Jennifer Gail Sauve: She Is The Favorite Treasure Wife of Gary Drayton

Jennifer Gail Sauve: She Is The Favorite Treasure Wife of Gary Drayton

Jennifer Gail Sauve: Gary Drayton’s Wife, Is His Favorite Treasure, According To “The Curse Of Oak Island”.

Celebrity on television Jennifer Gail Sauve, who is married to Gary Drayton, is a mother to the couple’s two daughters, Anya and Katya.

Fans of “The Curse of Oak Island” refer to Gary Drayton, a TV metal-detecting expert and host of “Metal Detecting Ninja” and “Bobby Dazzler,” as the “metal-detecting ninja” and “Bobby Dazzler,” respectively.

In the reality television series The Curse of Oak Island, Gary Lagina, along with his brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, is part of a group of treasure hunters exploring the waters off the coast of Oak Island, which is located in Nova Scotia.

The treasure hunter also has a career as an author, and he has penned a great many books related to his area of expertise.

Gary Drayton
Gary Drayton

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Who is Jennifer Gail Sauve?

In all of Gary’s years as a treasure hunter, he has unearthed a great many jewels, but his wife Jennifer is, and will always be, the most important of these to him.

Treasure Hunter Treasure hunter Gary Drayton considers his wife, Jennifer Gail Sauve, to be his most precious find to this point, and he refers to her as his “most priceless treasure.”

The story of the hunter who discovered a ring worth half a million dollars and cherished his wife as his keep exemplifies the love that Gary has for Jennifer, his wife.

As of the year 2022, Gary and his wife Jennifer had been married for a cumulative total of 26 years. In December of 1996, the couple tied the knot in Las Vegas.

It was the time in Gary’s life when he won the lottery for the first time, words spoken by Gary himself to his wife as he wished her a happy anniversary.

In a playful manner, Gary refers to his wife, Khaleesi, as his “mother of dragons,” making a reference to a well-known character from the critically acclaimed and internationally renowned television series Game of Thrones on HBO.

There is not much information available about Gary’s wife, Jennifer Gail Sauve, other than the photos that he makes on Instagram.

Is there a Chance That Gary Drayton Has Any Kids?
Anya and Katya Drayton are the couple’s two daughters, and they were both born to Gary and Jennifer Drayton, who are now married.

Bio of Gary Drayton

Gary spent many years as a bottle digger in the UK, digging old Victorian rubbish dumps and “mud hopping” along the river banks in search of antique bottles, clay pipes, doll heads, and marbles. He grew up in Grimsby and worked as a bottle digger in the UK. Clay pipes from the 1500s and bottles from the early 1600s were among the earliest artifacts that he discovered.

The oldest bottle he found was a Roman perfume bottle that dated back to when the Romans occupied the area! Digging for bottles was the activity that eventually sparked Gary’s interest in metal detecting; over the course of his bottle digging career, he uncovered an increasing number of coins with each passing year.

After moving to South Florida from England, Gary made the decision one day to bring his metal detector to the beach for the first time. On that first day, he unearthed a Spanish Silver Piece of Eight that he had buried on the beach. Then, a few months later, he discovered a gold and emerald ring dating back to the Spanish Fleet in 1715. Gary’s ability to think “outside the box” when it comes to metal detecting has led him to experiment with a variety of search methods and varied locations.

He has been successful in his treasure hunting endeavors thanks to his skill in site reading and metal detecting technique. Since that time, has discovered hundreds of gold rings, various forms of jewelry, coins, silver, Rolex watches, bronze ship spikes, war relics, and Spanish treasure! Gary is a patient, persistent, and careful beach hunter. Famous Late Great 1715 Spanish Fleet Salvager Bob Weller once praised Gary for having the three qualities that make up the “3 P’s”: patience, persistence, and careful preservation.

Gary is extremely lucky in that he is able to earn a job doing something that he enjoys. He makes his living by publishing books about beach and water hunting as well as conducting private treasure seeking classes. His discoveries of Spanish treasure even caught the attention of producers in Hollywood, which led to several appearances on television shows before finally joining the cast of “The Curse of Oak Island,” the highest rated treasure hunting show in the United States, as the resident metal detecting expert.

Gary makes use of a variety of Minelab detectors in his work. His first Minelab metal detector was the Excalibur, which is the same model of Minelab metal detector he uses to this day. According to Gary, “the only way to beat a Minelab is by using another Minelab, so I always have other specialised tools in the old tool shed.” This is something that any long-time user of Minelab will tell you.

Treasure hunting on the beach for the Spanish crown jewels Gary like the GPX 5000 and huge Commander search coils because of the incredible power and depth of detection they provide. On the other hand, when he goes on metal detecting vacations, he brings along an Equinox 800, and for the vast majority of jewelry hunts on tourist beaches, he finds that his CTX 3030 is his best option.

The spectacular Emerald Treasure Ring, which dates back 300 years and is currently valued at a cool $500,000, is Gary’s most noteworthy discovery. It is a find of a lifetime! Gary’s addiction to metal detecting was initially fueled by the excitement of the hunt and the incredible feeling he gets when he unearths anything from his quarry that has been missing for hundreds of years.

Because Gary wants other metal detectorists to benefit from his many years of knowledge, he has documented the specifics of his one-of-a-kind beach and water hunting tactics and search procedures in a variety of books. In addition to appearing in the History Channel series The Curse of Oak Island, he also maintains his own blog and channel on YouTube.

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Who is Anya Drayton?

Anya, the younger daughter of Gary, is a lifestyle and fitness coach, and she is also the mother of Oaks, the younger daughter of Anya.

She resides in Florida with her kid, who is two years old, and her girlfriend, Shay Wallin, who was born and raised in Florida.

Who Is Katya Drayton?

Skating is something that is very important to Katya Drayton, who is the oldest child in the Drayton family.

This is what Gary felt compelled to remark about Anya’s skating ability after he posted a picture of her to his Instagram account and tagged her.

“I feel obligated to admit that Katya Drayton’s gold dance is superior to mine, even when performed on ice skates. Trying to win the gold at the regional competition.”

Katya, like her sister Anya, lives in Florida.

During their childhood, Gary’s children frequently accompanied their mother and father to the beach in search of buried riches. Gary was thrilled whenever one of his daughters joined him in his line of business.


Gary Drayton
Gary Drayton


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Gary Drayton’s Professional Life

Treasure hunting is how metal detector specialist Gary Drayton makes a life. He travels the world in search of hidden gold.

Gary loves to refer to himself as an expert in metal detecting, a treasure seeker, an author, and a general luck sob in all situations.

It was on the American production reality show “The Curse of Oakland,” which had its world premiere on the History Network in Canada, that he first came to public attention and gained his fame.

On the episode, he served as an expert adviser for the Lagina brothers, Marty and Rick, who were looking for historical artifacts and treasures on Oak Island. He was a part of the Lagina brothers’ search.

He initially drew the attention of the show’s producers with his collection of gold rings and Spanish artifacts. Because of his growing notoriety on the show via the various social media websites, the producers decided to have him appear in additional episodes.

Through his writings, the treasure hunter has disseminated his extensive knowledge and expertise in various hunting and scavenging techniques.

Some of the well-known books that he has written include: Metal Detecting for Spanish Treasure, Hardcore Beach Hunting, Advanced CTX 3030, Beach and Water Hunting Techniques, The Shallow Water Hunter’s Guide to South Florida, The CTX 3030 Beach and Water Hunter’s Guide, and Beach and Water Hunting Techniques.

This is Gary Drayton. Gary spent his childhood in Grimsby reading books about treasure hunting and daydreaming of faraway locations filled with pirate spoils. As an adult, he worked as a mudlark.

In the beginning, he was a Mudlark among the shores and in the countryside of England. And because he was a mudlark, he spent his time searching through river muds and Victorian rubbish pits for bottles and clay pipes that had been used hundreds of years before.

The discovery of a “shiny 1789 gold guinea” by Gary, who later pursued a profession in metal detecting as a result of his discovery, was the defining moment in his life.

An Emerald ring that was created from 22-and-a-half carat Inca gold and adorned with nine sparkling emeralds is one of Gary’s most valuable finds. Gary found this ring in Peru. The ring has a staggering worth of half a million dollars.

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