What Happened To Laura McCulloch? Actress Went Missing In Los Angeles

Actress Laura McCulloch, who hails from Australia, has apparently vanished while in the city of Los Angeles, according to reports from her friends and family. Fans are concerned about whether or not she can be located.

Actress and singer Laura McCulloch, who is 37 years old and hails from Victoria, has not been spotted in Los Angeles. Since it was reported that she went on a date using “Bumble or Tinder” on August 12, she hasn’t shown up for work, and she hasn’t even gone to yoga class.

Due to the lack of support provided by the LAPD, her cousin Merrie McCulloch decided to set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for the family so that they could hire a private investigator.

Friends and family of Laura who are upset by her behavior characterize them as being “very out of character.” As a direct consequence of this, Ms. McCulloch’s close friends have begun an online search for her and have been making frantic efforts to find her.

She had a cameo in the Australian short film The Black Sheep, which was released in 2010, and she had a supporting role in the cinematic rendition of the well-known ballet The Nutcracker, which was released in 2009.

Is Laura McCulloch Found? Actress Went Missing In Los Angeles

After Laura McCulloch went missing in Los Angeles, fans are concerned about her well-being and want to know whether she has been located. The actress’ sister disclosed the news that she had gone missing.

A desperate hunt is currently being conducted in the United States for an Australian actress and singer who went missing in the United States and for whom the last known interaction was an internet date.

When Laura was last seen on August 12, she was at a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. That day, she was supposed to go on a date with someone she had met through either “Bumble” or “Tinder.” However, she never showed up for the date.

She was a “bubbly and energetic” Victorian woman who vanished after missing her yoga class, work, and other typical “commitments,” and she even deleted her dating app before going missing. She was characterized as having disappeared in the Victorian era.

It has been stated that her friends and family are frantically searching for her as a missing person; but, as of Tuesday night, the Los Angeles police department has not officially classified her case as a missing person investigation.

Any report of a missing person, including one made over the phone, must be taken without delay by all police and sheriff’s departments in the state of California, and the processing of the report must take precedence over all other responsibilities.

At the time of her most recent appearance, Laura was wearing a red skirt, a blue top, and tan shoes. She has dark brown hair that is streaked with gray, and her eyes are blue. She stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 3 inches.

What Happened To Laura McCulloch? Where Is She Now?

Since Laura McCulloch has not been seen for some time and there is no information available regarding her location, her disappearance is starting to make headlines on the internet.

Her sister has remarked that she is “completely beside me” due to the fact that Laura is not picking up the phone. On the other hand, the website of the California Department of Justice states that there is no mandatory waiting period before a person is considered to be formally missing.

Friends of Ms. McCulloch have begun an intensive web search for her and have been making fruitless efforts to find her location. In a post that they made available online, they stated that “She was last heard from before embarking on a Bumble or Tinder meet up.”

Laura moved to Los Angeles in 2022 after spending the year 2021 living and working in New York City in the roles of an actor, singer, voice actress, writer, and producer.

Abigail Bogle, an American filmmaker, gave her only acting credit that year for the short indie film “Covid Support Group.” It was directed by her. She has also held nannying jobs in the gaps between her other employment.

She gave a performance as Madame Le Farge in an American production of A Tale of Two Cities in March 2021 at Bob Jones University in South Carolina, which was located in the state of South Carolina.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has been notified that she is missing; however, according to Clare, the department does not intend to investigate the matter at this time. Therefore, she was forced to cooperate with a private investigator in order to assist in the search for the missing person.

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