Jeremy Kyle: Who Is he? Is He Leaving Talk TV Drivetime For A PrimeTime Show?

Jeremy Kyle: Who Is he? Is He Leaving Talk TV Drivetime For A PrimeTime Show?

After 14 years of hosting his own program, Jeremy Kyle is well-known across the entirety of the United Kingdom. He will no longer host the daily “Drive Time” show on TalkRadio or Talk TV because he has been asked to host a new show called “Prime Time” on those networks.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was a discussion show that Jeremy Kyle hosted for ITV from 2005 till 2019 that focused on tabloids and celebrity news. The British broadcaster has hosted his own talk show in the United States since 2011, during which time it ran for a total of two seasons.

Between the years 1986 and 1995, he held positions as a recruiter for Marks & Spencer, a radio ad salesperson, and a life insurance salesman. His first employment was with Marks & Spencer.

Jeremy Kyle’s Drivetime Show on Talk TV Is Being Cancelled, and the English Broadcaster Is Getting Ready to Join PrimeTime.

It has been announced that Jeremy Kyle will be leaving Talk TV Drivetime in favor of a new primetime show on TalkTV. He is currently hosting a brand-new talk program on a completely different radio station after his comeback.

According to Radio Today, the program will be shown on TalkTV during the prime time slot, which is slated to run from seven o’clock in the evening until ten o’clock at night. It will screen alongside shows such as Tom Newton Dunn’s Uncensored and Piers Morgan’s The Talk.

Until then, Jeremy will continue to host Drive Time, which is carried on both TalkTV and TalkRadio at the same time, and he will also make an appearance on The Talk at nine o’clock at night. He has stated that he has had a wonderful time getting back to his roots in radio over the course of the past seven months.

According to News UK, it is planning to make other remarks in the coming weeks as it continues to seek new talent to work on its nightly prime time programming schedule. This will take place while it is also continuing to search for other positions.

Career of Jeremy Kyle

In the beginning, he was employed by the grocery store company known as “Mark and Spencer.” In subsequent years, between the years 1986 and 1995, he held a variety of positions, including those of radio advertising salesman, recruitment consultant, and life insurance salesman. When he was working as a radio advertising spots seller, he was requested to fill in as a replacement. This led to the beginning of his career as a radio host (and, later, as a TV presenter).
As a radio host, he got his start at “Orchard FM” in Taunton, Somerset, and “Leicester Sound” in Leicester. In 1996, he began working at “Invicta FM” in Kent. Beginning in 1997, he was the host of two shows on the Birmingham radio station BRMB: “Late & Live” and “Jezza’s Jukebox.” In 2001, he was presented with a “Sony Award” for his work on the show “Late & Live.” On the “Century FM” network in the year 2000, he hosted a show called “Jezza’s Confessions” that followed a format that was comparable to the one he had used in the past.
‘Jezza’s Virgin Confessions’ on ‘Virgin Radio’ was hosted by Kyle from July 2002 till June 2004. He held this position the entire time. After leaving ‘Virgin Radio’ in September 2004, he started working at London’s ‘Capital FM’ and hosting a show called ‘Capital Confessions,’ during which he took live calls from listeners about a variety of relationship problems. This show was succeeded by another show called “The Jeremy Kyle Show,” which followed a format quite similar to the previous show and was shown up until the year 2006.

The first season of his new show, titled “The Jeremy Kyle Show,” aired in 2007 on the “One Network,” which is owned and operated by Gcap Media. (All of his earlier radio stations, such as Orchard FM, Invicta FM, and BRMB, were included in this network.) This show had a different style than his prior ones, since it consisted of interviews with famous people in the industry.
Since September 2008, he has been hosting “The Jeremy Kyle Sunday Sports Show,” a sports program that airs during the Sunday lunchtime slot on “Talksport,” which is the official global audio partner of the “Premier League.” After some time, his show was canceled so that space could be made for another program (Premiership), and so Kyle left the station.

In 2005, Kyle became the host of “The Jeremy Kyle Show” on the British television network ITV. Many people, even judges in court, had negative things to say about this show. In addition to that, he was the host of a few other shows, such as “Kyle’s Academy,” which included professionals who offered advice to viewers in an effort to help them lead more fulfilling lives, and “Half Ton Hospital,” which focused on obese people living in the United States.

In April of 2011, he hosted the series titled “Military Driving School,” which was a documentary on the training of newly enlisted military drivers at the “Defense School of Transportation,” which was located in Yorkshire. In 2011, he had a game show called “High Stakes” that was broadcast on “ITV.” The competitors had to figure out clues in order to avoid being caught in traps.

The first episode of “The Jeremy Kyle Show” was shown in the United States and Canada in September of 2011. This show was a two-season adaptation of his chat show that originally aired in the United Kingdom.
Since June of 2015, he has been the host of the daily reality medical show “Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room,” which is broadcast on ITV. In addition, he was the host of another primetime show on ITV called “The Kyle Files.” He filled in as a host for the ITV morning show “Good Morning Britain” over the summer of 2016, and he did so.

He writes columns for a number of different publications, including a column titled “Pick Me Up” for a women’s weekly magazine and another one titled “Jeremy Kyle Says……,” in which he writes responses to the reader’s issues. Both columns are titled after the show on which he appears, “Jeremy Kyle.” The topic of his debut book, which was released in 2009 and titled “I’m Only Being Honest…”, is his perspective on the societal issues that are prevalent in Britain. In June of 2010, Kyle’s other book, titled “You Couldn’t Make it Up,” was released to the public.

Jeremy Kyle
Jeremy Kyle

Personal Life of Jeremy Kyle

In 1989, Kyle wed his first wife, Christy Rowley, however the couple later separated the following year in 1991. Harriet is their little girl that they have together. He developed a gambling addiction during his marriage to Christy, which led to financial difficulties in the form of a £12,000 debt. He does gamble on occasion, but he is not dependent on the activity any longer.

In 2003, he wed a former model named Carla Germaine, making this his second marriage overall. The family is completed by a son named Henry Kyle, as well as two girls named Alice and Ava. In February of 2016, Kyle and Carla ended their marriage and divorced.

When his daughter Harriet gave birth to his granddaughter Isla in June of 2018, he became a grandfather for the first time.
In February of 2018, Kyle made public the information that he and Vicky Burton had become engaged.

In 2012, he was given a diagnosis of testicular cancer and began treatment with chemotherapy. Additionally, he underwent surgery to remove the diseased portion of his testicle.

Where Is Jeremy Kyle at This Time?

In his role as host of the Drivetime show on talkRADIO, Jeremy Kyle can be heard on the airwaves. At the moment, he may be found living in the United Kingdom.

Before starting work at the radio station, Kyle had an exclusive discussion with The Sun in which he praised the “positivity” and the support he experienced following his time away from the public eye.

After becoming a grandfather in 2018 and expecting a son with his fiancée Vicky Burton in 2020, the man who is already the father of five already has his hands full with the responsibilities of his household.

Claire Powell is in charge of managing The Can Group on Jeremy’s behalf. The Can Group is a celebrity management company that represents a number of well-known people, such as Peter Andre, Christine McGuinness, and Amy Childs.

The talk show host Jeremy Kyle has been permanently replaced with Vanessa Felts on TalkTV.

Beginning on September 5th, Vanessa Feltz will take over for Jeremy Kyle as the host of the three-hour drivetime show that will air on the new network. In the meanwhile, Kyle has been tapped to serve as the host of a brand-new primetime program that will make its debut on TalkTV in the fall.

Feltz, who is 60 years old, has announced that she will be joining TalkTV. She just left the BBC after working for almost 20 years on the organization’s radio stations. According to The Guardian, she took over hosting duties for the early morning show on Radio 2 in January of 2011.

When the journalist announced in July that she will stop hosting her shows on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio London, she joined the ranks of other well-known broadcasters who had previously left the broadcaster.

According to figures that were just made public by the BBC, Feltz had an annual income of between £400,000 and £404,999, putting her in the top 10 of the list of highest-paid on-air talent. She was one of just three women in this group of seven people.

Jeremy Kyle’s Net Worth in 2022

The current estimation of Jeremy Kyle’s wealth has it around around $5 million. ITV reportedly paid the host of the chat show situated in the United Kingdom more than one million pounds in remuneration, as reported by the Daily Mail.

It also transpired that Kyle was successful in acquiring this money despite the fact that Steve Dymond’s passing resulted in the cancellation of his show. It’s possible that his self-titled show was cancelled for this reason as well, due to the negative effects that could have been caused by the death.

In addition to this, it was disclosed that the British journalist would host TalkRadio Drivetime beginning on Monday, September 1, 2021 and continuing through Thursday, September 4, 2021. The first episode of the program aired on September 13th.

Jeremy disclosed his objectives to return to television in April 2022 to host a talk show during the prime time slot on TalkTV. According to his Wikipedia article, his anxiety problem was discovered when “The Jeremy Kyle Show” was abruptly canceled, and he has since sought treatment for it.

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