Kathy Kiera Clarke: Who Is She? Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Kathy Kiera Clarke: Who Is She? Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Since she was a young child, actress Kathy Kiera Clarke has been working in the entertainment industry. On the internet, many people have questions about Clarke’s private life and are looking for answers. Let’s get to know her better.

Clarke is an Irish actress who is primarily recognized for her work in the theater. The role of Aunt Sarah, which Kathy played in “Derry Girls,” is the one that brought her the most fame. Since 2018, Clarke has been performing the role of Sarah in the British sitcom.

The names “Pulling Moves” (2004), “Derry Girls” (2018), and “The Pale Horse” are among her television credits, which are not as well-known but are nevertheless notable (2020).

She is most known to moviegoers for her role in Paul Greengrass’ critically praised film “Bloody Sunday,” in which she played Frances Cooper, the wife of Irish politician Ivan Cooper, and was nominated for an IFTA Award for her work (2002).

Age Of Kathy Kiera Clarke

In the year 2022, Kathy Kiera is likely to be between the ages of 40 and 50. The actress was born in the 1980s, although her exact birthdate is unknown. She spent her childhood in Belfast, which is located in Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. Clare was born in Ireland, however her ancestry is of the Caucasian race. Her nationality is Irish.

Clarke has always had a great interest in performing and has been a part of a number of different theatrical plays since she was a very young child.

Kathy Kiera Clarke
Kathy Kiera Clarke

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Height of Kathy Kiera

Kiera seems to be of a typical stature for a lady, as she stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 3 inches. In a similar manner, the actress has managed to keep her weight at approximately 110 pounds, which is equal to 50 kilos.

Career of Kathy Kiera

Movies and shows on television

In 1993, Clarke made her debut on television in the character of Bernadette Brennan in the show Head over Heels. She played the role of Poppy Farquhar in an episode of Chandler & Company that aired in 1995. In the movie “Eskimo Day” from 1996, she played the role of Rosemary.

In the year 2000, she appeared in the film The Most Fertile Man in Ireland[3] as Rosie, and in the film Wild About Harry, she worked as a production assistant. Take a Girl Like You was another television show in which she appeared, playing the role of Anna Le Page. In the film Bloody Sunday, which was released in 2002, Clarke portrayed Frances. In the film Solid Air, which was released in 2003, she portrayed the role of Nicola Blyth.

Clarke made her debut in the role of Una in the comedy series Pulling Moves in the year 2004. In the movie Omagh, she portrayed the role of Elizabeth Gibson, and in two episodes of Silent Witness, she appeared as Jenifer Gaghan. In 2005, she appeared on four different episodes of the show Proof playing the role of Sinead. She portrayed the role of Agnes in the film Small Engine Repair, which was released in 2006. In the film Cherrybomb, which was released in 2009, she portrayed the role of Emma.

In the play “The Ice Cream Girls” from 2013, she has the role of Marlene Riley. In the film Bitter Harvest, which was released in 2017, she portrayed the role of Varvara. Clarke has been starring as Aunt Sarah in the Channel 4 sitcom Derry Girls, which was written by Lisa McGee and has been airing since 2018.

In the miniseries The Pale Horse that aired on BBC One in the year 2020, Clarke portrayed the character Sybil Stamfordis. In an article for IndieWire, Ann Donahue wrote that Clark’s “portrayal of witch Sybil is a hilarious triple-take-inducing departure from her work as the ditzy aunt on Derry Girls.” Clark is best known for her role in the television series Derry Girls.

During the year 2021, Clarke appeared in Bloodlands playing the part of Claire Keenan.

Stage Clarke has also been seen performing on stage and has been in productions such as Brilliant Traces, Low Level Panic, The Coronation Voyage, Woman and Scarecrow, Scarborough, God of Carnage, Macbeth, Primecut, The Recruiting Office, Heartbreak House, Hamlet, Pentecost, Spokesong, The Bonefire, Dream of Autumn, Attempts on her Life, Don Carlos, Roberto Zucco, Shining City, Faith Healer, Lagan

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The Family of Kathy Kiera Clarke

Given the absence of proof to the contrary, it would appear that Kathy Kiera Clarke is not married and does not appear to have a husband at this time. Therefore, it would be incorrect to state that she is married unless we have sufficient information to support that claim.

The actress keeps her personal life and her professional life completely separate from one another, despite the fact that her admirers are always interested in hearing about who she is seeing. As a direct consequence of this, there are no traces of her previous or current romantic partnerships to be found.

Kathy Kiera Clarke gives a frightening performance as the trio from

She is working really hard to establish herself as a successful actress in the film industry. It is possible that she has gone backward in terms of her romantic life, but this is only a possibility.

Aside than that, she hasn’t revealed a great deal of information on the members of her family. However, the unwavering love that she had from her parents was certainly a factor in her success in the acting industry.

Kathy Kiera Clarke On Instagram

It would appear that Kathy Kiera Clarke is not active on any of her social media platforms, including Instagram.

On the other hand, she enjoys a sizeable following on her fan pages, where she can be found posting under the account @kathykclarkefans. On the platform, there are more than 600 posts, and there are approximately 2,500 followers.

When she’s not in the public eye, the actress stays out of the spotlight by avoiding talking about her personal life.

Net Worth of Kathy Kiera Clarke

The wealth of the actress Kathy Kiera Clarke is estimated to be close to $2 million. A significant portion of her earnings come from the advertisements, cameo appearances, and other ventures in which she participates.

Her acting career got its start in 1993 when she appeared alongside Tanja Reichert in the British comedy-drama series “Head Over Heels.” The series was responsible for launching her career. After that, in 1995, she had a cameo in the crime mystery series “Chandler & Co.” as the character Poppy Farquhar. In addition, she has had appearances on the television shows “Take a Girl Like You,” “Pulling Moves,” and a few more.

After thereafter, in the year 2000, Clarke made an appearance in the comedy “The Most Fertile Man in Ireland,” in which she portrayed the role of Rosie. She also had a role in the drama-thriller film “Solid Air,” which was released in 2003.

Clarke played the role of Una in the comedy series “Pulling Moves,” which aired later in 2004. She appeared in the film “Omagh” as Elizabeth Gibson, in addition to portraying the role of Jenifer Gaghan in a couple of episodes of the television show “Silent Witness.”

After thereafter, the actress appeared as Sinead in four episodes of the television show “Proof,” which first aired in 2005. Kathy has since made appearances in movies such as “Engine Repair,” “Cherrybomb,” and “The Ice Cream Girls” in the years that have passed since then. Since 2018, Clarke has been playing the role of Aunt Sarah on the Channel 4 sitcom “Derry Girls” created by Lisa McGee.

Clarke portrayed Sybil Stamfordis in the miniseries “The Pale Horse,” which aired on BBC One in the year 2020. Clarke played the role of Claire Keenan in the film “Bloodlands,” which was released in 2021.

Kathy Kiera Clarke
Kathy Kiera Clarke

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Quick Facts

Full Name Kathy Kiera Clarke
Nickname Clarke
Age (2022) 40 to 45 (estimated)
Birthplace Belfast, Northern Ireland
Religion Christian
Nationality Irish
Profession Actress
Active Year 1993-present
Marital Status Single


Who is Kathy Kiera Clarke’s husband?

Kathy Kiera is currently single and not involved in any romantic relationships. The actress’s personal life is kept apart from her work life, despite the fact that her dating status is undoubtedly a topic of conversation among her fans.

Is Kathy Kiera Clarke active on Instagram?

Kathy Kiera Clarke is not active on social media platforms including Instagram.

How old is Kathy Clare’s age in 2022?

“Derry Girls” actress Kathy Clare’s age in 2022 is estimated to be around 40 to 50 years old. She was born in the 1980s and spend her childhood days in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

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