Julia Haart: Who is She? Know About Her New Company “Haart Sphere”

Julia Haart: Who is She? Know About Her New Company “Haart Sphere”

Julia Haart has returned to the business world with the launch of her new company, Haart Sphere. What does this company do?

Julia Haart is a well-known American fashion designer, businesswoman, and author. She was born on April 11, 1971 in the United States.

Formerly serving as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Elite Model Management, she held this position previously.

Julia Haart has asserted in the past that she is “co-owner” of Elite World Group; however, a court in Delaware has decided that she does not hold at least 50 percent of Elite World Group.

In the past, she was the owner of a namesake shoe collection and served as the creative director of an Italian luxury brand called La Perla.

The Netflix docuseries “My Unorthodox Life,” in which Haart stars as herself and serves as an executive producer, tells the story of how she made the decision in 2013 to leave the Haredi community she was raised in.

Julia Haart
Julia Haart

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Net Worth of Julia Haart

How much does Julia really have, between her previous employment, her book, and her apartment in New York, which reportedly comes complete with a custom closet designed in the style of Clueless (as reported by Entertainment Tonight)? In 2021, a source close to Julia revealed to Women’s Health that she was worth a cool $600 million.

On the other hand, it is not known how her dismissal from Elite and the related lawsuits will effect her financial situation. However, given all of her accomplishments to this point, it is reasonable to anticipate that the sum of money in her bank account will continue to increase.

Julia Haart: A Christmas Carol

On November 21, 2022, in the city of New York, Julia Haart was in attendance for the Broadway opening night performance of “A Christmas Carol” at the Nederlander Theatre.

In one of the episodes of “My Unorthodox Life,” Julia Haart discussed the company that she owns and operates, Haart Sphere. Julia is a successful entrepreneur.

After being let go from her prior position at Elite World Group, she has begun to implement the plans she has been formulating for the future.

The lives of Julia and her family are chronicled in the documentary titled My Unorthodox Life. The television show was shortlisted for the prize and Netflix announced that it will release season 2 on December 2, 2022. This time around, it tells the story of Haart’s family, in which Julia must figure out how to reconcile her divorce with the demands of her expanding business.

Julia Haart
Julia Haart

What is Haart Sphere?

Haart Sphere was established by Julia Haart, who also served as the company’s creator. It is Julia’s intention to launch the venture in collaboration with her daughter, Miriam.

Julia, along with her daughter and their close friend, discussed their ambitions to launch a new business in the sixth episode of the My Unorthodox Life television series, which centers on the Haart family. Julia may appear to be starting from scratch in terms of her professional life, but she has not given up hope just yet.

She is making preparations to launch a technology business with the assistance of her loved ones. Her daughter Miriam, who is currently studying computer science at Stanford, has invented a few mobile applications and even non-profit organizations (NFTs) from which she donates all of the proceeds to charitable organizations.

Julia explained how she became interested with the metaverse and avatars after joining EWG; but, prior to Meta’s clarification that what she was doing was meta, everyone felt she was acting irrationally and foolishly. After some time, people began to talk about how brilliant she was.

In spite of the fact that she has not provided any concrete details on the type of enterprise they intend to launch, she has made statements concerning the experience and playful enhancement of purchasing.

She also mentioned that their metaverse is welcoming to individuals who require assistance in comprehending blockchain, Bitcoin, or the process of creating avatars.

Julia Haart’s Crystal Clear Concept

She shared with Miriam, Robert, Robert Brotherton, and Robert Zaffiris that they have a crystal clear concept, and that the only thing they are missing is a business plan as they were in the process of debating their proposal.

Miriam also mentioned that the technology that they intend to have in Haart Sphere does not currently exist anywhere else, and that she will have a lot of work to do in the end because they are required to patent every invention that they develop.

When Robert questioned Julia if she had told anyone about her plans, including any of her other children, she responded that only her daughter Miriam was aware of them since Miriam is ambitious and Julia wanted to give her daughter a chance to pursue her dreams.

Therefore, Julia would hold the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Miriam would serve as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Zaffiris would serve as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Robert would serve as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

They would each take on the role of owner of the company. In addition to that, Miriam’s girlfriend intends to approach Julia about a job opportunity in Heart Sphere as well.

Elite World Group terminated Julia Haart from her previous position due to unsatisfactory performance.

Why Julia Haart Terminated From Her Job?

Following her divorce from her previous husband, Julia Haart was terminated from her job at Elite World Group. Former husband of Julia was a co-owner of the business.

Her former husband, Silvio Scaglia, is a liar and a scam, as stated in the complaint that she submitted to the court against him. She stated that her husband had asked her to become the CEO of World Elite Group, and in return, he had offered that EWG would pay 2% of its revenue to FGH, where Haart would have 50% ownership.

In addition, she stated that her husband had also offered her the opportunity to have 2% of EWG’s revenue.

Because she had complete faith in her husband, Haart worked tirelessly for the company without receiving a pay or having a formal employment contract. She enhanced its value from roughly $70 million in 2018 to between $700 million and 1.1 billion dollars in 2021.

Nevertheless, she remained oblivious to the fact that Silvio was in complete command of all of FGH’s financial accounts and funds. Even more than that, he spent $1.5 million from the account that was used to pay Haart’s salary from EWG, which was transferred there.

Julia Haart
Julia Haart

Divorce of Julia Haart

Haart filed for divorce from her husband despite the fact that she was still unaware of the fraud her husband had committed, citing personal difficulties in their relationship. Despite this, the couple decided to continue working together in business.

But in February of 2022, Haart found out that Silvio had been stealing her money. As a result, she asked Silvio to stop their partnership along with their business relationship.

She was shocked to learn that her boyfriend had been supporting his lavish lifestyle with the money that she had been diligently earning over the course of several years. As a result, she made the decision to go through the usual procedure of getting a divorce, which also resulted in all of their assets being frozen.

Both parties are currently involved in a legal dispute, in which Silvio has even accused his ex-wife of committing theft and embezzlement on behalf of EWG. Haart, on the other hand, was adamant that he had been abusive throughout their marriage by degrading and humiliating her.

Cinemaholic said that a judge has just declared that the prior firing stands even if the legal struggle has not yet come to a conclusion. The judge reasoned that the former employee does not hold half of FGH; rather, she apparently owns 49.9995957% of the company.

Julia Haart: Career

Julia Haart was a homemaker and a mother of four when she lived in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community about eight years ago.

This community is located north of New York City. She is currently the co-owner and chief executive officer of the modeling conglomerate Elite World Group, as well as the founder of the fashion brand e1972, and the most recent reality star to be featured on Netflix. My Unorthodox Life is a documentary series that was recently released on Netflix.

It chronicles the glitz and glamour of Haart’s career, as well as the ups and downs of raising four children. The series is based on Haart’s unorthodox route to becoming the leader of a global talent empire. If you are not immersed in the world of fashion, you might not be familiar with the name Haart, but she has been steadily ascending the ranks of the industry for years.

Who Is Silvio Scaglia?

Scaglia is a successful entrepreneur in the fields of media and technology. He was born in Switzerland.

He is best known for being the founder of FastWeb, an Italian telecommunications company, as well as Babelgum, a free-to-view internet television platform, both of which he established after graduating from the Polytechnic University of Turin.

Scaglia was also one of the co-founders of Freedom Holding, which is a holding company that is in charge of the Elite World Group. According to a report from Forbes in 2010, he has a net worth of one billion dollars.

Scaglia was previously married to Monica Aschei, with whom he has three children; Haart was his second wife.

Julia Haart
Julia Haart

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Quick Facts

Real Name Julia Haart.
In Limelight My Unorthodox Life (2021).
Profession Actress.
Age 51.
Birth Date April 11, 1971.
Birth Place Moscow, Russia.
Lives in NYC, New York, America.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Aries.
Ethnicities Caucasian.
Parents Father: —
Mother: —
Siblings Eight.

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