Jordan Dowsett: Details About Ages, Jobs, and Instagram Accounts of Love Island Australia contestants

Jordan Dowsett: Details About Ages, Jobs, and Instagram Accounts of Love Island Australia contestants

The fourth season of the dating reality show Love Island Australia features Jordan Dowsett as one of the contestants.

Love Island is a dating reality show that airs in the United Kingdom. The show challenges singles to compete for the chance to find “the one.” The series is responsible for the creation of twenty-two different versions of the show across the world, making it the originator of the Love Island franchise on a global scale.

The show has made a substantial contribution to the popular culture of the United Kingdom. It was the most-watched TV programme among its target demographic of 16 to 34-year-olds as of 2020, and in 2018, it became the most-watched programme in the history of ITV2 to become the network’s most-watched programme ever. On the other hand, there has been a lot of criticism around the show because four persons related to it have committed suicide.

Jordan Dowserr, who hails from the rural community of Longford, takes part in the dating reality show in the hopes of finding the woman of his dreams. Because Jordan wanted to get more out of life, he decided to move to the Gold Coast with some buddies. He has high expectations that the Love Island Australia experience would continue if he is willing to take risks and try new things.

Dowsett, who is trained as an electrician and currently works for FIFO, takes pleasure in his work. His signature mullet, which was the very first hairstyle to make an appearance in the Love Island Australia Villa in any of the show’s four seasons, is not going away anytime soon.

Jordan Dowsett
Jordan Dowsett

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Bio of Jordan Dowsett

Name Jordan Dowsett Occupation Television Star, Electrician, Athlete Age 25 Gender Male Hair Color Black Eye Color Black Name Jordan Dowsett Profession Television Star, Electrician, Athlete

Age of Jordan Dowsett

Jordan Dowsett, a celebrity of reality television in the United States, would be 25 years old if we were to believe his birth certificate.

Dowsett is a native of the Gold Coast in Australia and was born in the year 1997. Since he was young, he has had the job he likes most—that of a FIFO electrician—which he has had for many years.

Jordan, who is known as a television personality, has successfully maintained a healthy figure throughout his career. In order to maintain his physical fitness and well-being, he adheres to a strict workout routine and dietary regimen. He keeps his social media followers up to date on his current fitness level.

Jordan may be seen posting photos and videos on Instagram under the handle @jordandowsett_. He currently has 6,560 people following him. 811 followers are subscribed to his official Instagram account, and he has posted 34 times. He has added the line “Islander on @LoveIslandAU streaming on @9now #LoveIslandAU” to his Instagram bio.

As a result of the television personality following him on Instagram, he has now shared a number of photographs of himself playing football. Some websites have asserted that Jordan played for Sale in a high country league and is a very talented AFL football player. This information was obtained from those websites. After completing this life-changing journey on Love Island Australia, he has high aspirations of picking up where he left off with AFL on the Gold Coast.

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Jordan Dowsett’s Career

In addition to his role as a celebrity on television, Jordan Dowsett is a skilled electrician, has experience working as a FIFO employee, and is a very talented athlete.

In the Australian Football League (AFL), the sport to which he is referring, Jordan is a very talented player. Even though he is now concentrating on his voyage to Love Island Australia 2022, he has his sights set on a team from the state of Queensland.

However, the websites only provide a scant few details on his job duties and responsibilities. Some websites have reported that while he was still a student in high school, he was involved in a romantic connection with an unnamed girl.

He confessed to 9Now, “She was my sweetheart when I was in high school.” Since we were in high school, we have been an item. Everyone exerted some level of pressure on them to maintain their unity. When we finally went our separate ways, it was a major thing. I do not ever want to put my heart through something like that again. In the end, taking that step was the most beneficial option for me.

In addition, as of the year 2022, the television star is not in a relationship and is instead concentrating on advancing his career. He has just recently signed up for the fourth season of Love Island in the hopes of finding the love of his life.

Love Island star Jordan Dowsett’s age, birthday, girlfriend, height, parents, family, ethnicity, wiki, bio, and net worth are all detailed here, along with his infamous mullet.

Jordan Dowsett’s bio

From Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Jordan Dowsett is a footballer in the Australian Football League (AFL), an electrician, and a reality television star. He is an electrician working on a FIFO basis at the moment. After making an appearance on the fourth season of the Australian reality dating series Love Island Australia in late August 2021, Jordan broke into the public eye and became a well-known figure. In the four seasons of the show’s history, he is the first mullet to ever be a contestant in the Love Island Australia Villa.

Jordan Dowsett Girlfriend

Who is the woman whom Jordan Dowsett calls his girlfriend? The electrician who works FIFO does not have a significant other. He has not yet committed to a partner but is open to the idea of doing so. Jordan is one of the younger guests in the Spanish Villa who is on the hunt for their one and only. During his time in high school, Jordan dated the girl who would later become his girlfriend. They had been together for eight years when they decided to stop their relationship a few years ago. They had been together since they were both 14 years old.

Who Is Jordan Dowsett?

Love Island Australia, a reality dating show broadcast on the Nine Network, is currently airing its fourth season, and Jordan, age 25, is competing on the show. In October of 2022, it was revealed that the Longford native will be joining the Islanders. In addition, he announced it on Instagram, where he wrote: “Jordan is an official Islander for Love Island Australia 2022! Observe how they proceed into the Spanish Villa.

The fourth season of Love Island Australia began airing on the Nine Network and 9Now on the evening of Monday, October 31st, 2022. Sophie Monk is the one in charge of hosting the show. Andre Coutinho, Callum Hole, Layla John, Holly Oakes-Ferguson, Jessica Losurdo, Conor Howard, Tak Chipangura, Mitchell Eliot, Phoebe Spiller, and Stella Hutcheon are some of the other islanders that will be competing for the title of Love Island Australia 2022 winner. The Islander Claudia Bonifazio was the very first contestant to be booted out of the Villa.

Jordan Dowsett Ethnicity

It is not known what race Jordan Dowsett belongs to. His citizenship is in the country of Australia.

Jordan Dowsett
Jordan Dowsett

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5 Facts To Know About Jordan Dowsett

  1. Jordan Dowsett was born to his supportive parents in Gold Coast, Australia.
  2. Jordan Dowsett’s birth sign is Capricorn. He is 25 years old in 2022
  3. He is a reality TV star who debuted on television in 2022 when he participated in the fourth season of the reality series Love Island Australia, which airs on 9Now on October 31.
  4. By profession, Dowsett is a creative FIFO electrician and talented athlete.
  5. Jordan is active on Instagram with the username aka @jordandowsett_.

Quick Facts About Jordan Dowsett

Name Jordan Dowsett
Profession Tv Star, Electrician, Athlete
Age 25 Years Old
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


Who Is Jordan Dowsett?

Jordan Dowsett is a contestant on Love Island Australia.

How Old Is Jordan Dowsett?

Jordan Dowsett is currently 25 years old.

What is Jordan Dowsett job?

Jordan Dowsett’s job is a FIFO employee.

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