terrified the other players at the beginning. “But as the year goes on and they come to know me, they know when I mean business and when I believe they shouldn’t be playing around,” he said. “But they know when I mean business and when I think they shouldn’t be fooling around.”

The coaches believed that the thing that set Ian apart from the other players, in addition to the evident maturity he possessed, was his capacity to apply the lessons he learned during his nine years of service in the United States Marine Corps to the football field.

“He’s been able to add his experiences that he’s had in his life, and been able to share it with our players,” was what the head coach of the Florida Tech football team in 2015 had to say about Ian.

Because of his prior experience serving in a similar capacity in the military as a staff sergeant, he was able to effectively lead and interact with his teammates on the football team.


Alexa Flutie
Alexa Flutie

Alexa Flutie: Height And Weight

With his 6’3″ height, 260 pound weight, and unrelenting commitment to discipline, Ian showed potential as a superb defensive lineman.

Sumner appears to be getting into amateur ice hockey these days if we are to believe the posts he has been making on Instagram.

Ian Sumner and Alexa Flute: Wedding Party

The Wedding That Sumner and Alexa Had Was Straight Out Of A Fairytale

After Ian Sumner was discharged from the military, he and Alexa Flutie held a wedding in the style of a fairytale at Disney World in Florida practically shortly after the ceremony.

The couple hosted a beach party at the Flutie family house for their wedding party, and they did not spare any expense in hosting their extravagant wedding ceremony and reception.

Even though the exact date of the couple’s first meeting or the beginning of their relationship is unknown, it is known that the two of them were in a relationship prior to Ian’s departure from the Marines.

The fact that he wanted to be with Alexa and begin a new family most likely played a role in his choice to terminate his military duty. In 2015, he not only got married but also got out of the service.

After recently commemorating their seventh wedding anniversary, Ian and Alexa will soon be marking the first birthday of their son Brady, who was born not long ago. The upcoming holiday is going to be one that everyone in the family thoroughly enjoys.

In 2014, Alexa paid him a visit when he was still serving the nation in some capacity.


Alexa Flutie
Alexa Flutie

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Alexa Flute Sibling

The presence of Alexa’s brother Dougie Flutie, who has autism, was one of the most memorable parts of the wedding between Sumner and Flutie. In memory of the Flutie family’s youngest child, the “Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc.” has been founded as a charitable organization.

Dougy was overjoyed to hear from Ian that he had been asked to serve as one of the groomsmen at the upcoming wedding.

On the day of the wedding, not only did we see our daughter looking breathtaking in her wedding gown, but we also saw our son looking quite dashing in his very first tuxedo.

On the website for the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation, Laurie Flutie says that “Seeing both of our children looking so grown up brought tears to both of our eyes.”

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