Kristina Crestin: Know About Kirby Crestin’s Relationship With A Interior Designer

Kristina Crestin: Know About Kirby Crestin’s Relationship With A Interior Designer

A construction site is where Kristina Crestin first met her future husband, Kirby Crestin. The year 2004 was the first time Kristina and Kirby crossed paths at work.

A native of the United States, Kristina Crestin works as an interior designer. In addition to that, she is the host of the show “Farm House Fixer” on HGTV.

During an interview, the designer mentioned that she enjoys being able to get her hands dirty.

In addition, she mentioned that she gets calls from major contractors before seven in the morning, which is beneficial to her because it enables her to evaluate the current status of a project.

She asserts that contractors have valuable experience that may either create or break plans, which is why she tries her best to be approachable at all times.

Kristina Crestin
Kristina Crestin

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Kristina Crestin: Net Worth

It is estimated that Kristina Crestin has amassed a net worth of approximately $3 million as a result of her job as an interior designer in the United States of America.

In addition, she has appeared on the HGTV program Farmhouse Fixer, which has contributed to an increase in the amount of money she currently possesses. It is expected of her that she will have the respectable wages necessary to lead a luxury lifestyle.

In the United States, one might anticipate earning somewhere in the neighborhood of $54,618 per year when working as an interior designer. It is therefore expected that Kirsten will have earnings within the similar range.

The preceding information is not a proven truth; rather, it is an educated guess based on the television personality’s line of work that may or may not be accurate. The television personality has never explicitly discussed her career earnings or her net worth.

How Did Kristina Crestin Meet Her Husband?

The marriage between Kirby Crestin and Kristina Crestin has lasted for more than ten years. His hometown is Ipswich, which is located in Massachusetts, and he is employed in the construction industry.

According to the stories, they had their first encounter on a website in the year 2004. In addition, she was working for the design firm Siemasko + Verbridge at the time, and Kirby needed some work done at his house at the same time. This is how the two of them met.

They continued to communicate with one another even after she had left the company; the rest, as they say, is history! At first, Kristina wasn’t entirely certain that she wanted to settle down in the seaside neighborhood of North Shore, which was quite a distance from her current location.

On the other hand, after they met Kirby and fell in love with the coastline, they decided to make it their permanent residence.

They have a lovely home in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, with a yard that looks out over one of the most gorgeous lakes in the region.

Kristina is candid about the demanding work schedule she maintains and the ways in which her spouse has been there for her throughout their marriage.

Kristina praised Kirby’s patience in a post she made on Instagram about the couple’s work on the “Farmhouse Fixer” project.

Kirby lends a hand by assisting mom with a variety of errands, including procuring necessary tools and materials, working on artworks while project labor is being performed, and even completing any necessary last-minute repairs.

Kristina Crestin
Kristina Crestin

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Kirby Crestin and Kristina Crestin: Married Life

Even though Kristina and her husband Kirby have been married for almost 11 years, it appears that the couple does not yet have any children of their own.

In spite of this, she is the doting mother of a beautiful puppy whose name is Cooper. The household can’t get enough of the rescued puppy’s adorable company.

They honor her by inviting her to work on her birthday and even giving her a holiday makeover in celebration of the occasion.

Kristina Crestin: On Social Media

Kristina often publishes photos on her social media accounts that show Cooper intently engaged in her everyday activities, and these images are sometimes accompanied by Kirby’s passionate hugs.

As a direct consequence of this, Kristina is living the happily married life, excelling in her work, and also taking care of Cooper’s puppy.

Kristina and Kirby’s home is a beautiful property that sits on the shore of one of New England’s most stunning lakes.

Their private lives are a mystery, and it is not known if or not they have any children. New episodes of Farmhouse Fixer may be seen on HGTV every Wednesday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Kristina Crestin
Kristina Crestin

Kirby Crestin and Kristina Crestin: Relationship

In terms of the timeframe of their relationship, Kirby Crestin and Kristina Crestin have been married for more than ten years at this point.

In the year 2004, they had their first encounter, and two years later, in 2006, they tied the knot. Kirby, Kristina’s husband, is originally from the coastal community of Ipswich, which is located in Massachusetts, and he is employed in the construction industry.

On the other hand, Kristina Crestin was raised in a household in Bellingham, Massachusetts, that was filled with love and support throughout her childhood.

In spite of the reserved manner in which she discusses her family, it is safe to assume that she has a close bond with each member of the clan.

In addition, her spouse is also employed in the construction industry, so they share a common tie during the course of their respective professional lives.

She mentioned in an interview with NorthShore Magazine that her grandfather was also in the construction management industry and that her creative side was acquired from both her parents and her grandfather. Deborah Bennet, Kristina’s mother, is an invaluable component of her team as well as the office manager at her business.

Kristina Crestin: Professional Life

In 2002, she received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.

This institution is located in the state of Massachusetts. In addition, during the course of her graduation, she participated in a number of internships, including one at the company where she subsequently worked.

Kirby Crestin and his wife Kristina Crestin have been married for the past 16 years and have collaborated on various construction projects from time to time.

She went on to clarify that the two of them are currently cooperating on a venture. Because Kirby is a foreman as well as a carpenter, he handles many of the job sites that she works on, and the two of them enjoy working together.

As a child, Kristina’s favorite thing to do with Legos was to construct white buildings. According to her, she never blended the colors, and finally she moved on to conceiving of and developing house layouts.

Kristina Crestin: Host of “Farmhouse Fixer”

A new show on HGTV called “Farmhouse Fixer” will star Kristina Crestin with Jonathan Knight, who is a member of New Kids on the Block.

The network has given the go-ahead for the production of six new episodes of the show in which Jonathan restores historic farmhouses. Who exactly is this Kristina Crestin, then? Discover the answer below!

Crestin will take on the primary role on the HGTV program Farmhouse Fixer, which also features Jonathan Knight in a starring role.

The six-episode series follows Knight, who has renovated more than 200 homes over the past 27 years, as he takes great care to preserve the original craftsmanship and historic charisma of classic homes while also modernizing layouts, updating interiors, and providing his clients with an abundance of reasons to be happy.

Kristina Crestin: Age

When Kristina Crestin made her debut on the first season of Farmhouse Fixer in 2021, she had already reached the age of 40.

Her birthday is September 26th, which places her under the Libra zodiac sign.

Kristina Crestin: Family, Siblings

Let’s be honest with one another: each of us has a preferred parent. As far as we could tell, it was Kristina Crestin’s mother, Deborah Shropshire Bennet. T

he two young ladies were frequently spotted attending costume parties as well as going out on the town.

It’s possible that the fact that Kristina and her mother worked in the same field helped contribute to the closeness that exists between the two of them being greater than ever before.

Kristina Crestin
Kristina Crestin

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Kristina Crestin: Height And Weight

Kristina Crestin, the designer of the farmhouse fixer, has a height of five feet and two inches, which is approximately 157.48 cm, and a weight of approximately 110 pounds.

Facts About Kristina Crestin

1. Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin have known one other for a long time. She is a designer and the owner of a residential interior design business that was established in 2009 and is situated in New England.

2. Jonathan Knight, a single member of the group New Kids on the Block is the only one who follows her on Twitter. Let’s see if that changes once the show starts airing and more of them become familiar with her!

3. She is married to Kirby, whom she mentioned in a heartfelt message she wrote on Valentine’s Day, stating, “On this Valentine’s Day I am feeling extremely thankful of all the love in my life. Not only for Kirby, but also for the fact that he has such incredible parents and friends.

A joyful moment was captured when I bugged Kirby for yet MORE images and videos of dock tree ornaments to post on Instagram. This unscripted moment with Kirby took place while I was doing so. Moreover, love. It is a blessing that I am around by it. ⁠⁠

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