“I apologize”- Lana reacts after recent tweet leaves fans furious

On Twitter, Lana has issued an apology for a recent tweet that she sent that many people found to be offensive.

Because of her time spent with WWE and the other ventures she has been involved in, Lana, formerly known as CJ Perry, has amassed an enormous amount of popularity over the years. Her official Twitter account has more than a million followers to its credit.

A short while ago, Perry responded to a person who appeared to be homeless by remarking that they are still in possession of a mobile device from which they can tweet. The remark incited anger among the Twitterati, and the former WWE Superstar received a significant amount of criticism as a result of the same post.

Lana has, throughout the course of the last few hours, sent out a number of tweets in which she has attempted to clarify the meaning behind the initial tweet that she sent out. She stated in her writing that she had experienced homelessness on two separate times and had nothing but compassion for folks who lacked houses.

Lana mentioned in another tweet that she is working hard to erase the traumatic experiences of being homeless from her memory. She concluded her post by stating that the abusive messages of her Twitter followers had reactivated her traumatic experience.

Twitterati didn’t seem thrilled with Lana’s apology

The star’s apology elicited a significant and immediate reaction from their legions of devoted followers. It appears from the responses that people are unhappy with the apologies that she issued because it was placed online.

There were more than 580,000 people living on the streets in the United States of America in January of 2020, according to sources. It goes without saying that homelessness is an extremely touchy subject, and many people found that Lana’s initial tweet came out as insensitive to the subject matter.

What are your thoughts on the negative reaction that the former WWE star’s comments are getting from fans? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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