What Is The Relation Between Kelvin And Thalyta, From “Too Hot to Handle Brazil” Now?

What Is The Relation Between Kelvin And Thalyta, From “Too Hot to Handle Brazil” Now?

The Brazilian reality dating series ‘Too Hot to Handle: Brazil,’ also known as ‘Brincando com Fogo: Brasil,’ can be found streaming on Netflix. The show was developed by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett. The show is based on the book “Too Hot to Handle,” and it features a number of young men and women who would rather engage in casual flings than commit to long-term partnerships. In order to encourage the development of emotional relationships among the contestants, the AI host Lana forbids them from engaging in any sexual acts throughout the show. Every season, the cast members begin with R$500,000, and a specific amount is subtracted from that total for every rule that is broken.

The show’s second season, which was just just made available to fans, introduced them to several new couples, all of whom immediately became crowd favorites. Kelvin Duran and Thalyta Vasconcelos were one of the couples that formed throughout the course of the season and provided the audience with a source of entertainment. We got you covered if you are curious about their travel throughout the program as well as their whereabouts at the present time.


Thalyta Vasconcelos
Thalyta Vasconcelos


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Too Hot to Handle: A Film By Kelvin Duran and Thalyta Vasconcelos

In the very first episode of the second season of ‘Too Hot to Handle: Brazil,’ Kelvin Duran made his debut as a contestant. Even though it seemed at first as though he was free to hook up with anybody he pleased, Kelvin made it clear that this was not what he was looking for in a romantic partner. During this time, he became close to Khiara Italia and expressed interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with her. However, Khiara sensed that he was becoming overly attached to her too quickly, and she discussed the situation with him to clear things out. Because of this, in the end, the two decided not to pursue a romantic connection.

Thalyta Vasconcelos was one of the four new contestants that moved into the Big Brother house on the sixth episode of the current season. Thalyta and Kelvin established a connection quickly after she arrived on the show, and they began to investigate the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two of them. Kelvin did his best to put Thalyta at ease while they were out on a date together because he wanted the two of them to get to know one other better. In spite of the fact that they had only been dating for a short time, Kelvin and Thalyta managed to maintain their commitment right up until the end of the season. Fans are naturally interested in knowing whether the couple is still together or whether they have moved on to other things in their lives. The good news is that everything that we know about it is included here.

What’s the status of Kelvin Duran and Thalyta Vasconcelos’ relationship?

It is likely that Kelvin Duran and Thalyta Vasconcelos are still together. They have been seen together on multiple occasions. Even though the two have not made any public declarations regarding their romantic involvement, it would appear that they are getting along swimmingly. They are both following one other on social media, and Kelvin has left encouraging comments on a number of Thalyta’s most recent posts. Together with the fact that they did so well in the competition towards the end of the second season of “Too Hot to Handle: Brazil,” the possibilities of them being in a relationship continue to be extremely high.

At the moment, Kelvin is working as an associate for the advertising agency Flue Digital, which has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The organization assists him in establishing connections with brands so that the reality TV star can promote those brands to his extensive following on social media. In addition to that, it appears that he maintains contact with the other cast members of the Netflix drama, such as Justen Nosoliny. During this time, Thalyta is working as a marketer for the business Assessoria, which is located in the Brazilian city of Teresina, where she resides. Both of them are in our thoughts and prayers, and we are hopeful for a bright and happy future for both of them.

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The Life Story of Thalyta Silva

Thalyta Silva’s birthday is August 22nd, and she was born in the Brazilian town of Formiga, which is located in the state of Minas Gerais.

Thata was an exceptionally competitive athlete throughout her childhood, participating in a wide variety of sports and activities offered at her school. This includes activities such as chess, football (also known as soccer), volleyball, handball, basketball, sprinting, and long jump.

Thalyta began her training in the martial arts at a young age as well, beginning with capoeira when she was 11 years old, and then, three years later, incorporating taekwondo, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu into her schedule of weekly activities. Immediately after beginning her training, Silva began competing in both kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. However, she found that grappling brought her a greater sense of enjoyment than the other disciplines, and she made the decision to prioritize grappling over the others after about three or four months of training.

Donizete was the man who taught Thalyta how to fight when she was a juvenile, and he was also the one who helped Silva advance through the ranks. Thata decided from the very beginning of her training in martial arts that she wanted to compete professionally in jiu-jitsu. This decision set her on the path that lead to her making her cage fighting debut at the age of 16 as a yellow belt. Thalyta had several fights in mixed martial arts (MMA) as a teenager in several events, including the prestigious Jungle Fight. However, in 2017, after she turned 18 years old, the young athlete from Minas Gerais made the decision to focus solely on jiu-jitsu. She then joined the famous Casa do Atleta (Athlete House) of coach Paulo Rezende, in Pocos de Caldas, which is the same grappling hub that developed well-known

Thalyta was promoted to the rank of black belt on April 27, 2021, after being awarded to Paulo Rezende’s training facility when she was a green belt. Since that time, Paulo Rezende has ranked the young athlete in each subsequent belt, all the way up to and including the black belt.

Who is Kelvin Duran?

Kelvin Duran is a reality TV personality and a Brazilian businessman. He is most known for his participation in the second season of Too Hot to Handle Brazil, which premiered on September 28, 2022.

This article will provide you with all the information you require regarding Kelvin Duran’s Bio-Wiki, including his age, birthdays, net worth, nationality, Wikipedia page, family, parents, siblings, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Kelvin Duran’s Bio

As of the year 2022, he will be 28 years old. Kelvin was born in the year 1994 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the state of Niterói. In spite of this, information regarding his exact birthdate, birthday, and Zodiac Sign will be made available in the very near future.

Kelvin Duran’s Girlfriend

It is presumed that Duran is married and leads a contented life with his wife and their children. Mr. Kelvin is a very private person who does not like to discuss the specifics of his personal life, including his romantic relationships. There is not a single internet source that has romantically linked the Businessman to anyone else. As a result, we are unable to establish whether he is married or single, as well as the whereabouts of his girlfriend or wife.

Education Of Kelvin Duran

Kelvin attended Boys High School and then graduated from the Institution with high grades, which allowed him to continue his education at a university. This was part of his educational background. After that, he continued his education at a prestigious university, from which he ultimately emerged with a degree in Marketing.

Kelvin Duran’s Parents, Siblings

Nosoliny was born in Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, and raised there by his doting parents throughout his childhood. It is true that Mr. and Mrs. Duran are his parents. Both of Kelvin’s parents were devoted parents who worked hard to ensure that they always had food on the table for their family.

The businessman had a highly eventful childhood and he cherished his time spent playing with other children. He grew up in a neighborhood that was known for its friendliness.

There is not a lot of information available on Kelvin’s family, including his parents, sisters, and brothers, if he has any.It is reported that Duran has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a weight of 91 kilograms.Mr. Kelvin is of mixed heritage and he is of Brazilian descent.




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Kelvin Duran’s Wiki

Nosoliny hails from Rio de Janeiro, Niterói. In addition to his role as a TV personality, he is also a successful businessman. It appears that Kelvin takes a lot of pleasure in going to the beach. Despite this, he is one of the contestants that will be appearing on the forthcoming season of the television show Too Hot to Handle: Brazil.

Too Hot to Handle: Brazil Season 2 kicked up on September 28, 2022, and Duran is one of the participants who will be participating in the following season of the show on television.

Too Hot to Handle: Brazil is a reality TV dating game show from Brazil that is based on the American–British series of the same title, which began streaming on Netflix on July 21, 2021. The original series was filmed in the United States and Great Britain.

The guests of the guesthouse are put through a series of challenges designed to discover whether or not they are capable of developing intimate relationships without engaging in sexual activity. They receive compensation if they are able to avoid being lured in. If they give in to temptations, the points they earned will be deducted. Regardless, the winner will be awarded R$500,000 in prize money.

Kelvin Duran’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Duran’s net worth is in excess of 780 thousand dollars. Despite this fact, the majority of his wealth comes from his success in the business world.

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