Who Are Jude Riordan’s Mom and Dad? Paul and Kellie Riordan were the Parents of The Riordan Children

Who Are Jude Riordan’s Mom and Dad? Paul and Kellie Riordan were the Parents of The Riordan Children
In England, young actor Jude Riordan was born to his parents, Paul Riordan and Kellie Riordan. His father is an American actor.

He is a well-known kid actor who first came to public attention after appearing in roles in a number of films, including Brassic, Coronation Street, Katy, and a great deal more.

Riordan was born on May 11th, 2011, and he is presently residing in St. Helens, which is located in the county of Merseyside in the northwestern region of England. According to the principles of astrology, Jude possesses the Taurus zodiac sign.

A short number of years ago, Jude had a career in the motion picture industry. However, many moviegoers and industry professionals in the film industry have been blown away by his acting abilities and expertise. Because of his outstanding acting performance when he was a kid actor, he has amassed a great reputation and a lot of renown.

Jude Riordan
Jude Riordan

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Who are Jude Riordan’s Mom And Dad?

Jude Riordan’s father, Paul Riordan, and his mother, Kellie Riordan, both worked hard to provide a comfortable upbringing for their son.

Paul, Jude’s father, is also a director and, as of the year 2022, he is responsible for a number of blockbuster movies. When it comes to his mother, she has been a tremendous support system for the rest of the family in addition to being a housewife.

Due to the fact that Riordan’s father is also an actor, Riordan has had an interest in the performing arts ever since he was a little child. When Riodan was four or five years old, his father made the decision to enroll him in drama school after becoming aware of his son’s interest in the subject.

The actor’s success can be attributed in large part to the efforts of the actor’s father. Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, and Seacht brought the most fame to his father’s acting career.

Since September 2021, Paul has directed four episodes of Coronation Street, all of which were broadcast successfully. While attending Liverpool John Moores University, he earned a degree in Media Professional Studies and worked extensively on the television programmes Seacht, Hollyoaks, and other programs.

Additionally, Jude’s father may be seen posting photos and videos to Instagram under the handle @paulrio27. The actor has accumulated 625 Followers, 163 Followings, and 13 Posts on his Instagram account, which is part of his social media presence. On June 19, he shared his most recent post, which included a picture that he had taken of Jude while he was filming for a movie.

The Life Story of Jude Riordan

St. Helens, which is located on Merseyside in the northwestern region of England, is both Jude’s birthplace and his current home. It became immediately evident to everyone that he was very comfortable and enjoyed being in front of the camera after he was chosen to feature in the documentary on Channel 4 in 2017 titled The Secret Life of 4, 5 & 6-Year Olds. The documentary was titled The Secret Life of 4, 5 & 6-Year Olds.

Later on in the year 2017, Jude was introduced to talent agent Paul Byram of Paul Byram Associates by a BBC Casting Director. It didn’t take too long before Jude was cast as ‘Little Phil’ in the CCBC drama Katy, and shortly after that, he was the voice cast in the very successful ‘Haribo’ TV Commercials, in which children provide the voices of adult actors.

In 2018, Jude became a cast member in the drama series Brassic, which airs on Sky One and stars Michelle Keegan and Joseph Gilgun. Jude is a fan of both Marvel Super Heroes and Legos, and he is a student at the Television Workshop in Manchester.

Jude Riordan’s Age

Jude is originally from the town of St. Helens, which is located in Merseyside. He received his education at St. John Vianney school, which is where he initially became interested in acting.

Jude’s mother Kellie revealed to the St. Helens Star a year ago that her son had been invited to attend a casting in February 2020, before proceeding to a screen test with the actor Ben Price from Nick. Jude is only ten years old at this point.

She elaborated on the matter for the publication, saying, “Jude was ecstatic. He has a strong passion for performing and is able to act with ease in the given circumstances.

“Because Sam is obsessed with space in general, Jude is having a great time studying the Nebula Cluster.”

Fans who are accustomed to seeing Jude in the role of Sam, who is known for wearing distinctive glasses, may be startled to hear that Jude does not actually wear glasses in real life.

Paul Riordan, who is known as Jude’s Father, and Kellie Riordan, who is known as Jude’s Mother, gave birth to Jude ( Mother ). His father is a well-known director of television programs. Zach is one of his brothers or sisters.

Education of Jude Riordan

Jude currently resides in the northwest region of England. He has appeared in a few movies, but it was his style and performance that grabbed his audience in many different ways. He is a young entertainer who has gained a lot of notoriety. In addition to that, he is the son of a well-known television actor.

His private life and various other details have not been discussed in any other resources for quite some time at this point. His father shares a post on Instagram that is both related to him and belongs to his family. His family is quite active online, particularly on social media sites such as Instagram. Jude was now in the middle of his school life, and he is an intelligent and exceptionally clever student as well.

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Jude Riordan’s Career

Jude Riordan, who was born on May 11th, 2011, has been playing the role of Sam Blakeman on Coronation Street since the fall of 2020. Sam is the son of Nick Tilsley and Natasha Blakeman.

His natural ease in front of the camera led to him being signed on as a child actor after his initial appearance in the documentary The Secret Life of 4, 5 & 6-Year Olds. He is the son of television director Paul Riordan. In addition to that, he was in the films Katie and Brassic.

In 2021, the National Television Award for Best Newcomer went to Jude for the part of Sam, which he played. He breaks the record for being the youngest actor in the history of the yearly ceremony for which this award is given.

According to his birth date, kid actor Jude Riordan is currently 11 years old. He has worked professionally since he was quite little.

The actor was born in 2011 to parents Paul Riordan and Kellie Riordan, who are also actors in their own right. The actors are both of British nationality and are devout Christians in their religious beliefs.

To help Jude develop his acting chops at a young age, his parents enrolled him in acting classes at a theater in the area. Riordan’s father provided a significant amount of support for his son as he began his career in the film industry.

As of the year 2022, when he was only eleven years old, the child actor has already appeared in a variety of roles, including those of Little Phill in the series Katy and Sam Blakeman in the television series Coronation street. He is now engaged in the production of his future film, which is scheduled to hit theaters in the year 2023.

In addition, Jude attends classes at the John Vianney school at the present time. Riordan prioritizes his acting profession in addition to his schooling at this point in his life.

In addition, Riordan has a sizable group of close friends due to the fact that he is well-liked in his school. While he is working, he has a good time joking around with his close companion.

The decision for Jude Riordan to pursue a career in acting was encouraged by his father.

Paul Riordan, Jude Riordan’s father, is a film director who was born and raised in England. Paul was enthusiastic about his son pursuing a career in the film industry and encouraged him to pursue acting.

Documentary Film of Jude Riordan

It was in the documentary The Secret Life of 4, 5, and 6-Year-Olds that he made his first appearance as an actor. His father, Paul Riordan, is a director for television. Because of his natural ease in front of the camera, he was cast in a role as an actor when he was a child. In addition, you may recognize him from his roles in the television shows Katie and Brassic.

In 2017, a casting director for the BBC was the one who put Riordan in contact with talent agent Paul Byram of Paul Byram Associates. It didn’t take long for Jude to land the role of “Little Phil” in the CCBC drama Katy, and soon after, he was selected to provide the voices of children in the enormously successful television commercials for “Haribo.”

The actor has recently joined the cast of the drama Brassic 2018, which airs on Sky One and also stars Michelle Keegan and Joseph Gilgun, 2018. In 2019, he made his debut on television by participating on the critically acclaimed documentary series “The Secret Life of 4, 5, and 6-Year Olds.” This was the beginning of his career in television.

As a result of his work in the role of Sam, Jude was awarded the 2021 National Television Award for Best Newcomer. He is the performer who, throughout the history of the yearly ceremony, was awarded this Award at the age when they were the youngest.

Jude Riordon
Jude Riordon

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Quick Facts About Jude Riordan

Name Jude Riordan
Age 11 years old
Date Of Birth 11 May, 2011
Gender Male
Profession Actor
Nationality English
Place Of Birth St Helens, England
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Father Paul Riordan
Mother Kellie Riorda

Some FAQs

Who are Jude Riordan’s parents?

Jude Riordan’s parents are father Paul Riordan and mother Kellie Riordan.

How old is Jude Riordan?

Jude Riordan is 11 years old.

Where is Jude birth place?

Jude was born on St Helens, England.

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