Jack Messina’s Birthday & Parents (John and Joanne Messina) Age

The Ages of Jack Messina’s Parents, John and Joanne Messina, as Well as Jack’s Birthday

After being cast in a role in “The Manifest,” Jack Messina’s acting career has seen substantial development as a result. However, if his parents had not been there to support him, he would not have been able to accomplish this goal.

Jack had only started the fifth grade when he was cast in his first important acting part on the hit drama Manifest on N.B.C.N.B.C.. His parents made it a priority to stay by his side during the entire process. In reality, his mother helped him in the process of obtaining a work visa. His parents have set him up with a Coogan Account, which will keep a portion of his earnings safe for him until he is of legal age and will receive direct deposits from his employer.

Before the role of Cal Stone on Manifest was recast in the season 3 finale owing to a huge plot twist in the character’s past, Jack did an outstanding job portraying the role throughout the first three seasons of the show.

At such a little age, he has already made a few notable appearances in big film pictures. His work in the science fiction drama Manifest has continuously received appreciation from viewers. They are also interested in learning more about his parents and how he was raised. Everything has been discussed in this article.

Jack Messina
Jack Messina

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Jack Messina’s Parents

John and Joanne Messina welcomed a son, Jack, into the world. His mother stays at home to take care of the children while his father is successful in business. His two brothers are known by the names John Messina and James Messina respectively. His mother is always there to support him, whether he is filming a scene or going to an audition.

Career of Jack Messina

The young actor was introduced to the public for the first time in the show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. He plays the role of the youngest son in a family of Italian immigrants who settled there. After some time, the initiative was awarded the Emmy trophy.

In addition to this, he has been a guest star in two episodes of the science fiction drama Manifest, which airs on the CBC. There, he plays the role of Cal Stone, a young boy who is fighting a form of leukemia that is terminal.

He has been in multiple advertisements for various companies, some of which include M.V.P.M.V.P. Health and Eliquis, among others. In addition to that, he has been busy working on a range of new business initiatives. When it comes to the official education that Jack Messia has received, he is still actively enrolled in classes. In the not too distant future, he plans to complete the remaining coursework necessary for his higher education degree.

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How Old Is Jack Messina?

Due to the fact that both Jack Messina and his Manifest identity were born on September 2, 2007, they both have the same age. At this point in time, the youngster is 15 years old.

Jack Messina’s Bio

He belongs to the Caucasian racial group and is a citizen of the United States. Christianity is something that the actor practices as well. In addition to that, the zodiac sign of Virgo is his. Those born under this sign approach life in a manner that is rational, systematic, and realistic. This earth sign aspires to achieve perfection and isn’t scared to grow their skills through practice that is both persistent and meticulous.

In an interview with Direct Submit, Messina disclosed that he began his career as an actor at the age of seven, when he and a friend enrolled in acting school in New York City.

His first guest appearance was in an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and at the age of ten, he was given the role of Salvatore, a little boy living in an Italian immigrant household. In that year, he became a member of Manifest. Messina ensured that he was able to balance his breakthrough role with his academic pursuits.

Cal, along with his father Ben (Josh Dallas), aunt Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), and other members of his family, was a passenger on Montego Air Flight 828, a plane that went missing five years ago. The flight disappeared without a trace. However, the travelers remained oblivious to the fact that they were missing.

After landing, the people who were on board Flight 828 discovered that they had not aged during that period, and when they returned home, they began to get weird “callings” from the otherworldly. As a result of his ability to connect with the other pilots aboard the plane, Cal was regularly subjected to the most difficult callings.

When Cal Stone boarded Flight 828, he was ten years old, the same age as his twin sister Olive Stone who was also on the flight (Luna Blaise). However, when Flight 828 finally landed in New York five years later, the ages listed in the Manifest were not clear at all. Olive had grown up during their absence from the aircraft, reaching the age of 15 by the time Ben and Cal returned home.

Even after Olive was legally recognized as Cal’s older sister, the twins Olive and Cal maintained their relationship as identical siblings. As a consequence of this, Olive was usually aware of how to help Cal whenever he required assistance. When Season 3 of Manifest began, Cal was about 14 years old and Olive was roughly 19 years old.

Why There Will Be No Comeback of Jack Messina in the Manifest?

Since the beginning of the first season of Manifest, Cal, who is portrayed by Jack Messina, has been an important factor in determining what happened to Flight 828. It appeared as though the young man possessed some of the strongest connections and most important Callings of the other passengers.

Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), along with the rest of the Stone family, need his intuitive guidance on multiple times in order to solve problems that were associated with Flight 828. In the climactic episode of season 3, Cal was compelled to touch the tailfin of Flight 828 after experiencing an inexplicable sensation associated with it. After doing so, he disappeared along with the object.

Cal managed to make some type of return, despite the fact that it is still not entirely apparent where he went. Due to the fact that during his absence he had gained five years of age, Cal was now considered to be a teenager. This time around, the role of Cal was played by actor Ty Doran, and he will continue to do so in season 4.

Rake acknowledged in June that Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Cal would investigate where Cal went and how he turned older in the upcoming season. There is little doubt that the addition of five years to Cal’s age will have a substantial impact.

When Messina wished good luck to Rake and his former cast mates before beginning filming on Season 4, he did so with the implication that he would not be returning to the role of “young Cal” for the show’s concluding episodes.

Jack Messina
Jack Messina

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Quick Facts

Full Name Jack Messina
Birth Date September 2, 2007
Age 15 years old
Birth Place US
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Mother Joanne Messina
Father John Messina
Siblings 2
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Years Active 2018-present


Who is Jack Messina?

Jack is a teen actor. He is best known for playing Cal Stone in the science fiction drama Manifest on NBC and Netflix.

Who are Jack Messina parents?

He was born to Joanne Messina and John Messina. They are very supportive of his career.

How old is Jack Messina?

He is currently 15 years old. The young actor was born on September 2, 2007.

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