John Harwood: Know About His Affair With Senator Maria Cantwell

John Harwood: Know About His Affair With Senator Maria Cantwell

John Harwood, a citizen of the United States, has been employed by CNN as a correspondent and anchor since the year 2020. Harwood’s tenure with CNN began in that year.

After attending schools in Tampa Bay, Tallahassee, and Washington for his education, Harwood began his professional life as a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times in Florida. After the end of apartheid, he went to South Africa to report on the changes that had taken place in that country. He was awarded a Nieman Fellowship in 1989 and spent those two years studying at Harvard University.

In 1991, he started working for the Wall Street Journal as a White House correspondent, during which time he covered the administration of George H. W. Bush.

The journalist who once worked for CNN frequently appears on other news programs, such as Meet the Press on NBC, Morning Joe on MSNBC, and Washington Week on PBS, the latter of which was originally hosted by Gwen Ifill.

In a similar vein, he and his co-author Gerald Seib appeared as guests on the final recorded interview that Tim Russert conducted for his MSNBC interview show under the same name.

John Harwood
John Harwood

Controversy Of John Harwood And Senator Maria Cantwell’s Affair

While he was still married to Frankie Blackburn in 2010, Harwood allegedly carried on an affair with Maria Cantwell, a Democrat who was serving in the Senate. This is according to the Washington Examiner. According to the New York Post, the two of them made their initial appearance on The Daily Rundown in the month of March in 2010.

John stated that they had a conversation about the financial document that would take the place of the senator’s previous effort during an interview.

John Harwood Wiki

Born on the 5th of November in 1956 (age 65)
Occupation: Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America
John Harwood, an American journalist who was born on November 5, 1956, served as the White House Correspondent for CNN from February 2021 to September 2022. He held this position for the whole of his career. Earlier in his career, Harwood worked for CNBC as an editor-at-large. In addition to being a columnist for The New York Times, he worked as the lead Washington correspondent for CNBC. He penned a weekly column about the politics and policies of Washington, DC called “The Caucus,” which was published every Monday. He was a writer for the Wall Street Journal before he started working for the Times.

 Early Life Of John Harwood

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Richard Harwood, Harwood’s father, worked as a reporter and writer for both The Louisville Times and The Washington Post. Richard Harwood is Harwood’s son. According to an article written by John Harwood and published in The Washington Post on April 30, 2000, page B4, it was stated that Harwood’s mother was an avid supporter of Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in the year 1968. At the age of 11, Harwood was featured in a television advertisement for the 1968 campaign of John F. Kennedy.

Harwood received his high school diploma from Bethesda-Chevy Chase, where he served as the editor of the school newspaper known as The Tattler. (Harwood was the graduation speaker for the high school’s class of 2010, which consisted of students who were graduating.  His first work in the news industry was as a copy boy for the Washington Star, which Harwood held while he was still in high school.

Harwood received his education at Duke University, where he majored in both history and economics. He graduated magna cum laude in 1978.

Career Of John Harwood

Harwood and Howard Fineman were the fine men. making an appearance on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews (2008)
Harwood joined the staff of the St. Petersburg Times in Florida immediately following his graduation from college. He was assigned to work in Tampa Bay, Tallahassee, and Washington. He went to South Africa in order to report on the goings-on there during the latter years of the apartheid regime. Between the years 1989 and 1990, he attended Harvard University as a Nieman Fellow.

In 1991, Harwood was given the position of White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal, during which time he covered the administration of George H. W. Bush. After that, he worked for the newspaper as a Capitol Hill correspondent, and in 1997, he was promoted to the position of political editor and chief political correspondent. In March of 2006, Harwood was promoted to the position of chief Washington reporter for CNBC.
Profession Immediately following the conclusion of the war, he began his apprenticeship in watchmaking with Hirst Brothers & Co. of Oldham. In 1922, he established his own watch repair business in the Isle of Man, which required him to relocate there.

John Harwood
John Harwood

Harwood self-winding watch

In 1923, with the assistance of a local merchant, he designed a wristwatch that wound itself automatically and submitted an application for a patent in Switzerland. The invention was approved in September of 1924. His design insured that the watch would be able to be hermetically sealed, preventing any moisture or dust from getting inside. A revolving bezel provided the ability to reset the hands. After a period of four years, with the assistance of financial backing from two brothers from Manchester named Louis and Philip Alexander, he was successful in convincing Swiss watch manufacturers Anton Schild S.A. and Walter Vogt of Fortis to produce his design. In 1928, Blancpain also produced them under license for sale in France, and the Perpetual Self-Winding Watch Company produced them for sale in North America. Both of these companies are still in business today. The watches were originally displayed for the public in 1926 at the Basel Fair.  In 1928, he established the Harwood Self-Winding Watch Firm with the intention of marketing the watches in the United Kingdom. However, the company was not equipped with adequate financial resources to resist the impacts of the Great Depression and went bankrupt in September of 1931. The timepieces were not only challenging to create in large quantities but also extremely delicate when worn. In addition to making frequent appearances on NBC’s Meet the Press and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Harwood is a frequent guest on Washington Week, a current affairs program on PBS that was formerly hosted by Gwen Ifill. Tim Russert’s final recorded interview with him and co-author Gerald Seib was scheduled to appear on Russert’s eponymous interview program on MSNBC on the weekend of June 14, 2008, only a few hours before Russert passed away. The interview was taped just hours before Russert’s death.

On October 28, 2015, Harwood served as a moderator for the Republican primary presidential debate that was broadcast on CNBC. Because of his performance as moderator, Harwood received criticism not only from the contenders for the debate but also from the media.

In the months of October and November 2016, the personal email account of John Podesta, who was serving at the time as chairman of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016, was hacked, and the contents of that account were published by the website WikiLeaks. This led to additional criticism of Harwood. Podesta received an email from Harwood in May 2015 in which Harwood warned Podesta that then-candidate Ben Carson could present “real trouble” to the Clinton campaign. Several of the emails came from Harwood, and some critics said that these emails indicated an unprofessional level of closeness or collusion between the two. One of these emails was from May 2015. Harwood warned Podesta that Carson could present “real trouble” to the Clinton campaign. The emails also revealed that Harwood had inquired to Podesta regarding the questions that he ought to ask Republican candidate Jeb Bush during a debate regarding which questions he ought to ask.

The statement that Harwood made on February 6, 2020, that President Donald Trump was in “deep psychological distress” following his press conference after the United States Senate voted to acquit him on both articles of impeachment, drew the attention of conservative critics and caused them to scrutinize Harwood’s claims.

On the 2nd of September 2022, Harwood made the announcement on Twitter that he will be leaving CNN.

Harwood had extended an invitation to the media, requesting that they bury the story by claiming that he had asked his friends to link him up with other people while he was married. The journalist refuted the charges and stated that he detested talking about his personal life, particularly his family. According to reports in the Washington Examiner, he told the publication, “You’re asking about a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with you.”

Despite this, the couple was unable to maintain their covert relationship and eventually divorced one other.

Why Did John Harwood and His Wife, Frankie Blackburn, Decide to Get a Divorce?

Following all of the drama involving Harwood and Senator Maria, he and his wife decided to end their marriage and get a divorce.

The marriage between John and Frankie was a joyful one. The pair tied the knot in a low-key, private ceremony in Silver Spring, Maryland, in the presence of their friends and family members.

After a few years of marriage, the couple began having problems in their marriage and eventually filed for divorce on March 5, 2010, citing irreconcilable differences. The journalist is breaking his silence on the topic of his divorce for the first time ever.

Frankie wondered if John Harwood had been unfaithful to her. Despite the fact that John has said that they are not dating, numerous tabloids have reported that they are seeing one other behind closed doors. It was therefore presumed that he was having an affair with his wife.

His professional life may have been prosperous, but he has not been as fortunate in his personal life. He is the Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC. Even though he and his wife had a nice relationship, the action he took had a negative impact on their marriage.

Despite the fact that they had a beautiful marriage, the journalist has never provided an explanation for why he cheated on his wife.

 Harwood’s  Spouse and Children

Following a decision by the court, Harwood’s three children from his previous marriage to Frankie are currently living with their mother. Frankie was awarded custody of the children.

At the moment, John Harwood is concentrating on his professional life.

The journalist’s children are thriving in their new home with their mother, the journalist’s ex-wife. It’s possible that all three of the children are now adults working in fields relevant to their individual interests.

On the other side, Harwood does not have any love relationships because he prioritizes his professional life over the possibility of having one.

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