Know The Age Difference Between Bonnie Piesse and Her Husband and Estimated Net Worth in 2022

Know The Age Difference Between Bonnie Piesse and Her Husband and Estimated Net Worth in 2022

Actress and singer Bonnie Piesse hails from Australia, and she is currently wed to musician Mark Vicente. Mark Vicente is her spouse. Her breakout performance came in the shape of a trapeze act on the children’s television show High Flyers, which aired in Australia when she was just 15 years old.

Piesse entered the Star Wars universe for the first time when she was 16 years old. The series had already been running for several decades when the first film of the prequel trilogy, which would tell the story of where Darth Vader came from, was released. This marked a new high point for the franchise.

The actress and composer will pick up where she left off 22 years ago when she returns to the role of Beru Whitsun Lars in the series Obi-Wan Kenobi. When she was cast in “Attack of the Clones,” Piesse wasn’t exactly a die-hard follower of the Star Wars franchise.

The future is currently the primary concern for Piesse. After she wrapped production on “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” she moved on to “My Favorite Girlfriend,” a “really, really great love story” in which her character has dissociative identity disorder (DID).

This article will delve into the private life of Bonnie, including a discussion of her marriage and the bond she shares with her spouse.


Bonnie Piesse
Bonnie Piesse


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The Estimated Net Worth of Bonnie Piesse in 2022

Because there is no public evidence regarding Bonnie Piesse’s wealth, estimates of her net worth are the only thing that can be done. Bonnie has amassed a fortune of approximately one million dollars thanks to her successful careers as a singer and an actress.

Since Piesse began working at her current job when she was only 15 years old, she has been financially independent since the beginning of her teenage years. Her debut job was in the Australian children’s television series High Flyers, playing the part of a trapeze artist.

In addition to her work in movies, Bonnie made a living off of the sales of her songs. When Piesse initially arrived in Los Angeles, she scheduled a meeting with Val Garay, a music producer who has won a Grammy.

Val connected her with a number of songwriters, and she ended up working with a few of them to create songs for her debut album, which was titled The Deep End. After being recorded in the city of Los Angeles, the album was finally released by Big Deal Records in the year 2011.

In addition, based on what can be gleaned from Bonnie’s Instagram account, she appears to have a positive outlook on life, takes trips occasionally, and frequents upscale dining establishments.

Bonnie Piesse’s Bio

Bonnie Piesse is a well-known Australian actress and singer. She was born on August 10, 1983 in Australia. Her breakout performance was as a trapeze artist in the Australian children’s television series High Flyers, which she did at the age of 15. Shortly after that, she was scouted by George Lucas to play a young Beru Lars in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, a role that she reprised in the 2022 Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi. Her first major role was in Star Wars: Episode II – (2022). Additionally, she appeared on Blue Heelers, Horace and Tina, Stingers, and Last Man Standing in reoccurring roles.

Bonnie Piesse’s Initial in Life

Piesse polished her abilities as a singer and songwriter while attending a Rudolf Steiner School in Australia. This is where she discovered her passion for the performing arts and where she improved her skills. Bonnie was one of only a handful of VCE performing arts students from around Victoria to be selected to perform at Hamer Hall as part of the 2002 ‘Season of Excellence.’ Between the years 2000 and 2002, she won the ‘Ranges Songsmith Award’ and the ‘Apollo Bay Young Performers Competition’ for songs that she had written. She also won both of these awards for songs that she had written between the years 2000 and 2002.

Actress Piesse began her professional career at the age of 15, when she was cast in the role of Donna in the film High Flyers. In preparation for the part, she spent six months away from school working on her skills in the Spanish web and the trapeze. After that, she went on to play Alicia in the show Horace and Tina, had a recurring part in the show Stingers, and made guest appearances in the shows Blue Heelers and Last Man Standing. After that, she had roles as Luke Skywalker’s aunt Beru Lars in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, respectively.

In 2005, Piesse portrayed the role of Sharona in George T. Miller’s Attack of the Sabretooth, which was filmed in Fiji and directed by Miller.

Piesse wrapped filming on her portions for the romantic comedy Love Eterne in January of 2011. She plays the role of Sidonia, a psychic who acts as a confidante and mentor to Medina, who is portrayed by Melissa Navia in the film. The song “There for Me” that she wrote is included in it. Following the conclusion of its run at several film festivals, the short film Love Eterne was recognized with honors at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, the Best Shorts Competition, and The Accolade Competition. Both the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (which took place on November 20, 2011) and the NewFilmmakers New York Annual Christmas Show chose to feature it as an official selection (13 December 2011).

Piesse received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress from The Actors Awards in December 2017 for her work in the short film Love Eterne Mourning. This film was constructed from a couple of her scenes that were featured in Love Eterne.

It was revealed on March 29, 2021, that Piesse would reprise her role as Beru Lars in the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi. The announcement came on March 29.

Bonnie Piesse’s Music

A scene from the film Love Eterne featuring Piesse in the role of Sidonia alongside Melissa Navia.
When Piesse first came in Los Angeles, she was introduced to Val Garay, a music producer who had previously won a Grammy. He connected her with a number of composers, including Jack Tempchin, Eric Kaz, Bonnie Hayes, and J.D. Souther, with whom she collaborated on the composition of some of the songs that appear on her debut album, titled The Deep End. Recording for the album took place in Los Angeles, and it was made available for purchase on Big Deal Records in January 2011.

The CW television series Life Unexpected used the song “All I Have” by Piesse in two episodes that aired in the year 2010 on the network.

Her song “Ariella” won the Singer Songwriter Category of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2013, together with Lisa Nelson’s song “Butterfly.” Bonnie collaborated with Producer Emile Kelman on the recording of the “Bittersweet EP,” and “Ariella” was awarded the prize.

Another one of her songs called “There for Me” was used in the movie Love Eterne, which was a romantic comedy.

Piesse is responsible for recording a cover version of Son Lux’s “Dream State (Brighter Night)” for the opening credits of “The Vow.”

Bonnie Piesse’s Private Life

Mark Vicente, a well-known filmmaker from South Africa, is Piesse’s husband. NXIVM is a self-described American multi-level marketing firm as well as a cult, and Piesse and her husband were both members of the organization. In 2017, the pair parted ways with NXIVM and quickly became its most vocal critics after leaving the group. [5] The Vow is a documentary series that was produced for HBO and directed by Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer. The series documents the couple’s escape from the cult.

Bonnie Piesse And Her Husband Age Gap

The age difference between Bonnie Piesse and her husband, Mark Vicente, is almost exactly 18 years. While Bonnie entered the world in the year 1983, Vicente, Bonnie’s spouse, entered the world in the year 1965.

Vicente and Piesse got married after meeting one another in the “Executive Success Program” at NXIVM. Despite the fact that Piesse worked for NXIVM, she began to have a growing mistrust of the organization as she was made aware of unsettling allegations concerning their covert organization, which went by the codename “DOS” and was dedicated to the practice of physical enslavement.

As a direct consequence of this, Piesse parted ways with the team in January of 2017. Because Vicente was still a significant NXIVM member and was working with Raniere on a documentary, this, of course, resulted in utter ostracization and a huge strain on her marriage. This was especially the case because Vicente was collaborating with Raniere on the project.

Vicente and Piesse have successfully navigated their way through a number of significant challenges to their marriage, and as a result, they continue to be married. In point of fact, the two are presently residing in Portugal, and judging by the content of their Instagram profiles, they are both enjoying the good life.

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Wikipedia Bio Of Bonnie Piesse

According to her Wikipedia page, Bonnie Piesse is an Australian singer and actress who has starred in a number of critically and commercially acclaimed films and television series.

Piesse had her education at a Rudolf Steiner School in Australia, where she honed her skills as a singer and songwriter. It was during her time at this school that she first became interested in the performing arts.

Bonnie’s songs that she wrote between the years 2000 and 2002 won her the “Ranges Songsmith Award” as well as the “Apollo Bay Young Performers Competition,” and she was one of a select group of VCE performing arts students from across Victoria who was chosen to perform at Hamer Hall as part of the 2002 “Season of Excellence.”

Piesse’s performance in Love Eterne Mourning, a short film that was based on some of her scenes from Love Eterne, earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Actors Awards in December of 2017. She ultimately did not win the award.

On March 29, 2021, Piesse made the announcement that she would reprise her role as Beru Lars in the Disney+ television series Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Bonnie Piesse
Bonnie Piesse


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What Is The Net Worth Of Bonnie Piesse?

Her estimated worth is around $1 million, which Bonnie gained from her singing and acting career.

What Is The Age Gap Between Bonnie And Her Husband?

Bonnie Piesse and her husband, Mark Vicente, have an almost 18-year age gap.

Who Is Bonnie Piesse?

Bonnie Piesse is a singer and actress from Australia who has appeared in various successful movies and series.

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